Overcome Porn: The 40 Day E-mail Challenge

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Find freedom with Overcome Porn: The 40 Day E-mail Challenge, a step-by-step action plan designed to help put porn behind you forever.

9 thoughts on “Trigger Alert! What’s Yours?

    • I have been addicted to pornography since my teens and I have several of the triggers mentioned above but thanks to covenanteyes, my wife and a brother from our church who is also my accountability partner I have been pornography free for 5 months now. I still need prayer though because I still fear I may fail even with all the good months I have had so please pray for perseverance and courage to continue fighting.

  1. Nice article, its true about these triggers and its something i experience but sadly i have both sexual and non sexual triggers at play in my life no matter i will try to follow what’s being advised here in order for me to overcome this. I’m tired of all the frustration i fill after watching porn but i just can’t refrain from watching it again and again. I feel hopeless sometimes.

  2. Identifying triggers alone seldom addresses the heart, the core issue of all sexual sin. Technique is not transformation. Jesus was the expert on “sexual addiction.” Out of the heart come sexual sin!!

  3. While I do agree that it is important to identify what triggers a person to sin, I don’t believe it will ever be enough to truly transform a person trapped in this type of sin. When a fallible person attempts to go it alone, no matter how solid their strategy is, they will continue to fail and fail hard. And even if they don’t continuously fail, they will be trapped in a never ending struggle to keep their strategies in place. This is not freedom. I’m not saying that strategies don’t have their place. They do. But when a person accepts the freedom from sin that was given to them through Jesus on the cross, they are truly free. They have the saving knowledge that even when their strategies aren’t strong enough to help them overcome a temptation they have a loving Father and Savior right there at their side willing and truly able to carry them through the temptation. No amount of bouncing your eyes, avoiding triggers, or even filtering and accountability software will truly change the heart of a person. Only Jesus can do that.

    So please, don’t depend on strategies too much or become too discouraged when you find that they aren’t enough to truly change your heart. Jesus can and will change your heart if you let Him. How can He do this, you ask? Get to know Him and you will see.

  4. I am getting better at not looking at porn still a way to go but with the Lords help I will get there. However am single and go through tough times when I can’t stop masturbating if I could get over this I would have beaten my desire to look at sexual thoughts

  5. Due to struggles with pornography (and cybering), a sexual trigger for me is red hair. The trigger is becoming less frequent now that I have figured out that it is a trigger by naming it. It also helps too that I have talked to my spiritual brothers about it, and they can keep me accountable if they catch me eyeing women with red hair.

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