Email Challenges

Overcome Porn: The 40 Day Challenge

Overcome Porn: The 40 Day Challenge is a focused, step-by-step email series designed to help you put porn behind you forever. Each day, you’ll receive an email with:

  • Articles that will educate you and encourage you on the road to freedom
  • Exclusive video content
  • Practical action steps to retrain your brain
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Digital Detox: 7 Days to Reconnect With Your Kids

Technology has many benefits, but it can also keep us from having healthy conversations and forming deep connections with our kids. That’s why we created Digital Detox. It’s seven days of emails designed to help you reconnect as a family in fun and easy ways. Each day you’ll get:

  • A relevant fact, statistic, or expert quote that will help you understand the digital world your kids face
  • Hands-on ideas for games and outdoor activities that you can do as a family to foster quality connections
  • Fun and easy discussion starters to get conversations flowing

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The Novena for Purity

Join Covenant Eyes and the Angelic Warfare Confraternity for nine days of focused prayer with the Novena for Purity, where you’ll ask God to strengthen you in various ways as you seek to live a life of purity.

During the novena, you’ll ask Jesus to:

  • Give you strength to resist temptation
  • Purify your senses and relationships
  • Heal your memory and inner wounds

Begin your novena today and experience God’s healing presence.

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RecoverED: 10 Days on the Road to Healing from Porn-Induced Erectile Dysfunction

A recent study showed a 400% increase in erectile dysfunction among men ages 18-30 since 1992. Another informal study found that such men had one factor in common: frequent use of Internet Pornography. And when they stopped using porn, their ED went away.

RecoverED is designed to help men start on the journey to freedom. You’ll get 10 days of science and encouragement as you start your reboot process.

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The Safe Digital Family Challenge

Do you want to more fully understand how the internet is impacting your children? Do you need help teaching your children to say no to pornography, while at the same time forming them in a broader understanding of their God-given identity and sexuality?

When you take the 7-day Safe Digital Family Challenge for parents, you will learn how to create safer digital environments for yourself and others.

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