Parenting the Internet Generation

Parenting the Internet Generation Ebook Cover

Your kids face 7 potentially dangerous trends online. Download this free e-book to learn practical tips for combating these dangers, as well as 7 good habits for Internet safety.

2 thoughts on “When It Can’t Be Erased – Teen Web Identity and Online Social Blunders

  1. Great episode today. Takes a shot of another dangerous road in the Facebook swamp.

    While you people at CE tend to home in on the addictive nature of Facebook and the risk of being found by a predator, this podcast focuses on the direct mistakes teens can make online.

    I am reminded of an article I read about businesses using Facebook to learn more about potential employees. Among the bad stories was a tale of a high school teacher being fired for posting a party picture — she was wearing a pirate hat and looking very drunk.

    This focuses on the very subject. What the digital natives do online affects who they are. It’s all one massive, text-based role-playing game. These adolescents are building new personae while talking to friends online. They become a completely new person to the strangers who happen to walk down these binary-created streets.

    If your kids must have an account, encourage them to be real. They don’t need to hide. And, as strange as it is, friend them if necessary.

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