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Ron DeHaas is the president and co-founder of Covenant Eyes. Ron has a BS and an MS in Geology from The Ohio State University and attended the University of Michigan as a PhD candidate. Ron pioneered the concept of Accountability Software, and founded Covenant Eyes in the spring of 2000, and today over 150,000 subscribers enjoy the Internet accountability Covenant Eyes provides. Ron also founded Nehemiah Ministries, a 160-acre retreat and counseling center in south-central Michigan for pastors and missionaries. (Photo from the Lansing State Journal, photographer Greg DeRuiter. Used with permission.)

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5 thoughts on “Theft recovery, a little-known feature

  1. Hey Ron!

    My laptop recently got stolen as well and it has Covenant Eyes on it. Whoever stole it has been looking at plenty of porn since, so there is definitely a trail associated with my account.

    What steps can I follow to track this down? Your help would be GREATLY appreciated, as soon as possible too!


    • @Weston – We’ve done a general search in our database here and we believe we can use the IP addresses from the recent activity. We could provide that to the police to track it down. I’ll shoot you an e-mail with the details.

  2. My Dad’s house was broken into today. Thousands of dollars of stuff taken. The laptops all had CE on them. Just thought of the CE IP log tonight. I’m thrilled at the possibility of tracking down the stolen property. The Laptops have thousands “only-copy” family photos. Really hoping to get them back asap. Please send info on how to find them! Thanks.



    • @Clint – I’ve passed your comment along to our customer service folks and they will give you any info you need to help the police. Thanks for letting us know. I hope we can give them information they need to track down your stolen stuff!

  3. I wish I would have had Covenant Eyes on my tablet recently. I had purchased a cheap tablet that I used to record my thoughts and reflections to scripture on Sunday mornings and in my personal bible study. While visiting a larger community in our area, the door of our van was accidentally left open and someone heisted the tablet from inside the vehicle. If I would have had the software on the device, I might still have all of my thoughts contained in the Bible program.

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