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Blogging for Covenant EyesWe’re happy you’re interested in writing for the Covenant Eyes blog. We’ve posted hundreds of articles by guest authors and would love to review any material you think our readers would enjoy.

Help us educate our readers with information about how to live lives of purity, integrity, and accountability online.

Article Guidelines

All posts submitted for our blog go through an editorial process to correct grammar mistakes, spelling errors, and confusing word choices.

Please follow these guidelines:

  1. Be creative, unique, and memorable. Submit your best work to us. We want people to know who you are and enjoy your material, so put your best foot forward.
  2. Be conversational. The tone of your post should invite others to respond to you with comments and questions.
  3. Be thought provoking but “clean.” Our blog regularly addresses sensitive subjects from relationships to religion, from sexuality to Internet safety. You have the freedom to write about taboo subjects. But remember, our goal is to be timely without being titillating, to be valuable, not vulgar. We may ask you to resubmit your article if we feel your emphasis or wording would be unnecessarily offensive.
  4. Include a short bio at the bottom of your article. Include your first and last name and any important biographical information you want our readers to know. Keep your bio to three or four sentences. Include links to any websites or social media that promotes you or your organization.
  5. Include a picture. Face shots are usually better than full body shots. Ideally the picture needs to be at least 300px wide.
  6. Keep your article to less than 800 words (not including your bio).
  7. Give your article a brief but clever title. Ask yourself: What title would make me want to read a post like this? Consider using a resource like Headline Hacks to help you write a good title. We may re-title your article if another title would suit it better. Your title should be no longer than 42 characters.
  8. Include proper hyperlinks in your text. If you wish to link your readers to another website, make sure to hyperlink specific text in your article to the proper web page. Do not include lengthy web addresses in the body text of your article (these aren’t pleasant to look at).
  9. Format your post to break up your text. Remember: the #1 rule of writing for the web is to be scannable. Stick to shorter paragraphs. Include bullets or numbers where appropriate. Insert headings throughout the text to introduce key thoughts. Use bold text (sparingly) to call out important points.
  10. Avoid annoying text choices that make us have to edit your stuff. Don’t use ALL CAPS when emphasizing a point. Use italics instead. Avoid double spaces between sentences. Have you ever seen multiple punctuation marks at the end of a sentence?!? Don’t do that either.
  11. Submit only original, previously unpublished material. The article should be your own creation and not published anywhere else online. Book or other print media excerpts are allowed as long as you are the original author.
  12. Do not republish content once it is published on our blog. Feel free to link to your published article or even quote an excerpt, but do not republish the article in full anywhere else online. Search engines tend to penalize duplicated material.

Article Topics

We suggest writing about one or more of the following topics:

  1. The impact of pornography (especially Internet pornography) on individuals, families, or society
  2. How to hold another person accountable effectively
  3. The impact of social media and networking on individuals, family, or society
  4. How parents can best prepare their children/teens for proper use of the Internet or exposure to adult content
  5. How Internet pornography or cybersex harms a marriage
  6. Tell a personal story that addresses any of these above issues
  7. Tell a story about how Covenant Eyes services have helped you, your family, or your organization

How to Submit Content to Covenant Eyes

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