Your Brain on Porn

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Watching just 5 hours of porn has been proven to significantly change people's sexual beliefs and attitudes. Find out 5 distinct ways that porn warps your brain, as well as 5 biblical ways to renew your mind and find freedom.

11 thoughts on “An Open Letter to Pornography

  1. Very powerful message. I am a believer in Christ and I have to been redeemed. I’ve been struggling with this addiction for about 20+ years. Every since I can remember I have always been sexually curious. I see hope and have faith from your message. It really touches on a lot of things I have been through and I want you to know your not alone. There are plenty more out there and I am here to stand with you and defeat this all together. It can really ruin your life and I was on that road before God took control. I can do ALL things through Christ who strengthens me.

  2. Ken,
    I’m praying for you in your battle and for Gods victory to be over you constantly. I also pray for a miracle between you and your family. We serve a God of the miraculous. With Him it is possible! I will keep you in prayer and thank you for your openness and honesty in sharing your story. May God watch over you and keep you close and always protect you my brother!

  3. I was exposed to porn when I was 5. My moms boyfriend had it laying around the house. When exposed to such things it alters your mind. I to this day have lesbian temptations. I hate my life. I’ve always known homosexuality is wrong. I’d daydreamed of marrying this wonderful man yet I’m tempted by women. It’s tiring. In the past I always fought this temptation.

    • LEAH, You will make it because God promises to finish the work He starts in us eventhough we cant see it or always understand it…Im praying for you!!!

  4. I thank you for being a man and stepping up to the plate and recognizing the pain your addiction has caused your wife and children. Many addicts don’t recognize their wife’s pain and hurt her even more in their own recovery as they expect her to own her reactions to the pain he has caused. It’s painful and it’s not an easy journey for those of us women who have been the recipients of these addictions. There is a great deal of loneliness and depression that we experience as well as extreme insecurity that results from this addiction. I’m glad that you are a man who recognizes what we do go through. I hope and pray that your marriage will be restored and that men like you can reach those men who refuse to acknowledge the pain their families have had to go through. More women who have had a husband engage in this addiction would heal if the man who did the most amount of damage in their lives would acknowledge it.

  5. Ken, I don’t know your whole story other than what you wrote here but if you haven’t done so already I would say try finding a pure desire group to attend. Google it. They are great, but unfortunately not in every city. I’ll be praying for you in this battle. I know it myself.

  6. Ken,

    I feel like you stepped into my mind and verbalized my thoughts through most of your letter. Last night, I spoke with my wife about my struggle. It is the second time I’ve had to do so. The hurt in her eyes is aweful. I will be praying for you when my mind will remember to do so. It is a hard battle and one that will not be easily won. Stay the course. Pray. Remain steadfast in the faith. Always watch for the way of escape. Pray. Make no provision for the flesh. Pray. Stay in the Word. Pray.

  7. Ken,
    May the Father flood you with HIS mercies. May He make you to know Jesus, may He draw you to Himself. I suggest you look into Pure Life Ministries. Only the savior can rescue you and set you free from bondage. May God bless you.

  8. I’m in a similar place. I have made this choice finally, and it’s not easy, but I can already see that it’s so much better. it’s like you said at one point, “I choose life”. It’s very cool to hear you make the decision. I actually got on this website so that I can find other people’s stories. How are they holding up? How are they defeating this. I’m right there with you on trying to focus on and win back relationships. The good news is that we can spend the rest of our lives doing the best that we can to love people. That sad part of course is that we have a trail of destruction that we have left. As God heals us, as we make this decision that it is SO IMPORTANT, a wife’s heart, kids’ hearts, and we start living for real, God will fix things. Maybe things won’t ever be the way they could have been, but all we can do now is just focus on what we can do for the ones in our lives that we love.

    Jesus, thank you so much for this man who was willing to share his story. Please God, heal his wife’s heart, and show her that You love her. Wrap your arms around his kids and be their Heavenly Father. Do wonderful things in their lives. Though the devil meant to destroy him, You are going to heal him and make him someone who can trust You through everything, and to need nothing else. Help Ken to continue to do the right thing, and to live his life for love for now on. Me too. Amen.

  9. Dear Ken,
    Really touched by your story. That was me 20 years ago. Just wanted to tell you that restoration is possible in Christ. I can testify to it. But on this side of heaven, not everything can be restored. Certain losses need to be accepted as a consequence of our actions. I know it hurts. But the best thing we can do is to say, “Lord, I deserve this. I take full responsibility for it. But help me get through this pain. Let it work for my good and for your glory.” Addcits are very selfish by nature. To accept responsibility for one’s actions and start to think about the pain of our families is a sign of recovery and grace.
    God will provide for all your needs and He will heal the wounded hearts of your family. Jesus will finish the word He has started in you, by the power of His Spirit that lives in you. I am praying for you. Jaime.

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