9 thoughts on ““No matter what I do, I can’t stop watching pornography. What do I do?”

  1. It is a hard habit to break! What has helped me so much in breaking the cycle of addiction is Celebrate Recovery (CR) in conjunction with Covenant Eyes (CE). CR teaches you how to expose your addictions to others and how to develop a support network. I am 54 days free of the chains that had bound me for the last 4 years. Now, when I am tempted to look at things I should not, I say a prayer and call my sponsor…I would recommend the same to anyone.

  2. ok, i hate porn. I was heavy in to it when i was in my teens, I have been a christain all my life and pron is the only sin i have ever given into. I ended up getting married at a young age. I never thought of my wife as attractive even than, she was just a good friend and she had eveything else i wanted in a wife. just thought once i over came the porn that i would find her attractive. Well i was able to stop the porn for 2 years, but as she put on more weight i just couldn’t even get turned on by her…so back to porn i went…and you always pick it up where you left it…..right to the hard stuff in two days, now i’v been fighting it for 5 years and i’m nobetter than i was then. So i’m not attracted to my wife at all but i know i have to bet this porn anyway…i just wonder if God will ever change in me what i find attractive… is that possible can he make what i think is ugly and make if hot to me? Has this been the case for any other guys? or should i just try to live a life with out sex at all.

    • @Hopeless – Thanks for your question. I do believe God can change what we find attractive, yes. Very few people maintain youthful beauty all through their life, and I believe God can change our hearts so that despite the passing of time, we are continually drawn to our spouses.

      From the brief comments you have made, I would recommend you continue pursuing freedom from the pornography. You are nurturing your mind on a constant diet of porn, and this inevitably shapes how you feel and what you think is attractive. Plus, pornography is a one-sided venture: it requires nothing from you except turning on your computer. Pornography is nothing like real love-making: we do not have to romance or woo anyone. This is part of the draw to porn. Having “the wife of your dreams” would not cure your pornography problem. I outlined some of this in a previous post: “Husbands Who Watch Porn – Wives are asking, ‘What’s wrong with me?’

      Instead, the first step needs to be a radical move to sobriety: repent of this and remove all traces of porn and access to porn from your life. Then find men around you who will help you in this and bring them into the battle with you. For more on this read my post, “Breaking the Cycle of Porn Addiction.”

      I do believe change is possible. On this side of heaven, God still promises us a renewed heart and mind for those who would turn from their corruption and cry out to Him for help. I don’t say this as a cliche, but as one who has seen it work.

      God bless!

  3. What your Flesh finds attractive and what your Mind SHOULD find attractive are 2 different things. Know the difference. The flesh must be overcome; flesh instantly reacts to flesh; learn to catch it in the act; watch/monitor yourself constantly; walk or run away from the source as there is no other way and thank God that you have legs that work.

    These are very simple think to remember that work; but being constantly aware of your flesh and it’s triggers and what action to IMMEDIATELY take is the part we sometimes tend to neglect; take it from someone who knows very well.

    There are very few, if any, who have control over the flesh to the point where the triggers no longer exist; but this is the goal; this is what we are taught by our God to overcome.

    There is what is called the Fight or Flight response. It does no good to gaze upon the flesh in any form and fight the urge trying to overcome it; you will lose every time. Take control of your body and make the move away from it; turn your eyes away from it; walk or run away.

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