Permissions Policy

We want to help you share our resources. We encourage you to share information you read on our website, but we ask that you follow this permissions policy to respect our intellectual property rights.

Covenant Eyes, Inc., retains the copyright for all content published on

You are permitted to…

  • Link to or any specific page or post.
  • Quote one or more of our articles or ebooks, as long as you link back to the original source, and that the quotes are contained in an article that is your own unique work. In scholarly articles or books, please follow your publisher’s official citation guidelines. In blog posts, please remember that Google penalizes websites for publishing duplicate content—both the original site and the site quoting the material. Bottom line: the article you write needs to be wholly yours, but you are encouraged to quote or paraphrase our work throughout it, as long as our work is cited properly.
  • Print and freely distribute any article or ebook directly from our website, provided the domain “” is clearly visible on the printout. You may reprint the text of any of our blog posts in any non-commercial print publication, as long as you include this copyright notice: “© 2020, [Author’s Name]. All rights reserved. Originally published at” As a courtesy, email us to let us know you are doing this so we can keep you informed about other resources that also might interest you.
  • Cite any of our ebooks and blog posts in scholarly articles. We do not have any requirements for how we are cited (follow your own provided standards for that), but please include a link to the original content when possible.
    A Special Note on Citing our Pornography Statistics ebook: Our book of pornography statistics contains no original research. The source of each statistic is listed in the References section. We recommend that you cite the original source of each stat that you find in that book, but would appreciate a thank you to Covenant Eyes in an “Acknowledgements” section, as a footnote, or wherever else may be appropriate.

Only with our express written consent, you may…

  • Use our content for commercial purposes.
  • Alter, change, or build on our content.
  • Translate our ebooks and blog posts into any non-English language. Approved translations must include both the original copyright information and the following disclaimer: “This [post or ebook] originally appeared in English on and was translated with their permission. This translation has not been reviewed by Covenant Eyes.”

You are not permitted to…

  • Repost online more than 250 words of any article or ebook.

Guest authors

Covenant Eyes and any outside authors share the copyright to all articles written on unless otherwise noted. We request all guest authors not to repost their articles elsewhere online for the same reasons mentioned above.

If you are interested in contacting any of our outside authors, we will not supply you with an author’s contact information beyond what is given on our website already.

Last updated March 1, 2019