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Chris is the Covenant Eyes Educational Resource Manager. Chris has a BA in Accountancy and Spanish from Western Michigan University. After 12 years in business advising with Ernst & Young, God led Chris to a full-time student ministry role. He started protectyoungeyes.com in 2015  as a ministry to equip and educate parents and teens on the latest gadgets, apps, and how to use the Internet well, which led him to Covenant Eyes. God works in unexpected ways!

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10 thoughts on “FAQs: iPhone Accountability and Filtering with Covenant Eyes

  1. The app for iOS has been great. My main request would be that it reported search terms, if this is technically possible. But, the fact that it enforces Safe Search is a great help.

  2. i have continuously read about the accountability on a mobile phone can it b used via a smart phone .i caught my husband about q8 months ago viewing porn and i cannot get over it i was feeling a little better before xmas 2017 and knowing his basic phone was almost useless bought him a smart phone to use sith bis bloothtooth excercise machine i regret this so much and the little trust i had regained has vone he may not b doing anything wrong but i dont know .he never puts the phone down i xo take it from him when we retire at night but things are very serious between us .he makes out that i need to see a sychiatrist and i go on at him because i do not trust him .ive told him to leave and that causes probldms but everythings turned on me becausei cant let it go .i want to but do not want to be made a fool of . Thankyou

    • I would think that if there’s nothing wrong with his phone, then you should be able to view the history at any time for your own reassurance. That should be a basic trust-building exercise that he should be willing to undertake: all of his internet activity should be an open book to you, no questions asked. You don’t need to see a psychiatrist about that. He should be willing to open the books for you at any time, given his past behavior.

      Here, here, and here are some articles about boundaries, and here’s one about trust that might be helpful as you think things through.

  3. Hello,
    My name is Orion and I love this service you have provided, but I would like to make a suggestion. I use Apple devices and they have this wonderful feature where you can save your password for websites and apps to your device and have it auto fill when you visit that website when you use Safari. However, this feature is unavailable on the Covenant Eyes app. Would it be possible for this feature to be added, or is it already available, and if so how do you set it up?
    Thank you for everything you are doing,
    Orion Maki

    • Hello, Orion – thank you for this suggestion. I’ve sent it to our development team for further consideration.

  4. I got rid of my iPhone because the one thing that I could not restrict was when my phone connected to a guest WiFi hotspot. When I would accept the terms to connect, a window would open up for that location’s homepage (i.e. the Starbucks homepage), and I would then be able to navigate to google or youtube and beyond even though I had restricted everything. Does the new app monitor those hotspot windows?

    • Hello, yes, it would monitor domains that you access through the hotspots. If you click, it will be rated.

    • Hello, Greg – are you trying to remove Covenant Eyes so that you can continue using Parentkit? If so, please contact customer service at 877-479-1119 and they can assist you.


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