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Emma Joy is a young adult who enjoys studying apologetic resources and learning about purity from a Biblical perspective. Her desire is that God would use her life and writings in a far reaching way to impact the lives of many. She writes about sexual sin and repentance (among other topics) on her personal blog.

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Parenting in Today's Digital World is Hard

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4 thoughts on “5 Internet Dangers Your Kids Won’t Mention

  1. Wow.. thank you for this, Emma. I think all parents really need to read this. Most people with sexual addictions these days can trace how they got into it via the Internet.
    May God continue to use your writings to inspire souls. God bless!

  2. Hi Emma,

    Thank you for this article, “5 Internet Dangers Your Kids Won’t Mention,” it was a really good read. I’ve been having concerns for my teenage son. I do talk with him about the dangers on the internet. But, there are times I can see a change or I sense something is wrong.

    I don’t want to be pushy, but I have wanted my husband to read his conversations on Skype. My son Skype’s a lot. I need to learn how myself, so I can read them.

    My husband wants to put a computer in his room, but everything inside me screams NO. I can’t seem to help my husband understand the dangers. He knows way more than I do about computers.

    Anyways, I just wanted to thank you for writing this article.


  3. My advice….do not get the internet, smart phones and cable T.V. if you can’t control it….period!!!

    There’s nothing “social” about social media and nobody needs to know what anybody is doing any minute of the day. C’mon now, do we “really” need the gadgets we have? Do we “really” need to stay that connected with 100’s of “friends” we never see, but seem to know more about what they had for lunch than the ones we live with under the same roof?

    We create our own problems and then need laws & medication to help us deal with it. New addictions, new crimes and bad guys are unleashed and the addictions some have are spoon-fed as they sit and pander to them in the privacy of their own home.

    We homeschooled our kids and not once did we have the internet in our home to do it. If we needed the internet, we went and supported the local library. Our kids, to this day, have never been on nor are on any social media and the one, I say “one” computer that is on the internet is in a central location and both, I say “both” kids are straight A college students (to God be the glory). When the homework is done, the computer is turned off. The local public schools are asking if the computers given to the kids are helping them learn. Not “1” parent I have spoken to says yes, they want to go back to books because of “issues” they have had with things other than educating. There may be a possibility the computers may be pulled out, at least around here. That would be at least one step in the right direction.

    Parents, don’t get trapped in what is considered the “norm”. Your kids can get by on far less and it will require some work, but it is far worth the peace of mind in the end. Don’t try to keep up with “the latest”, you can’t and in a few months it will out date.

    Yeah, I know I stepped on some toes. Us old timers usually do, but I walked barefooted (well, I had socks on) both ways to the dining room and did my homework and then walked back for suppah and my mom did not take a picture of it to put on social media (smile).

    As one Old Sage (Jiminy Cricket) once said “Always let your conscience be your guide.”

    Love you guys,

    Old Timer

  4. This article includes most, if not all, the dangers that a kid might run into while surfing the Internet without supervision. And by no means would I mean that you should spy on them. On the contrary, I am a fan of free minded people. However, parents should always motivate their kids to discuss everything openly and without any hesitation.

    It’s just the best thing and the best gift a parent can give to their kid. It can literally protect a kid from anything. Bullying, pornography, violence, and any exploitation.

    Thank you, Emma.

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