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Watching just 5 hours of porn has been proven to significantly change people's sexual beliefs and attitudes. Find out 5 distinct ways that porn warps your brain, as well as 5 biblical ways to renew your mind and find freedom.

35 thoughts on “The Apostle Paul: His Secret to Fighting Sexual Sin

  1. Well said Luke. These are exactly the truths that I try to communicate to the men who come to me for help in this area of sexual addiction. We who grew up in the church have all heard the “Try harder, do better” mantra for far too long. Sadly, when you’re dealing with a shame-fueled addiction, telling someone to try harder only fuels their shame. That’s why it’s so important for all of us to keep sharing this message of the true gospel. Only Christ can change us…and He already has.

    • Well said, Stephen.

      I’ve often heard this same sentiment from those in the addiction-recovery world, and would go a step further: I think “try harder” moralism is bad advice in general, not just for those trapped in addictions. I know you probably agree, but I think one of the reasons why so many in the addiction-recovery world are disenchanted with the church is because the church’s theology of sanctification is insufficient. This has got to change.

    • This is very important, Stephen – well said. Also, “try harder” doesn’t address the build-up of demonic strongholds, attitudes and habits that underlie any addictive behaviour. “Trying harder” without cleaning out the build-up of spiritual and psychological grime usually leads to frustration and, in the long run, failure.

    • You know there is a clue to colossians 3:5 put away your evil desires! Sexual drive is not an evil desire but the most powerful creation that God gave to man tp procreate right. And if God created it then there is no way around not craving or actually doing it if the situation is right like putting cindy Crawford on your couch when she was single, I your as horn as hell. You going to run away? 99 percent you won’t be honest. Somewhere in Christianity teaching something went wrong. That’s why I like the scripture GOD is a just weight and a balance. Probverbs. Testosterone. Has to be released eventualy. Blue balls medical term is known not to be healthy. we just need to be consistent because our self confidence will be effected and lonely Ness can bring major deppression. What do you think.

    • Thank you so I have been looking at porn sense I was a young boy sex has always been the go to to feel good for myself and it’s been a habit for far to long ! I know I’m not out of the woods yet but think to the Holy Spirit Jesus and the Father I this last weekend truest woke up to my son and the destruction it has caused me! I want this no more and I know it’s early but I do feel as though my sims are falling away! I was caught up today by test and temptation and usually I give in that kind of the norm even though I new it was wrong and against Gods will for my life but now I see I can not do those things any longer! I’m so grateful today for the message you made hear on fighting sexual sin! I really was going to fall agian until I clicked on your sight and started to read you insight that God has given you in this area of sin! Again brother I think you for your words of encouragement because I have longed to over come this in my life and you have provided through Paul’s leaders the wisdom I needed to overcome! Keep up the good work and may God bless you and your family! Thanks be to God the father for his son through his spirit! Amen

    • My homosexual temptations keep coming back and once every 2-3 days I keep giving in. If I cut off my testicles, will that kill my biological interest in sex, thus reducing sexual temptation? Didn’t God say to cut off anything that causes you to sin?

    • Please do not cut off anything. Jesus was using hyperbole. God never, ever wants you to harm yourself in any way. God created you with love and care, just as you are. I would encourage you to find a loving, accepting church that can help you accept yourself as you are, without ever harming yourself. Please take care of you. You are God’s precious, beloved child. Find a community of believers that understands that.
      Peace to you,

  2. Luke, thanks for another great article. I found points 3 and 5 especially helpful. I see a lot of biblical wisdom in having relationships that remind us of our new identity in Christ. I would be really glad to see some more articles on just that issue.

    My experience is that enslaving lusts breed navel gazers. We end up like the muckracker from Pilgrim’s progress and see only ourselves, our guilt, and the lies that we want to believe. In contrast, the Gospel invites us to be transformed by beholding Christ. I know I can’t do that on my own. I need God’s word and other believers who know exactly where I am in my struggle to point me to beholding Christ in ways that I could never discover on my own.

    Keep up the good work, brother! SO grateful for your effort.

    • well God bless you Mr.Luke..your words are prophetic and inspiring..having known Christ for some years i have realized that one of the tools Satan is using to rub us of our true identity as priest in the kingdom of God is sexual a deliverance minister i believe the devil works through various spirits of lust but if we shall only pray to free ourselves by the power of the blood of Jesus then we shall be free indeed and as papa Luke rightly quoted we should live in the relationship of the rhema word of The Lord which comes by fellowshiping of the Holy Spirit and the studing of the Word of The Lord.

  3. We’ll written article, thanks Luke. There are many books and we pages devoted to fighting lust and porn, but very few seem to offer any real ideas on how to actually battle it. I appreciate wha you have written here to help in my own struggle. This ties in nicely with what John Piper has written in how to change your views in his A.N.T.H.E.M strategy. Keep up writing articles like this. Freedom from lust can be had!

    • The film is really well done, especially the way the man’s struggle at home is interlaced with the boxing match, moment by moment.

  4. Thank you for your great article on this reality.Its a timely and practical advice and what i have been looking for.Thank you.

  5. I would say that a good place to start with an addiction run amok and out of control is boundaries – filters, etc. Certainly what you’re stating here is the ideal end goal, but these more abstract biblical realities are hard for an addict (someone caught in the bondage of slavery to their flesh) to relate to, and it takes time to renew your mind to the point that these things help. I think that a relationship is what God has always wanted from us, and when we are fully dedicated to that relationship, we can truly be free. I guess I’m just saying that this may come in stages.

    • Though I think that boundaries are a good place to start, as Jesus tells us to cut off the right hand that causes us to sin, our end goal and our hope needs to be to set ourselves upon the idea of becoming the man that God wants us to be. The new creation, the new desires, keeping our eyes heavenward. I’m learning about that, I suppose. If one truly understands God’s purpose for them, then all the worldly stuff becomes like trying to ingest vomit. I’m getting that intellectually, but I really want to KNOW it in my heart and live it every day.

    • I agree. Often we can’t even get our eyes heavenward until we have put a forced distance between us and the sinful habit that is causing so much of a brain fog. We need to to the practical work of distancing ourselves from the sin (even if part of us doesn’t want to do that yet), and as the fog clears really begin to apply ourselves to these principles.

  6. And if you can find that “relationship” and accountability? I live in a very rural area and have no groups around, and struggle alone. I have at time tried to share with people I thought I could trust and was met with rejection and one person even questioned my salvation. I keep looking and searching, as every book I have, every program I’ve looked up online, every podcast I’ve listened to talks about true fellowship, relationship, and accountability…. yet I’m at a loss. I’ve shared some surface level struggles with my pastor and he has nothing to offer other than quoting some verses and the “pray harder, try harder” mentality. I’ve even resorted to trying to start up various men’s groups at my church quite a few times, just to try and start to build an environment of faith and finding men who seek God… and no one ever shows up.

  7. Hello Scott, here are a few thoughts:

    Online support groups. Sign up for something like BraveHearts ( On the very secular but free end of things.

    The NoFap Reddit Group is also kind of awesome.

    Phone/VoIP support groups (Sexaholics Anonymous has one:; Co-Dependents Anonymous also has some, though I’d suggest you call someone to see if it’s the right group for you:

    Checking out other local churches to see if they have men’s ministry groups to join. Even if you’re dedicated to your home church, maybe you can find fellowship at other ones.

    Finally, Covenant Eyes does have the 40-day Challenge app now, which is still going through some improvements, but it’s a fantastic daily reminder, right there in your pocket, if you think that might be helpful:

  8. This word helped me to keep moving forward on God’s word, and praying , pleading the blood of Jesus against sexual sin in my life. Thank you for the encouragement God Bless.

  9. This is an article that not only causes us to examine.. ourselves but to expose the “hidden thing”.. “Oh me, And Amen”. This is a blessing to read, very informative, full of insight, and causes one to think! Well written! Glory to God! Scriptually strong as well.

  10. Paul was not anti asceticism. That is a truly absurd interpretation of the letter and frankly ignores much of Pauline spirituality. Day in and day out I get an E-mail from you and sure enough there is a fifty-fifty chance you will be twisting Scripture to preach against the Church Father’s, the Apostles, and centuries of Christian thought. I am frankly a bit appalled that Matt Fradd worked for this place. That being said, I still appreciate for the other half of the time, when you are sharing a message that gives me hope in this fight against porn. Thank you for the help, but there is no way I could use this site personally, nor in good conscience recommend it to my mens group.

    • Hi, Devan – I would be happy to help clarify our position if you could point me towards examples of “absurd interpretations” of Scripture in what we and other authors have written. Thank you!

      Best, Chris

  11. But I tell you that anyone who looks at a woman lustfully has already committed adultery with her in his heart. Flee from sexual immorality. All other sins a person commits are outside the body, but whoever sins sexually, sins against their own body. All of us also lived among them at one time, gratifying the cravings of our flesh and following its desires and thoughts. Like the rest, we were by nature deserving of wrath. Come back to your senses as you ought, and stop sinning; for there are some who are ignorant of God–I say this to your shame. Marriage should be honored by all and the marriage bed kept undefiled, for God will judge the sexually immoral and adulterers. It is God’s will that you should be sanctified: that you should avoid sexual immorality;And if your right hand causes you to sin, cut it off and throw it away. It is better for you to lose one part of your body than for your whole body to depart into hell.

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