Coming Clean

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It’s easy for accountability relationships to fail. Learn how to get it right. Take your Accountability partnership to the next level. Read Coming Clean and introduce it to your Accountability Partner.

4 thoughts on “10 Biblical Proverbs About Accountability

  1. I really appreciate this article. God has given us His plan, and He has given us His calling. We need to pick up our weapons and fight the battle. For years I struggled and lost, struggled and lost – all in silence or fake repentance. Praise Jesus for the victory – He brought me low and humbled me. He provided me His unending Grace, and in time: healing. My wife and I are stronger now at 11 years of marriage than ever before. Our marriage is now a covenant, with Christ as the bond.

    Praise be to God for His Word. Without it men, we would be lost. Without other men wh are willing to engage in the battle, we could never hope to win the war. We were created to work together for our own safety and His glory. To try to do this alone is a mistake, and makes the struggle unnecessarily more difficult. God has provided us with ways out – His Word and our brothers in Christ. We must use those tools to the best of our ability, fight until we have no more strength, pray without ceasing, and honor God with our choices.

    It is an honor to struggle alongside fine men. We will emerge victorious through the saving blood of Jesus Christ – the ultimate warrior.

    For a great read on how to “war for Christ” pick up the “Lion of War” series by Cliff Graham. It is bloody and savage and speaks to the heart of the warrior-man. You won’t be disappointed.

    Praise and Arrows,

    • Hi, then maybe don’t start with telling your parents, but please find someone to talk to. There is Divine power in speaking openly with a trusted friend.

      Peace, Chris
      Covenant Eyes

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