Parenting the Internet Generation

Parenting the Internet Generation Ebook Cover

Your kids face 7 potentially dangerous trends online. Download this free e-book to learn practical tips for combating these dangers, as well as 7 good habits for Internet safety.

13 thoughts on “7 Dangers of the Internet for Kids

  1. Thank you for your interesting statistics! today there are so many dangers awaiting for kids. So parents should be very attantive to them

  2. Why didn’t you mention that this can be easily monitored with parental control apps? I understand that you are making focus on YouTube videos but cyberbullying, sexting and contacts with online predators can be avoided if you install couple of apps. There are those that work on PC like cleanrouter or pumpic app for smartphones. This will take you less than an hour to search for the one that you like, really …

  3. Hi, I’m doing a speech on why the internet does more harm than good to youths, and I wanted to use the statistic I read in your article, “83% of victims who met their offender face-to-face willingly went somewhere with them.” , but I was wondering if I could know where you got the stat? It would definitely be helpful to have a source to back it up for my speech :)

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