5 thoughts on “Looking vs. Lusting (Part 2)

  1. Many thanks. I am a very unhappy woman. My love stares at many beautiful girls especially almost naked in the streets, buses, and so on. during ever possible opportunity. He admires native naked beauties from Brazil as Xingu, Arawete, Yanomami and other Indian girls, naked beauties from Oceania-Papua New Guinea, Micronesia, Polynesia and so on, beauties from the whole world. When I told him that nakedness is sinful (when I saw naked altar girls sitting very next to priests at he altar it was namely Superrior General and the Vicar of that parish n Papua New Guinea-he said that all is OK, because this is their culture and there is nothing wrong in it… well I loed him ery much so I believed he tells the truth and believed that naked tribal girls are OK and if he says so that means that looking at them is not a sin as I thought before. So when I was told by him that it is not a sin, this is only natural beauty to be admired, when I saw how much he likes it-he gave me a CD with hundreds of photos of aroius countries and regions, including also naked and semi-naked girls and women, and he siad he wanted to share the beauty with me – I believed that it is OK and I wantd him to be happy to like me so sometimes even I looked for beautiful photos of natives and sent him, although it was hurting me somehow but I wanted so much to make him happy and to like me and not to abandon me… he even wrote to me that he thanks me for these beautiful photos of natives… so I continued, but I felt used by him-but I had no choice… I am chased by cruel adoptive parents pretending super-Christians… they want to imprison me to troture me and to sign the co-operation with the evil Communists/satanists/masonry… so I am constatnly afraid that they catch me and put me into prison… I wanted so much to be free to have some friend that I just was ready to do anything to please my love… but then I became thinking that it IS somehow sinful… I sent him a link to Covenant Eyes and I told him that I neer will be as much beautiful as the beauties he looks at on the streets and during every given occasion, and the naked native beauties… SUDDENLY HE SAID, AFTER 10 YEARS OF ACQUINTANCE, THAT I HAVE NO HONOR! THAT IF I HAD HONOR I WOULD NOT SEND HIM THESE PHOTOS OF NATIVES-DESPITE THE FACT THAT YEARS AGO HE THANKED ME VERY MUCH FOR THESE PHOTOS BECAUSE ACCORDING TO HIM THEY WERE BEAUTIFUL… HE ACCEPTED THESE PHOTOS (AFTER TELLING ME IN 2006 THERE IS NOTHING WRONG IN THE NAKED NATIVE BEAUTIES, WHEN I HAD MANY DOUBTS AND I EXPRESSED MY DOUBTS TO HIM IN 2006) FOR MANY YEARS, AND NOW… NOW WHEN I STOPPED TO SEND HIM SUCH PHOTOS AND GAVE HIM A LINK TO COVENANT EYES, HE SAYS I HAVE NO HONOR AND I AM UNCAPABLE FOR MARRIAGE… EVERYTHING WAS OK UNTIL I GAVE HIM THE LINK TO COVENANT EYES AND SAID THAT I THINK LOOKING AT THESE BEAUTIFUL GIRLS IS NOT MORAL… SUDDENLY HE CHANGED AND SAID THESE CRUEL WORDS… Please pray for me, my heart aches, I am almost dying… I feel like dumped garbage… I think I have a great honor because my whole life I lived very chaste… although I had some troubles with porn I am not a saint I struggle with sin but for sure I am a virgin and I behaved very chastely and clothed modestly, almost like a nun/islamic woman… please pray for me because my heart is broken, my heart aches, I feel ery bad and I am close to death… Thanks for very wize writings. God bless Your wife and You. Big respect and gratitude.

    • Don’t be sad. Be strong. I have prayed that God will give you wisdom and encouragement and strength through this situation.

    • You have a wrong perception of love/relationship. Love is not being in bondage with fear with someone who abuses our affection. Love is freedom,not being enslaved. I think you are just idolizing your partner and that is naturally making you enslaved to him. Jesus said to seek first Gods righteousness, not idolatry in a man

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