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Mike’s Story: Saying “Yes” to God and Finding Freedom

Last Updated: September 7, 2022

Victory Stories
Victory Stories

Every day at Covenant Eyes we hear inspiring stories of victory over porn. Here are just a few of them.

For 20-plus years, I was what Steve Arterburn would call “marginally addicted” to porn (see his book, Every Man’s Battle). I was (and still am) active in church and church leadership. But, I would, from time to time, be really tempted and look at things I knew were wrong.

Once there, I would binge for two hours or more. I would maybe do it again for two or three days; then, I would stop, repent, and would stay clean for weeks, months, or more. But the pattern was secret, and I never felt victorious; rather, I was burdened by my sin pattern.

So about four years ago, I found myself going further in looking than I had before, and with more intensity. The Holy Spirit spoke to me that this was a crisis point where I was either going to bring this to the surface and get help, or I would go further into darkness and sin where I would be in direct rebellion against God. I told my wife that I was struggling in the area of being tempted and needed help. At that time, I joined Covenant Eyes and discussed my problem with my ally.

I also began reading the blogs of Covenant Eyes guest authors and one that stated, “A LONE SHEEP IS A DEAD SHEEP,” meaning that we have to walk in community with at least a couple of people who we can really share with. I ended up going through about eight weeks of meetings and counseling by phone with this man who became a mentor to me.

I also found a second ally as well, and this has been a tremendous help. I found that only having one can lead to becoming too comfortable with some “slips,” and there is not as an acute accountability awareness. Having a second or third ally keeps the sense of accountability fresh. I now am free from that old pattern of secrecy and burden. If I cross a boundary or approach too close to one, my partners may say, “This looks a little concerning to me; let’s talk about it.”

And because I want to be like Jesus, I am open to talking about it and keeping everything on the surface. That is freedom. I encourage all who read this to get serious about doing whatever it takes to show the fruits of repentance. That is the true test of discipleship—saying “yes” to God when he lets you know it is time. He will guide you and give you freedom. It is tough to admit to all that need to know, but God himself will be with you.

Blessings, Mike.

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    1. stuart ashcraft

      im like mike growe up in the church worke as a valenter i did note see porn tell i was a sinner in highschool my best frind gote a play boy brout it to school in be tewn classwe sneein to the mens reestroom at the outher end of campos we wear fine tell a sister walked up be hind us just sad arnt you spos to be in sexed we sad yes and we wear off to class on our way to classe we relized we still hade the playboy in my frends back pocket .we did note have time to go back to the lookers so just keep it in his back pooket of his pants .no one notce i was fine i thout then after graduad from hihschool went to workk at a appermut counplax hellpning .mantace clen out appermunts that tens moved out of one the person moved out hade a stack of playboys i took and put them in a appmunt we used as stooreg looked at them some but move a hade in my life i new i could see it on my counpouter i was at home gote home from work just serfing the web and ran acorss a porn site i was hoocket then every cance i hade even at church i would go to a shite and watch i would be carful so no one would cach me .fille one of the patsters sade i nowe you are stugling with issus im would like for you to go to regin and get in vaved in ther one thay have for men whlo wear in to porna graphy so i gote very in vaved i went counsetatley for two years stat i growe so much i have note looked at porn in nowe 4 years a a lote is i have coventeyes on my home counpouter and on my cell phone ans have some of my frends from my group at regin who are my account a billatyy praners .regin is a 12 step progrom but on a chrasetn bible based so you are doing bible memerazason to SO BY THE TIme you finsh the progrm you are a much stonger christen then you wear when you stared yes ther are times when i slep and looke but i have note relley looked at porn in over 9 years nowe .

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