Our People

We are passionate about helping people overcome pornography.

Covenant Eyes is a team of mission-minded individuals working together to help change lives.

We are now a 100% employee-owned company. After two decades of providing tools and resources to overcome pornography, our leadership began to think about how their mission might continue once they retired.

To that end, in 2020, Covenant Eyes implemented an employee stock-ownership program (ESOP).

This is vital because it means that each member of the Covenant Eyes team takes ownership of our mission—and ensures its ongoing success for many years to come.

Meet the executives who oversee the daily operations of Covenant Eyes.

Ronald DeHaas

Davin Granroth

Mike Lenkner

Brenda Hinds

Chris Taphouse

Scott McClurg

Nicole Morris

Scott Tweedy

Meet the counselors who review our Victory course content.

Dr. Andrew Sodergren

Dr. Michael Murphy

Dr. Eddie Capparucci

Marnie Ferree

Mike Vaughn

Troy and Melissa Haas

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