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A Declaration of War Against Sexual Impurity

Last Updated: April 29, 2015

Guest Author
Guest Author

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Inspired by “The Resolution” as it appeared in the movie Courageous, and having battled for over 30 years against lust, porn and masturbation, I was convicted of the importance of having a document that declared—for the world to see—my war against impurity in my life.

And so I began to write. I wanted to make sure that every point of my declaration was Biblically based. You see, if I try to do it on my own, I will fail. I had already proven that time and time again. Only through Christ and the leading of the Holy Spirit can I have any hope of winning this battle (Philippians 4:13).

Declaration of War Against Sexual Impurity

I also had to learn the hard way that I can’t just sit back and “let go and let God” do it all for me. That’s not how He works. He gives me the strength so that I can go out and fight the battle. He teaches me how to fight (Isaiah 28:26; Titus 2:12) and provides me with the protection and weapons I need (Ephesians 6:10-18; 2 Corinthians 10:4-5).

I am sharing my declaration with you for two reasons. First, I really do want the world to know I have declared war against impurity in my life. It has no place in my home, in my marriage, in my life, in my mind…and so I am determined to fight it with every fiber of my being through every ounce of strength that my Savior, Lord and Friend gives me (2 Peter 1:3). Second, I want to encourage you to adopt this declaration as your own. Share your determination with your accountability partner(s). Let’s fight this battle together.

The Pure Man’s Declaration of War Against Sexual Impurity

Whereas the truth of God’s Word has been opposed, and the execution of His will obstructed in my life: Now, therefore, I, (my name), a redeemed child of God, do hereby declare war against impurity and the sinful desires of my flesh which are battling against my soul.

In this state of conflict, it is resolved and determined that I do hereby assert and promise before God and the witnesses whose signatures are affixed below that, being fully surrendered to God:

  • I WILL seek first God’s kingdom and righteousness in every aspect of my life.
  • I WILL seek to love God with all my heart, all my soul, all my mind, and all my strength.
  • I WILL seek to daily study, meditate and memorize God’s Word.
  • I WILL seek to daily prepare my mind for battle, taking captive every thought to make them fully obedient to Christ, and thinking only on those things that glorify God.
  • I WILL seek to control my own body in a way that is holy and honorable, abstaining from the sinful desires of my flesh and avoiding all forms of sexual immorality or any kind of impurity.
  • I WILL NOT look lustfully at a woman.
  • I WILL NOT allow my TV, computer or handheld devices, movies, books, magazines or any other form of entertainment to set before my eyes any ungodly image or standard.
  • I WILL regularly seek the support of godly men who will hold me accountable to this commitment.
  • I WILL fight the good fight, I WILL finish the race, I WILL keep the faith!

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Steve Etner is a national men’s speaker, author, and Purity Coach with The Pure Man Ministry. His book, Extreme Mind Makeover: How to Transform Sinful Habits into God-Pleasing Patterns of Life, and his conferences, seminars, and retreats focus on what God has to say about the way we think and the impact it has on our behavior. Teaching men how to live in moral purity by equipping them with Biblical answers, Steve’s goal is for men to have a re-ignited passion for Jesus and learn how to prepare their minds to successfully overcome their temptations and thus live pure lives for Christ.

  • Comments on: A Declaration of War Against Sexual Impurity
    1. I like how your declaration is 80% focused on putting on the new man. Trying to eliminate lust without being transformed and becoming a slave to righteousness is fruitless.

      Jim Vander Spek

    2. Amy

      I love it! I got chills reading this! My heart rejoices whenever I read a blog or story of a man that has just gotten fed up with his life being controlled by Satan! I have hopes that my husband will one day be empowered like this, one day he will take the stand and refuse to live in denial or deceit. May God continue to bless you, protect you and empower you to fight the good fight and finish the race well! God bless you and your family!

    3. stan

      Great encouragement

    4. Ryan

      I know that so many men who have struggled with this addiction. The Lord has revealed to me that Porn addiction is idolatry and man how we can be punished in our lives from this idol. I want to challenge men out there…how about not having any computer at all with internet access? I know, the first thought is…what? no internet? how can I know whats going on in the world? My question is this..is the destruction of your life and walk with Jesus worth having a computer? YOU make the choice….I actually am suggesting an end to Christians having computers with internet…..yes….I said it… it is too much of a temptation so why have this idol in your home any more…I challenge you…take your PC out of your home and destroy it…..Radical? No….why not? Because we are losing the battle with sin and taking the steps to cut away those things which bind us to sin are exactly what the Lord Jesus meant when he said to cut off your hand or pluck your eye out if it causes you to sin. The words of the creator of the universe…often discarded as legalistic and simply metaphorical…are actually literal…I know some people don’t believe and will choose to keep the cancer (computer with internet) in the home while this cancer slowly kills. Cut it out of you..Men …Rise up and smash these idols…Right now! Jesus knows that we have to be radical sometimes and I challenge you to find something else more pressing and crippling to Christian men than Porn and Lust….There is someone that this post is for and you know who you are….Destroy your PC>>>>> Turn to Jesus….It hurts… I know but Jesus calls us to crucify our flesh…this is the first step… I love you very much and want us all to be free from this…

      • It sounds radical, Ryan, but that’s what the gospel calls for: radical response. Thanks for sharing.

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