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My Personal Purity Battle Plan: 28 Things I Try to Never Forget

Last Updated: July 7, 2020

Guest Author
Guest Author

Want to write for the Covenant Eyes blog? Share the story of your journey to freedom from pornography. Let us know how you overcame porn or how Covenant Eyes has made a difference in your life or the lives of those you love.

I’ve learned the hard way that pornography addiction will never be broken unless there’s genuine biblical repentance, and I’ve also learned the hard way that genuine biblical repentance always requires radical life changes. To break the chains of pornography addiction, I had to go beyond the never-ending cycle of sin-guilt-shame-sorrow-confession-rededication-repeat.

Many years ago, I began sincerely asking God, Christian counselors, and myself: “What do I need to change in my life to keep myself from committing this sin again?” With that question in the forefront of my mind, I’ve spent the last 10 years developing, editing, and striving to live what I call my personal purity battle plan.

That’s what you’re about to read, but before you read it, I need to make three things very clear …

  • I’m not saying or implying that every Christian man needs to do everything that I do. This is my personal purity battle plan that fits my life with my specific struggles and history. Take from it whatever you feel will help you.
  • I’m not saying or implying that this is the “silver bullet” that will make you and I porn-free for life. Believe me, I totally realize that without God’s Spirit empowering me, I’ve got nothing but words on a page!
  • This is still a work in progress, just like me. Your feedback is welcomed and appreciated.

My Personal Purity Battle Plan

1. Every morning refocus, renew, refill, and realign with God’s Word (reading, studying, memorizing, meditating, or listening to a sermon). Remember, freedom follows fullness. Beholding the glory of God transforms a man. So I keep myself full on the Living Word and keep continually beholding Jesus Christ, the glory of God. (Hebrews 12:2; John 4:13-14; 2 Timothy 3:16; 1 Peter 2:2; Psalm 119:9-11; Colossians 1:16; 2 Corinthians 3:18; Ephesians 4:23-24)

2. Every morning review my Personal Purity Motivation. (Romans 12:2)

3. Every morning spend some time in prayer, recommitting myself to Christ as a living and holy sacrifice, and ask for His grace to live that this day. Without Him, I can’t do it! (Romans 12:1; Matthew 26:41; James 4:3; John 14:13-14)

4. Remind godly friends/mentors to pray for my personal purity and my continued victory over temptation/sin. (James 5:16; Matthew 18:19)

5. Never use the Internet without being monitored by Covenant Eyes Accountability Software. Make sure Covenant Eyes is monitoring all my Internet devices: home computer, work computer, iPhone, etc., and completely get rid of all apps that allow unmonitored Internet access. (Romans 13:14)

6. Never possess or listen to music that contains profanity, sexual content, innuendos, crude humor, etc. Make sure that all my music aligns with Philippians 4:8 or get rid of it.

7. Don’t buy, rent, or watch movies or TV shows that contain sexual content, nudity, or crude humor. They’re triggers for lust. (Romans 13:14; Galatians 5:9)

8. Keep away from “fitness” type magazines. They always contain sexual articles, pictures, and advertisements. They’re also triggers for lust. (Romans 13:14; Galatians 5:9)

9. Keep away from satellite radio. It contains some very inappropriate stations/content. (Romans 13:14; Galatians 5:9)

10. Do not stay up late and watch TV when all alone. Go to bed when my wife goes to bed. (Romans 13:14; Galatians 5:9)

11. Do not browse or preview any type of “adult” channels or movie titles on Pay-Per-View, Netflix, etc. Remember, it only takes a spark to ignite a forest fire! (Romans 13:14; Galatians 5:9)

12. Bounce my eyes away from alluring images on billboards, magazine racks, etc. then quote a defense verse like Job 31:1 or 2 Timothy 2:22 or 1 Thessalonians 4:3.

13. Don’t talk or joke about sexually perverse things. This too has been a trigger. (Ephesians 4:29; 5:4)

14. Always look women in the eyes. If they’re dressed provocatively, get away as quickly as I can! Bounce my eyes away and quote a defense verse. (Job 31:1; Matthew 5:28)

15. Always conduct meetings with females (other than my wife or daughters) in a public place or have a third party present. Never meet alone with females! (1 Thessalonians 5:22)

16. Never flirt with females. Period. If they flirt with me, flee. (1 Thessalonians 5:22; Galatians 5:9)

17. Do not touch females other than my wife and daughters. Only a side hug is appropriate for other females. (1 Timothy 5:2)

18. Maintain honest weekly accountability with my accountability partners. Remember, accountability is absolutely pointless if I’m not going to be honest or if I’m going to be vague about my temptations, struggles, and failures. Remember to immediately contact my accountability partners when I’m in the moment of temptation! (Proverbs 27:17; 2 Timothy 2:22; Hebrews 10:24)

19. Notify my accountability partners in advance when I know I’m going to stay alone in a hotel room, and always have them check on me the next morning. As much as possible don’t travel alone. (Proverbs 27:17; 2 Timothy 2:22)

20. Every week keep myself interacting with, listening to, and watching godly men who are spiritually growing and impacting this world for Christ (mentoring meetings, phone conversations, listening to their podcasts, reading their books and biographies). Remember, I rise or fall to the level of men I surround myself with! (Proverbs 27:17; 2 Timothy 2:22; Hebrews 10:24)

21. When feeling very tempted, do the following …

  • Look for the way of escape and completely flee the location where I’m being tempted. Get out of there—just like Joseph did. (1 Corinthians 10:13; Genesis 39:12)
  • Immediately contact my accountability partners for support and prayer. Don’t try to fight alone. (Ecclesiastes 4:12)
  • Quote Scripture Defense Verses out loud like 2 Timothy 2:22; 1 Thessalonians 4:3-5; and Job 31:1.
  • Out loud reclaim my new identity in Christ, reminding myself of who I now am in Him (New Creation, His Beloved, His Adopted Child, Ambassador of Christ, Temple of the Holy Spirit, etc.).

22. Continually identify anything in my life that causes/triggers me to sin, and completely amputate it out of my life. There must be separation from even the causes/triggers of sin. Remember, whatever causes/triggers me to sin, that thing to me is sin. Until I completely remove everything that causes me to sin, I cannot expect victory over sin! (Matthew 5:27-30; Romans 13:14; Galatians 5:9)

23. Keep myself well rested with adequate sleep and be especially on guard when I’m sick or spiritually rundown. During those times don’t isolate myself. Stay in Christian community. (1 Timothy 4:16)

24. Do not spend much time home alone. When I’m home alone and feel the slightest temptation, flee! Go to a public place (coffee shop, library, park, gym, church office, etc.). (1 Corinthians 10:13; Genesis 39:12; 2 Timothy 2:22)

25. Continually keep myself focused on the specific mission/purpose/calling that God has given me, and go fulfill it. (Matthew 5:13-16; Ezra 7:10; 1 Timothy 4:16

26. Often take time to enjoy the good pleasures that God has given me, like spending time with good friends, date nights with my wife, read a good book, watch a good movie, go kayaking or hiking or mountain biking, etc. Instead of focusing on all the “thou shalt nots,” enjoy the many good gifts my Heavenly Father has given me. (James 1:17)

27. Always remember, this is a one-day-at-a-time battle. Just focus on winning the battle today. Don’t worry about tomorrow. “Victory is won not in miles but in inches. Win a little now, hold your ground, and later win a little more.” – Louis L’Amour (Matthew 6:34)

28. Continually remind myself that in Christ, there is nothing I can do to make my Heavenly Father love me more, and nothing I have done to make Him love me less. Let that absolute truth motivate me to a life of holiness. (Romans 5:8; 8:37-39; Galatians 2:20)

jason georgeJason George is the Founder and President of Narrowtrail Ministries. He’s an itinerant evangelist and teacher who speaks at churches, camps, conferences, schools, etc. He and his wife have been married for over twenty years and have three children. Jason utilizes Covenant Eyes Accountability Software on all of his computers and his iPhone. Jason also produces a weekly podcast called, “THE GRIZ PODCAST,“and it’s all about helping boys become men and helping men become better men. It’s available on iTunes.

Follow Jason on Twitter or contact him by e-mail.






  • Comments on: My Personal Purity Battle Plan: 28 Things I Try to Never Forget
    1. I don’t think a battle against pornography is one that can be won. The real battle is with lust. If we eliminate porn but still lust, what have we gained? Once lust is understood and crucified all kinds of acting out goes away including pornography use. This has been my experience. Jim Vander Spek overcoming-lust.com

      • Jim,

        I understand and agree. Thanks for your feedback.


      • Denis

        Thank you Man U had a lot of good stuff in that article, know I hopefully I can put that in to my life.


      • Sunil

        Exactly !
        We have to overcome Lust.

      • Joe

        I don’t think the battle will ever be won. I been fighting it for years with no real results. Sometimes I just want to give up.

      • Kay Bruner

        Sounds to me like you might be caught in a shame cycle. Please don’t give up!

      • Mark

        Excellent advice all around. Lust usually starts in the mind, so yes, triggers are huge.No wonder scripture tells us to guard our hearts, and we need to be ” transformed by the renewing of our minds.” Romans 12:2

      • Bramom Gillis

        This is a battle I am facing right now and I know I have to protect my eye gates and ear gates thanks for shining light on darkness

      • Phil

        Hi Jason,

        Great list and an awesome way to focus back on what matters: serving Jesus and living for His glory. I did have a small issue with #17 however: “Do not touch females other than my wife and daughters. Only a side hug is appropriate for other females.”
        Honestly, even for a Conservative leaning Christian such as myself, this seems overboard and borderline legalistic. Hugs were never meant to be sexual. I suppose if it causes you to stumble (Romans 14 ;-) ), you should not do so, but I cannot empathize on this level. Hugs to me are the equivalent of the words, “I love you brother/sister in Christ.” Hugs are only even meant to me uplifting, encouraging, and comforting — NOT sexual.
        Take European customs for example… they kiss each other on the cheek to greet, the same as we hugs here in North America. The kiss is nothing but a greeting; they’re not making out and exploding with lust.

        Anyway, my own two cents. I just don’t like the idea of legalism to fight lust. Legalism doesn’t solve the root issue, heart change does.

      • My wife tried to take responsibility for my porn addiction. I told this started when I picked up my first copy of playboy in the 70’s. It’s the same as an alcoholic. It’s a daily battle. Now she understands and is my accountability partner. At first I didn’t want to tell her. I’m glad I did. I even play audio bible readings when I’m in the shower. Christian music isn’t the same, God’s audible Word helps.

      • Ivam

        On touching females,being single and around a year into salvation I would get turned on by holding a women’s hand.

      • These are tremendously helpful boundaries and defensive measures to keep us away from the problematic behavior. I believe another piece is critically important. It may be implied here, but is worth stating explicitly. Movement away from the substance is only part of the healing journey. Sobriety can come without healing and that is a hard, frustrating, and even a legalistic place to live.

        Moving toward who can heal us is crucial. Another way to say this is we can take the bad out, but we must replace it with what is truly good and longed for. From this perspective, porn and lust are not the core of the problem, but a symptom of a deeper issue. The deeper issue in my experience is generally a wounded or broken part of us that is attached to a deep longing that is unsatisfied. Our deep core needs and longing as humans is for love, affection, affirmation, power, control, security and safety (things we had in the Garden w/ God). When we are disconnected from these, or they are distorted, we are going to pursue them someplace and somehow.

        The ultimate Source of fulfillment for our core needs is of course Christ. But often the wound is deep and the broken part may be very young and even very hidden. So I believe we must have a great deal of loving support to find the way to back to the Source.

        The healing place for addiction is intimacy with God. Not sexual intimacy of course, but soulful relational intimacy. We were made for this with Christ and others. Intimacy (in-to-me-you-see) is a journey into love. It is the vulnerable work of being seen, known for who we truly are – needy, weak and dependent people. And when we risk vulnerability, this reality and welcome God’s love and the love of others in community – healing happens. Vulnerably exposing our brokenness and wounds to the light and being met by the love brings us toward healing and wholeness.

        We are wounded in community, we are healed in community.

    2. James Lanier

      Hey Jason,

      I just wanted to thank you for your articles. I have been consistently encouraged by your first article–and now this one. I actually have them on the list of articles that I reread every few days or so.

      I thought you should know that you really are encouraging believers by your posts!

      • Thanks so much James. I’m fighting the fight with you man. One day at a time. His grace is sufficient.

      • ashar

        I am also with you all in this fight and we should be victorious someday.

      • Romeo

        Greetings, hearing your testimony or the things you’ve resolved to do just reminds me of 1Peter 5:8 Be sober! Be on the alert! Your adversary the Devil is prowling around like a roaring lion, looking for anyone he can devour.
        1Pe 5:9 Resist him, firm in the faith, knowing that the same sufferings are being experienced by your brothers in the world.
        I am in the cycle of “sin-guilt-shame-sorrow-confession-rededication-repeat”… after reading this article, I am remind ed as one who trusted in the finished work of Christ, this is a daily battle. I had stopped fighting and running away from the triggers, it somewhat felt like I was over “aputating”… but now I see that I (by the power of the Lord) should do all to stand!

        Resolved be transparent
        Resolved to repent of my repentance
        Resolved to pursue Christ in a fresh way, constant fellowship with Him

        I am soooo full of Hope, I covet your prayers as I pursue this goal of Honoring Christ.

        Thanku for your ministry

      • Matthew Jones

        Hey Joe Please check out pure life ministries and the book by Steve Gallagher called at the altar of sexual idolatry. I was addicted to drugs, porn and immorality for over 17 years and am now walking in freedom from the chains that bound me. God is even using me to help other men. Please do not give up God loves you and your victory is coming.

      • Chris McKenna

        You’re right, Matthew. It’s an awesome resource. We at CE are big fans of what is happening at Pure Life Ministries.


      • Jahdai Marquez

        The reality is you have to come to a point where u realize that you as a person are an addict to pornography and need to leave the place of secrecy and ask for help from those who love you and God. Remeber Paul said where ” Sin abounded, Grace abounded much more”. Amen

      • Dan

        Thanks for the great article and sharing some of your battles. I am going to share this with my sons and give them a way earlier start than I had. Also set up accountability with them.

      • William M. Lawrence

        Thank you so much, the list is really helpful.

    3. Mitch

      Thank you for this very helpful post, Jason. By God’s grace, I’ve been implementing these things, but this helps tremendously as a sort of “one-stop-shop” for reminders. I’ve printed it out to keep with other “pep talk” materials I keep with my devotional time materials. I recorded your Personal Purity Motivation and uploaded it to my phone’s iTunes so that I can listen to those motivators often. Again, many thanks.

    4. sam

      Thanks for your great teachings, kudos! and God bless you.

    5. Struggle

      Thank you for sharing Jason, I will use some of these to create my own Battle Plan.

    6. Courtney Chupp

      Thanks Jason for sharing this article and I struggle with porn hungry but you opened my eyes of what I should do to change. God bless you in this ministry!!

      • Courtney Chupp

        Sorry Jason I meant I struggle with pornography.

    7. Zanny

      God richly bless you for what you are doing. Your article has really enlightened my spirit and now am free from pornography .

    8. Wayne

      I still have a down days but my wife has been the best for staying on track,day seven.😗

    9. Abel

      Thankyou so much. I can identify with your story and everything you have shared. God bless you for sharing this!

    10. Yinka

      It’s a comforting thing to know you’re not alone. It’s also nice to know you can learn from others experience.
      Thanks Jason for your write ups and tips. Thank yo more for being humble enough to say you don’t have all the answers and, let readers know it’s all about Christ.
      The song by Dolly Patton readily comes to mind “one day at a time sweet Jesus. That’s all I’m asking from you. Lord help me TODAY, SHOW ME the way…”

      God bless you Jason.

    11. Nthazi

      Thank you. This article has broadened my chain of thought concerning the amount of cutting off I NEED to do. Been very helpful. 😃

    12. Chris

      This is very sound, helpful and constructive advice. I have become more and more convinced by my experience, however, that porn is a different sort of problem for a single, celibate, never been married man, than it is for a married man, such as the author of this article. There is a despair of not having a wife, a fear of never finding a wife, that add their own destructive dynamic to the problem. It can be extremely difficult during the holidays when intimacy and love and family are emphasized everywhere one turns. I’ve come to depend more on Christ, but that doesn’t make this problem go away.

      • Chris McKenna

        Hello, Chris – I absolutely agree. There is a strength to sexual temptation to the single person that is completely lost on those of us that are married. I’ve honestly thought that to myself multiple times, fearful of what my own sexual desires would do if I were not married. Thank you for being honest and keeping us honest by sharing your thoughts.

        Warmly, Chris

      • Olivia

        Dear Chris,

        I agree, this article is very informative and encouraging for those who are pursuing freedom from pornography. I, also, agree that the struggle with pornography is different when you are single, celibate, and never been married. But, that doesn’t mean it is impossible to remain pure in your mind. The methods used to remain pure just have to be implemented with more intensity because your sexual desires cannot be satisfied. Don’t despair. There is hope. Although I’m now married, I was single and celibate (and, a virgin) before then. I’d like to share some of my story to give you hope. I struggled with porn when I was a child and the Lord freed me from that addiction. However, being free didn’t mean I never experienced temptation again, especially since I desired marriage. I did much of what is in this article to free me from porn and fight against its temptation. Renewing my mind was what helped me the most. I focused less on what I was missing from not being married and more on what I gained from being single. I had more time to serve others and do the things that I enjoyed. Another thing I did to renew my mind was that I stopped watching clean love stories and listening to clean music about romance. None of these things are inherently wrong, especially since I have high standards as to what I watch and listen to, but I realized they fed the despair I felt from not being married. Instead, when I fed the desire to serve the Lord while single, I spent less time in wondering if and when I would get married. Finally, when I’d experience moments of temptation, I’d remind myself that sex is designed to be shared by two people who are married to each other and not by one person to satisfy a craving. Now that I’ve been married for about 1 year and a half, I’ve seen the benefits in learning how to fight temptation to view porn. The temptation doesn’t go away once you’re married. I hope this was helpful. Continue to pray, renew you mind, read & quote scripture, and believe that the Lord will help you. “No temptation has seized you except what is common to man. And God is faithful; he will not let you be tempted beyond what you can bear. But when you are tempted, he will also provide a way out so that you can stand up under it.” (1 Corinthians 10:13 – NIV)

    13. Michael

      I’m struggling with pornography, i feel encouraged to stop from reading this article and knowing that I’m not alone. I’ve prayed and prayed and see god has led me to this article, just want to say thank you

      • Andre Adolphe

        It’s been just over a year since you wrote saying that you were having problems with porn. I wonder how you are going today.
        My personal experience is that the devil has a lot to do with porn watching.
        I had to have a deliverance . My filter is working. So no porn on my phone anymore.
        The good Lord in is Love and Mercy has healed me.
        Knowing how dreadful this problem is, I now pray for my brothers and sisters who are going through hard times and I also pray for those in the porn industry.
        One thing is for sure, if one is really trying to beat this dreadful addiction, through the grace of God it will happen.

    14. Jay D Humphreys

      I’m on day 12 of the 40 day challenge. I’ve had some set backs but still plugging by His Grace!

    15. First of all I thank God and our Lord Jesus for Loving me so much in leading to find this article. I thank all of you who have opened up about your struggle with sexual sin for their is strength in numbers. I must say this that weather you are single or married the way to freedom is the same. We must all follow the ultimate example and that is Jesus. The number one thing he always did before any task set before him was PRAY. Luke 18-1, Phili 4:6-7. Yes I know as long as we are in this flesh we will never be totally free from the influence of sin. But are goal is to Sin Less. We all have to take steps to help us fight against the desire to sin but without Prayer and the guidance of the Holy Spirit we will fail. May Lord continue to lead and guide us on this journey. God Bless you all!

    16. Marvin

      I have stopped saying to myself that this battle can’t be won. I keep trusting and obeying God in everyday and encouraging myself with the helpful articles posted by authors of covenant eyes and other christian blogs.I stumble sometimes but I’m better now than before. Thanks Mr Jason. God help us all.

    17. Hannah

      Hello, I’ve come to this article through a Bible Reading plan on the You Version Bible app. Thank you very much for this!

      As a female, I’d like to remind people that pornography is, perhaps increasingly a problem for women and young girls too. Please pray for us as well as the ministry for freedom from pornography for females.

      On the thought of touching or not touching women, since many people here seemed concerned : aye, we don’t want legalism and religiousness with these things in Christ, but we each have our own limits and boundaries. God never said not to touch women in the Bible explicitly, but he said to flee from temptation—so how can we know where the line is?

      The safer the better.

      I can tell you that when I met a classmate who simply wouldn’t hug girls, I did not think of it as legalism or over-board. I saw a man who feared God and would not let his guard down, and was a man of principles despite the un-conventional nature. As a female I felt very safe knowing my Christian friends have very so called ‘conservative’ boundaries with touching, spending time alone etc. In fact, sometimes I wish all of my friends were more like that.
      At the same time when I saw male Christian classmates hugging girls, I didn’t see them as immoral or anything, they have their own beliefs—but sometimes I think those beliefs are lack of certain beliefs. Between the two type of classmates, I prefer to be around those who are more careful.

      Let me say one more thing, as a daughter of a pastor, I would never like to see my father embrace another woman than my mother, and his own family.

      It is not only a matter or “wether or not I will be tempted”, but also a decision that shows, as Christians we are careful, extra-extra careful, for we fear a God who is holy, and therefore we strive to be holy in every small detail.

      At the same time, please don’t be afraid to tell girls who try to hug you or touch you unnecessarily a simple “please don’t”.

      If you’re worried about alienating them, don’t worry. And besides, to believe in Christ sometimes we are asking to be alienated.

      All the best!

      • Jerry D. Coleman

        Hannah, thanks for your insight, with my addiction to ponography/lust it has lead me down dark roads and twisting Love/Respect for Women of all ages, but for some time now, i am on a road of recovery and that will be for the rest of my life, to get back to what i was thanking about your comment on hugs to another Woman, for me i shouldn’t because it is a trigger for me yet i don’t want to be rude.
        Thanks for sharing your thoughts.!.!.!.

    18. JM

      Now I decide to talk to my leader, who has been my prayer and accountability partner. I have hidden lots of secrets from him until time came when I am no longer opening my life and struggles to him.

      Thank you very much Lord for this article. I want to live a guilt-free life. I want freedom! Brothers and sister, please pray for me too. I need you in this very moment. 😭

    19. Justin

      Thank you for this article it helps me lot and god bless you

    20. Gil

      Until my addiction came to light I was always in the shame cycle. Trying to rebuild marriage and trust now. Thanks for all the info. God Bless!!

    21. Suzie

      Thank you, Jason, for this article !! I appreciate the wisdom that I can use as I struggle with pornography as well. I enjoyed that there were Bible verses with each point.

      This article is intended for men but we need to remember that sin does not discriminate gender. Women struggle with pornography just as much as men do and we need to address it and not isolate women.

    22. Guillermon

      I was around 8 to 9 years old when it all started when a cousin of mine told me to masturbate. Then 11 to 12 years went by to a point that I was already so into my lustful desires that nothing I had been watching could satisfy me anymore. I had seen enough to know I was very messed up in my head and soul. It was at 21 when I gave my life to Jesus and I can say it has not been easy but for everyone that that may see this that I write today, let me tell you- there is light at the end of the tunnel. what worked for me was Prayer, lots of Fasting, reading of the word and repeat again. I started reading the 40 day devotional, helping now a young boy from church and I’ve been happily married to my wife for 2 years and expecting our first child soon. God has better for all of us if we stay faithful to him. I encourage you and
      Anyone out there you’re not alone and you will get out no matter how deep you may have fallen into this pit.


    23. Timothy Wesley

      Hello brothers and sisters. I love this article. I started reading a 40 Day plan on YouVersion and now I’m on Day 6. I am a Christian and I’m also currently recovering from Pornography and still battling it one day at a time. I would like to say thank you for the encouragement that you all provided here. I would like to ask something, what if you like all types of genres of music and u can’t just listen to one genre, would that still consider bad?? The reason why i asked is because i listen to Gospel, Christian Rap, Smooth/Contemporary Jazz, Oldies, old school hip hop, Rock, Country, blues and Zydeco. And i truly understand about hugging no other woman/man beside your wife/husband, but what if you have friends of the family and u in family that does hugs at greetings, would that be hard?? Again thank you all for everything, i will pray to our Lord & Savior that he will give us strength for our short comings. And you all be blessed.

      • Joey

        I’m battling right there with ya brother!

    24. Lou Espino

      I’ve just read your (Personal Pyrity Battle Plan #28), I am so blessed to have read this! To be able to have these verse’s at your side to combat the spiritual warfare that is ever present is the armour that we need to battle the evil one. I’ve been battling sexual lust for over 50 years! I finally submitted to Christ at the alter and confessed to my brothers in Christ of my battle with lust, and how I felt a heavy burden was lifted off my shoulders. My pastor told me about Covenant Eyes, so I’am doing the 40 days plan, what a blessing it has been. I know I have a long road ahead of me, but with support of my pastor and accountability partners and a loving wife and most of all having Jesus as my Lord and Savior. Go Bless You !!! Your Brother In Christ Lou.

    25. Markus Gaines

      Joe, I understand your feelings, believe me ive had the same doubts that’s why sometimes i just succumbed to it, but now i decide to actually fight back since my ideas have always failed, the most ive gotten away was for 8 days, but i belive that ALL battles can be won it just takes time, my grandmother taught me this: “God is the clay master, and we are the clay, He will not stop till we are perfect, if we are a mess, then the clay master fixes it” Dont give up, we can fight this

    26. On number 19 I also make it a point to prepare for the battle when I am away. One way I have learned to do this is to write purity scriptures ahead on time on note cards and place them in my pocket. Learned that for Stephen Cervantes(40 days of Purity)… In the heat of battle pull them out and use them as weapon to help my mind refocus. In my past before going on this trips my mind would make plans on how to act out. Now I spend that time preparing to combat that instead of planing for it. Trips to prepare for can also be with your spouse such as trips to beach, pool, amusement parks…Prepare…Prepare…Prepare for success
      Thanks so much for this list I am refreshing my daily battle plan because I have been slipping lately. This has been very helpful.

    27. Diana Solano

      I have been struggling with pornography since 3 years ago. This year I confessed this sin to God and to my pastor and we started together a process of repentance and restoration. When I read the list you posted I realized that I started to apply most of the steps you advise. For instance, I deactivated my twitter account permanently, because it offered a lot of sensitive material and it was easy to access to it. I’ve been porn-free for many months. It is not easy. I want that everyone who reads this comment, knows that It’s difficult, no matter if you’re a man or a woman. I’m a woman who was porn addicted, despite being raised as Christian since I was a child. I lost privileges to serve in my local church while being in the process of restoration, and the experience was so painful.

      It’s also important to note in the list that we are not perfect. Sometimes we couldn’t go forward in the process, because we think God is going to help those who are clean or haven’t sinned as bad as us. But that’s not true. Jesus Christ came to this world to call sinners to repent from their evil ways. Remember that doctors do not treat people who are healthy.

      We can’t be restored if we decide to walk alone. We need an accountability partner. And moreover, We need to depend on God completely. Being connected to Him, reading His word and obeying Him, no matter the cost.

      Don’t give up. The race hasn’t finished yet and God will finish the perfect work He started in you.



    28. Etima

      This is very useful to me as a teen mentor with teenagers (especially boys) battling with porn.

      God bless you sir. More Grace.

    29. christopher brown

      A friend in my men’s group, who will probably wind up being one of my accountability partners, sent me this link and I just read your Personal Purity Battle Plan about 20 minutes ago. I like your ideas a lot and will be trying most of them soon.
      I do have my own twist on your morning consecrational disciplines, which might help some of your readers:
      Earlier this year I decided to adopt the Jewish model of measuring my days evening to evening instead of the usual Western model of morning to morning. This makes preparation for bed the beginning of my day, not the end, and a good night’s sleep the foundation on which the daytime activities are built. I started this because I have a number of sleep disorders and I wanted to go to sleep explicitly being in the Lord’s presence.
      A practical benefit is that my battleground of lust and temptation is in bed (I’m single, which has something to do with it), so if I can awaken with a clean conscience the active part of my day is so much better.
      I do re consecrate myself upon arising but the major consecration is at bed time. I have not yet installed Covenant Eyes but I am going to try it. Not that the internet doesn’t present its own set of problems, but my main fuel for lust is the library in my head of pornographic images and stories I have stored up over the years. There are triggers in the internal realm the same as there are triggers in the external realm; I am trying to learn to understand them so I can battle them.
      Anyway, that’s my two cents.

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