Full Interview with Shelley Lubben

Recently I had the privilege of conversing with ex-porn star Shelley Lubben. In a culture where porn is popular and sexual media is rampant, Shelley stands as powerful voice of reason. No one shatters the illusion created by pornography the way Shelley does. Most importantly, Shelley gives the sexually broken what they truly need: a passionate call to embrace Jesus Christ.

Click on the links below to hear the interview. Please note: The subject matter is not suitable for some audiences due to graphic descriptions of sexuality and violence. Listener discretion is advised.

  • Part 1 (19:35) – Shelley talks about her experiences as a porn star, how she got involved in pornography, the abuses she suffered, and how women and men are abused in the same ways in today’s porn industry.
  • Part 2 (20:23) – Shelley speaks to parents about their role in protecting their kids from the influences of pornography and a hyper-sexualized culture.
  • Part 3 (21:26) – Shelley speaks to about how she believes pornography is a form of sex slavery and how she is working to make pornography production illegal in the state of California.
  • Part 4 (16:40) – Shelley she speaks directly to the church about the importance of speaking out against the evils of the porn industry. She also issues a powerful call to men in the church to have not even a hint of sexual immorality in their lives.
  • Full Interview (1:09:34)