Porn and Your Husband

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Did you catch your husband watching porn? Learn the answers to common questions, tips to productive conversations, steps to setting boundaries, and how to determine the next steps for your marriage.

8 thoughts on “How to Restore Your Self-Worth After Competing with Pixels

  1. My hubby has been 3 years “sober”. He’s stopped choosing porn yet still chooses his female friends and not me. I thought that if he gave up porn (a 50 year habit), he’d choose me. Nope. He just doesn’t enjoy physical intimacy with me and doesn’t want to talk about it.

    • It sounds like your husband isn’t really sober, just that he’s found a new way to feed his addiction. In old-time 12-step circles, that’s called being a “dry drunk.” True recovery means that your husband should be able to build emotional trust with you. If he’s not emotionally trustworthy with you, then I would say that the lack of physical intimacy is simply a symptom of the problem that still exists for him. It sounds to me like he’s still using some kind of relationship with other women to meet his emotional needs, just like he did with porn. And in that case, I would consider what boundaries would be appropriate given the reality of your situation. Here, here, and here are some articles that might help you think that through. Peace to you, Kay

  2. I would like to put a biblical twist on this author’s excellent article on self-worth. Who am I? I am a child of God who has been redeemed, restored and forgiven in Jesus Christ. When I get defensive I say, “I know whom I have believed and I am persuaded that He is able.” When I get timid I say, “If God is for me, who can be against me?” When I get fearful I say, “The Lord is with me at all times; I have no need to fear.” When I feel inadequate I say, “Not that we are sufficient of ourselves to think anything of ourselves; but our sufficiency is of God in Christ.” When a low self-image comes over me I say, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” The redeemed of the Lord are to say what He says about us. When I feel weak I say, “I am strong.” There is nothing inferior about me because I am a new creation in Christ Jesus. In spite of my past experiences, “I am strong.” This is the language of faith, the language of victory! “Let the redeemed of the Lord say so!”

    • Well written Stephen. That is the most positive advice I have read here. I am a child of God fearfully and wonderfully made. These are positive thoughts I need to focus on. Through His help I will overcome this trial He has allowed in my life. A counselor friend has helped my husband come back to the Lord.
      I would not allow myself to give up. What seemed so bad has been deemed for good.

    • Hi Charity,

      Well, HE rebuilds the trust. The person who broke the trust rebuilds the trust by trustworthy behavior over time. He gets his internet filtered, blocked, and accounted for. He goes to therapy. He goes to group. He has actual human beings that he talks to when he fails–not just you. He reads books about his problem and seeks to understand it. He takes the initiative, and he keeps taking it throughout the process of recovery. He’ll be doing all those things without a lot of pushing and shoving from you.

      Aside from those kinds of behavioral trust-building behaviors, he will be emotionally trustworthy. He will care about how you feel. He will make time to listen. He will not shame or blame you for your emotions. He will be patient with your process.

      Here’s an article I wrote a while back about those two kinds of trust. Hope it helps you evaluate how things are going.

      If he’s not trustworthy in both areas, then consider what healthy boundaries will look like for you: here, here, and here are some articles.

      You might also appreciate the online resources at Bloom for Women.

      Peace to you,

  3. Dear sisters who feel low self worth. I am in no way judging or belittling your circumstances, as I too have many shortcomings in this regard, but I think these experiences are a wake up call to get our love, confirmation, purpose of life, whatever it is we need from only God, the Creator. It doesn’t say anything about you at all what other people do, how they behave, even what they think of you. People will betray you, so it’s not the right place to put our hearts. It’s also not gonna lead to us truly being compassionate. Because if we’re only treating others good desiring some good treatment ourselves then it’s not really giving anything at all. It’s being dependent on others. Truly loving someone is loving someone despite their stupidity and unfair treatment of you. Though in a marital relation ofcourse that shouldn’t be tolerated out of wisdom. There should indeed be clear expectations of fidelity in a relationship. BUT all I’m saying is our spirit’s eyes really need to look elsewhere. God has always existed and He is All Knowing. He has always known about you specifically, your name, your person, your true self. He created you. He gave you eternal life. How could you then place your dependence on anyone else for feeling worth it? Rather the one who is mistreating you in a relationship, you should feel sorry for them that they are looking in the wrong place, and lead by example. May God guide you and lead you to all success in this world and the next.

    • Thanks for this perspective! I agree with you that finding our true value will lead us into healthy behaviors. Rather than looking to another person to define our value and worth, we can accept our inherent worth and then make choices that reflect who we truly are: GOOD BOUNDARIES! We love those around here! Here, here, and here are some articles on how good boundaries can reflect our inherent worth.

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