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Jon Snyder is the author of the Mighty Man Manual and founder of Mighty Man Ministries. After battling with lust and pornography since childhood and trying everything under the sun to quit, it was a unique encounter with the love of God and its subsequent lessons that began to unravel a lifetime of bondage and bring about true freedom. Jon now sees these same lessons radically set men free world-over.

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Your Brain on Porn

Parenting the Internet Generation Ebook Cover

Watching just 5 hours of porn has been proven to significantly change people's sexual beliefs and attitudes. Find out 5 distinct ways that porn warps your brain, as well as 5 biblical ways to renew your mind and find freedom.

3 thoughts on “What Happens When Lust Trains Your Soul

  1. Thanks for the useful information in order to overcome my addiction.
    I am struggling but with this article it just boost and incarage me not to give up and to move on in order to achieve my goal in life as what God planned for me
    Thank you

  2. I appreciate your insight on this subject. I too has been a man who believed many of the devil’s lies regarding lust, sex, pornography. I have been married for many years without experiencing the meaning of true love fulfilment. I have been very selfish. I want to love my wife without lust, will you pray for me and my wife and that our marriage may be healed. I am thankful to God for helping me in the fight against pornography. To date I have been free of looking at pornography about 4 months. It has not been easy, but I continue trusting in God’s sustaining Grace, His power and His strength to make me free from the slavery of the devil’s strongholds of lust, selfishness and idolatry.
    “Greater is He who is in us than he that is in the world”.

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