Porn and Your Husband

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Did you catch your husband watching porn? Learn the answers to common questions, tips to productive conversations, steps to setting boundaries, and how to determine the next steps for your marriage.

5 thoughts on “Are you a prisoner to unforgiveness?

  1. It’s quite a drag to not forgive. It kinda makes a person doubtful to others and can’t socialize well. It also affects work by not doing a good performance.

  2. While I agree with the fact that we need to forgive, I think that too many Believers are beating victims of other people’s harmful intentions over the head and I believe that is worse. Sin taints the very spirit and the life of a person that has been victimized by another’s selfishness. Before we dole out mercy for others we need to realize most abusers could care less whether they are forgiven or not.
    It’s true in the Church and outside its walls.
    Let’s not hold the victimized to a higher standard than their abusers. Forgiveness does set people free, but the scars remain. Forgiveness is an act they will have to lean on God for every time they face unfair losses.
    Call those who are within the Church to confess their wrong. If they have sinned against another, they need to make it right. That’s also biblical. God does not allow the Guilty off the hook. They will be called to give an account for the harm they caused another person.
    Stop with the excuses for bad behavior. Weep with those who weep and help them carry their burdens and stop pressuring and guilting people when they are already broken and bruised. Where Church is Your Mercy? What about accountability? Where are the boundaries to protect the innocent from those within the Church who are Wolves in sheep clothing?
    I can’t wait for the Next Article to address people confessing their sins to be forgiven because they sinned against an innocent person. You don’t blame the victim right out, but I can tell a blame shift when I read one.

  3. I think one has to detach emotionally before forgiveness can happen whether you stay or separate. We’ve been separated in the home for 2 and a half years and I’m just working on myself.

    I read one women’s story and it took her 15 years for her to forgive her husband who slept with a prostitute.

    It takes TIME and that doesn’t mean you have to TRUST.

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