Coming Clean

Parenting the Internet Generation Ebook Cover

It’s easy for accountability relationships to fail. Learn how to get it right. Take your Accountability partnership to the next level. Read Coming Clean and introduce it to your Accountability Partner.

3 thoughts on “5 Free Resources Every Accountability Partner Should Have

  1. My partner is tech-savvy. I know if there is a way he can get around the filters in a moment of weakness, he might. Can my partner just keep creating other e-mail accounts, bypass filters, etc?
    Please advise.

    • If you’re concerned about him circumventing Covenant Eyes, one of the best things you can do is to talk to him and give yourself administration rights over his account, then lock down his ability to uninstall Covenant Eyes. Our customer support team will be able to help you out…just give them a call toll-free at 877.479.1119. (You’ll need the current Account Administrator to call and give you admin rights, of course.)

      When you look at his Report, if you notice that his Reports show no activity at unusual times, you may want to ask him about it. If he uses our Android app and you notice another browser has been used, ask him about that as well. Any of these things can be used as points of conversation to help encourage him as he works his way toward freedom.

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