2 thoughts on “Christian Accountability: 3 Reasons Married Couples Use Covenant Eyes

  1. Don’t discount the fact that families use Covenant Eyes for wives’ use of porn as well. By only mentioning the men, you are reinforcing the unspoken message that only men struggle with this, which only adds to the shame that Christian women feel when they DO struggle.

    • I only mentioned the men because those were the ones who were willing to share their testimonies on film (as far as Covenant Eyes goes). We have a whole category on our blog dedicated to women and porn addiction. One of our regular authors is a women who runs a ministry for other ladies struggling with lust. We have featured video testimonies from women (here and here). We’ve also hosted an hour-long webinar on this topic, and another webinar that spoke to both women and men.

      My point is we are certainly not trying to be silent about this issue. When we write to the issue of husbands who use pornography, it is not to alienate the wives who struggle with it, but to deal with husbands specifically. It is similar when we write articles for women who struggle with porn: we don’t do it to alienate the men, but to single out the resources that will be helpful specifically for women.

      I hope the links above are helpful to you, Tina.

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