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    • Please develop filtering for Kindle fire! The accountability and filtering apps would make a great combination. Thank you so much!

    • it seems any easy loophole on the kindle fire is to reset the device, thus removing the cov eyes app without an uninstall code. Does the app alert acct partners if this has been done? if not will an updated version in the near future do so? also, will filtering become
      available for the kindle soon?

    • When the app is reinstalled—which presumably would happen to avoid detection—we would report the install. So if a partner saw frequent installs of the same app that should arouse suspicion.

    • How soon do you think it will be before filtering will work on the Kindle Fire? I love that the app on the Kindle Fire works like it does on a PC in that it actually monitors all the apps instead of having to lockout the native browser like on the iphone or ipad.

    • We’re still aways off with filtering on Kindle Fire. We’ll let you know when there are developments.

      I’m glad you like the way the app works. Just for clarification: we monitor the URLS on the browser. We also monitor which apps are used, but we don’t monitor the activity on those apps (such as, what they access).

    • Does covenant eyes monitor amazon movies on the kindle fire hd? It has those lists when turned on to scroll through: recent, apps, games, movies… on movies u can open the App Store to view movies on amazon & are those monitored as well as watch trailers?

    • Hi, Mike – we have some limited insight into apps activity on Android-based devices like the Kindle. I’m not specifically sure about Amazon Movies. Can you please contact customer service at 877-479-1119? One of them can help you with this good question.


    • Our app only monitors the websites visited on the stock browser. The app also monitors when other apps are used, but it does not indicate how they are being used.

  1. Does this Covenant Eyes for Kindle Fire monitor exactly what words I type into my YouTube? e.g. basketball

    Or does it just show when I used You Tube?


    • Covenant Eyes only monitors the stock browser on a device (the websites visited) and then monitors how long each app is used each day (not what is accessed on those apps). For maximum accountability, the best choice is to match up Covenant Eyes with a free app like App Lock and then allow your Accountability Partner to lock down apps that might be problem.

    • The filter is not available on the Kindle or any Android device. OUr filter is for Windows, Mac, iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Filters for other devices are currently in development. The Accountability service works on the Kindle, however.

    • Our QA department has not tested the app on the HDX, so we cannot say for certain if it will work properly or not. Also, our Customer Service team has has not been trained on the HDX, so we don’t know if we could support you if you do install it on the device. We will know more when we are able to
      test an HDX. Hope this helps.

    • The software does not seem compatible with kindle fire hdx, it seems to only work for kindle fire and kindle fire hd. When will this be fixed? Thanks

    • We actually have a version in testing that will be compatible with the Kindle Fire HDX. We hope to release it soon.

  2. I tried to install this on the kindle hdx and the message I received was “to access this linked file it must first be downloaded to your device. I clicked ok and it said it downloaded but how to I make sure it’s on the device. I’m tech illiterate!

  3. it seems like the app can be removed or uninstalled from the device by simply selecting “remove from device” on the kindle home menu. any way this can be fixed?

  4. I have an amazonkindle tablet; Version Kindle 3.4.2 (2687240004). I don’t know if Covenant Eyes will download to this item. I’m a “newbie” for Kindle things, not sure what a KindleFire is. Thanks for your patience.

    • Hello John,

      I do apologize for the late response. If you are still need assistance installing Covenant Eyes onto your Kindle this link will walk you through the installation process. If you have any difficulty feel free to call our Customer Support team at 877.479.1119

    • Hello Matt,

      Thank you for your question. Covenant Eyes should monitor any activity that takes place within the Silk browser. If the report is showing no activity the first thing you can do is make sure you’re running the latest version of our app for the Kindle. The latest version is, you can update through the Amazon App store located directly on the Kindle. If you are running the latest version you can try uninstalling and reinstalling the application. It is possible that there was a hiccup during the initial install and could be why there is no activity being reported. If these steps still do not resolve the issue please contact our Customer Service at your earliest convenience, 877.479.1119, and we would be more than happy to assist you.

      Best regards,

  5. Hi, I have Kindle Fire’s and have blocked apps like Silk (browser) and Amazon Video.

    It is still allowing search results to come up (via bing) and only blocks the browser app if you click on a search result.

    Amazon Video (from VIDEO) at the top, is only blocked by the settings in the parental controls. If I click on the Amazon Video App, it is blocked, but I can watch amazon videos from the Video menu item at the top.

    • Hi, Kenneth – if you enable “Password Protection” in the Parental Controls, it should remove the “VIDEO” option from the menu on the Home screen. Try that and let me know if you’re successful?

      Regards, Chris

    • Hi, Carole – we monitor Kindle, but we don’t filter. And, yes, I believe it’s “off the table.” In fact, I don’t know anyone that filters Silk on Kindle, so you need to use someone who can install a filtered browser on the Kindle, like Mobicip (who does a great job).


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