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22 thoughts on “Internet Accountability for Teens: 5 Things to Do if They Push Back

  1. Thank you for this excellent article! I often have parents asking this question of how to regain that accountability they feel they’ve lost as their kids became more independent. You’ve compiled some very practical suggestions.

  2. Accountability is very good but it is easy to bypass covenant eyes on IPhones and other mobile devices. It would be great if covenant eyes or any other company could fix it were they can’t be bypassed.

    • Do you have another person lock down Safari and other apps with a passcode? That is the only solution Apple has really left us with, but it works really well for many people.

  3. Parents should also be open to all the family in their use of the Internet . I need to be aware that viewing pornography makes me a participant in the abuse to which people allow their bodies and characters to be subjected , and we don’t really want to be part of that bondage. The habit can easily become an idol in the life of a Christian, saying, in effect, that Jesus is not all I need to meet the deepest longings of my heart. The good news is that He forgives and restores the broken and contrite heart….to-day !

  4. Thanks for this great article.

    What do you suggest about a child who constantly finds ways to get on line away from our family systems (friends’ computers)?

    • Hi Lynne. I agree your child is only as safe as his or her best friend’s home. This is key for parents to understand: Internet integrity is something whole groups of families need to be concerned about. “It takes a village…” as they say.

      What to do: If there is a particular place where the child has Internet access fairly regularly, take some major steps to ensure they are monitored or limited. If it is a friend’s home, talk to the parents and see what can be done to mutually benefit the kids. These solutions might include more passwords, filters, or the other family getting Covenant Eyes to monitor what is going on. If those parents are unwilling, perhaps it is best to limit the child’s access to that person’s home. This may seem radical, but when you are concerned about these issues, something radical may be called for.

    • Lynne, without sin, we have no need for a savior. God gives us as parents a privilege to guide and protect his (our) Children for a time. But he expects us to prepare them for the day where we will no longer be their shield, and their comfort. Only the Lord can be that for them, forever.
      Set a good example, pray HARD for your kids, be open, spend time with them, love them. And know that, even with all of that, they will sin. In fact, they NEED to have a moment where they stop seeing sin as an ‘accident’ or a ‘mistake’ and take responsibility. Only at that moment will they truly understand what it means to have Jesus as a savior.
      Jesus said, it’s not those who are well who need a physician. The people coming to him really were prostitutes, thieves, murderers, liars, cheats….And they knew it. That’s what allowed them to see him so clearly as their only way out.
      Be encouraged! He loves them more than you do (impossible to imagine, but true)!

  5. Thank you so much for this great article! I have kids not yet in their teens, but I am glad that I have a bit of a heads up for some great conversations for the future! Blessings!

  6. These are great tactics, but I wonder if they went about it in the wrong direction.

    We told our teens that we were installing CE on our pc’s because we wanted to prevent porn from “accidentally” popping up on our screens. Frankly, I just don’t want to see it. We let them know this was to protect our family from real dangers out there on the internet. It wasn’t because we didn’t trust them or ourselves to stay away from it. It’s the world we don’t trust! Often, if we don’t barricade ourselves against nastiness it will find it’s way in… CE is our internet barricade. (We have our sensitivity set to youth.)

    • As far as Filtering goes, you are right. The filter is a great first line of defense against accidental exposure. But these parents were specifically wanting accountability for the sake of having discussions about online issues. The Accountability Reports are what provide parents with fuel for those conversations.

  7. Our favorite solution…and I have tried many for both myself and my kids…is It filters at the modem and wireless router level as opposed to installing software. AND IT”S FREE!

    The key for myself is….I don’t have the password. I have an accountibility partner that can log into the internet in a whole other state in the event I need a specific site blocked or unblocked. Otherwise, it does a great job blocking categories you select.

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