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88 thoughts on “3 Biblical Strategies for Fighting Lust

    • True indeed. I come up against heavy lust attacks time and again. My flesh is too weak to fight. But thanks for the powerful message on how to combat lust and temptation. I need really need to practice living a victorious Christian life and that’s only possible by depending on God’s grace.

    • Being a good christian requires GODs word to be IN you…
      Afta abstainin 4 so long n pretendin to be a good a christian the spirit of lust overtook me n it bcame a habit of mastarbatin,watching porn n all kinds of lustiful things bt i thank GOD 4 wat he has done..
      Thanks for dis forum

    • These strategies are very enlightening. Currently I have a trigger… stress. I have found this out because of my current situation. I was recently diagnosed with heart disease, my beautiful wife is pregnant, friends have passed away, another killed his wife and due to my condition I am being medically discharged from the military. I have a family and I find myself praying for the next step or guidance to get there but I don’t see His plan. Long ago I had a port problem and it was like immediately I ran to it. Something I hadn’t done in years thought I was passed. I am fighting it now through scripture and the prayer. I still fall short but I repent and like now I am searching for verse that you gave me to memorize. His word will protect me from myself. As scared and apprehensive about the future I know God will take care of me. I feel everything I slip is my faith slipping as well. God bless and that kind you for your video and message. One episode has been nullified and more will be in the future from this post.

    • @Brett Barnes, I commend you for keeping the issue in the light, where it will have less control over you. Press on! And, as we march towards eternity, covered in the saving sacrifice of Jesus, know that God’s grace is fresh every day.


  1. Verses that the Lord has used to transform my thinking as of late comes from the ‘other’ Timothy, 5:1-2 to be exact.

    “Do not rebuke an older man, but encourage him as you would a father, younger men as brothers, older women as mothers, younger women as sisters, in all purity.”

    Morality isn’t the central theme here, but I think it goes hand in hand with encouraging everyone, believers AND unbelievers, to do the right thing. However, I wish to focus squarely on the “women…purity” aspect.

    I think a weapon that many (not just men) sadly fail to use in the war on lust is considering all human beings as members of their own family. When faced with temptation…the idea of using someone as a sexual object, why not realize that these people are mothers, daughters….fathers, sons….etc?

    Take it one step further. Consider how you would react if your OWN blood was presenting the members of their bodies as tools of unrighteousness? Let’s be frank; if you found out your mother, sister, daughter, etc, was engaged in pornographic behavior…wouldn’t that just be nauseating?

    We can use the same approach in our own battles. Men are the glory of God (1 Cor 11:7), but that doesn’t make everyone else any less created in His image as well.

    The main idea: don’t promote the unrighteous exploitation of God’s creations, and ultimately rob Him of His glory. Regardless of spiritual condition, love is to abound, and immorality does anything but. Don’t be deceived; God is not mocked. We will sow what we reap.

    • Agreed. A good point to remind us if we did everything out of true love for God, for others and for ourselves, we will fight off sins and win. I often forget that I myself am a created image of God. I am loved and it is grieving the Father to see me abused myself with sins.

    • I joined a web purity class a few years ago. I also was in counseling. These things did not work. I still have a problem with lust and I don’t understand how if I asked for prayer in this area and did these things why did I end up looking at porn? It’s not fair. I’ve been struggling with so many things & I used to try to fight it yet even tho I tried not to look at porn and Prayed w my aunt daily I still ended up looking at it. Please reply

    • Hi Leah,

      I know the feeling. It is terrible feeling out of control.

      When you say these things “didn’t work,” what do you mean? Do you mean you ended up looking at porn anyway? I think what is important is learning what progress in this area looks like. Victory in this area is not a “cure” where you no longer are tempted, no longer feel the urge, or never falling to temptation again. Victory is not “never struggling.” Victory is learning to hate your sin as sin (that is, as something offensive to God). Victory is in how quickly to run to the grace of God in the midst of the struggle (either while you are being tempted or after succumbing to temptation). Victory is pursuing accountability in your life and being honest and transparent with others. Victory is any instance where you said no where you might have said yes before (and hopefully doing that more and more as time goes).

      It is also important to remember that porn addiction is a lot like drug addiction. In fact, brain scans of porn addicts look a lot like the brains scans of alcoholics: there is a decreased ability in both brains to resist urges and make moral decisions. I say this not to discourage you but to encourage you. Just as an alcoholic has to go through a period of withdrawal (which admittedly feels terrible physically and emotionally), there is hope in knowing that your brain was created by God to rewire itself. Just in saying no to sin, you can know that in that moment you are training your brain. You can know that you are building a new habit. You can know that in time you will find the ability to more easily fight the craving.

      Don’t give up. God has given us means to fight this, and you’re already using some of those means. You are running to Him in prayer. You are talking with others about this.

      I recommend you watch these free videos by Brad Hambrick, a Christian counselor. They do a great job helping people peel away the layers of this problem to get to the root of them.

    • J. Sidlow Baxter wrote a very biblical, scholarly, and practical book on holiness: A NEW CALL TO HOLINESS. It is out of print now but I once found a pdf version free online. If anyone can find it would you please post a reply with a link? I once heard this dear man of God in person, speaking on this topic. He said “Don’t try to live a holy life. You’ll never do it. Live a holy minute. After that live another holy minute. Eventually you will find yourself living a holy life. But always focus on living a holy minute right now.” I think this is the best advice on the topic I ever heard. I recommend taking all these biblical pieces of advice and applying them one minute at a time. It has worked for me, but I also have failed, when I took my eyes off Christ. Live a holy minute my friends.

    • For all those who have full control of themselves you are special and have no need of a mate .if you don’..t .get married .so go and date but stay pure get to know the i.nner person first before you go discover the flesh why should you save yourself, simple if you do you never have to compare your mate to another.being in love is just a starting point., to knowing who’s inside.if you do get married be warned all works are Paul aside wished everyone was like him .but if you can’t control yourself get married. But not maybe but you will have trouble.give me trouble Paul.for I believe in a two fold cord tied up in love bound in faith can’t be broken .so go out , date, find someone your heart feels for, stay pured by faith in your pure actions see if you both.believe inJesus.the same.take some time to discover each other .you’ll know when it that game must stop.and it time to marry.

  2. we must be a full rounded christian so that we could fight the lust of this world. must be bounded to the word of God in our lives.

  3. being lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God, man that’s my struggle. i go along just fine for awhile then the urge comes along, ‘the lust mode’ creaps in, & i end up giving in instead of resisting. get my fix & i’m ok for awhile, until it starts all over again. what a vicious cycle

  4. huum, am in this situation! i really need help. i stop and go in again, stop and fail in again. this is only the challenges i have in my christian journey and am married

    • From Chris a fellow sojourner in the same problem, but recovering from same. From your name you will be a Nigerian. I am a Nigerian based in Lagos and would like to offer you content that will help. With respect to this and in addition with what you have on this blog you could visit Mary’s GirlGoneWise. The site offers useful video blogs relevant to women. An example is, but there are more.

      So please go check it out!

    • This is where I come in. I resist for a while but the resistance soon gets broken. It can be very frustrating at times. I love God sincerely but ths fire of lust is something else. It has led me into adultery and threatened my marriage a number of times. I really seriously need help.

  5. Let the word of God dwell in you richly in all wisdom; teaching and admonishing one another in psalms and hyms and spiritual songs, singing with grace in your hearts to the Lord. And whatsoever ye do in word or deed, do all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God and the Father by him. Colossians 3:16 – 17v

    • To Adilo: Im glad i saw a recent comment…I know that what Im dealing with as far as lust is concerned is that I had given into temptation with sum1 even after knowing that its wrong(i have the holy spirit as well) and i opened the doors to lust with that person. I BELIEVE the Holy Spirit is helping to combat b/c I have willing and repentful heart Now more than ever esp. since my sanity depends on my obedience to stop. I have stopped fornicating and committing adultery phys. Im curently renewing my mind on the thigs of Christ. Im running to Him before Satan takes me out…believers:pray for me, ill b prayin for yall and for the nonbelievers to start believing and to get on board with knowing that VICTORY IS POSSIBLE!!! Amen

  6. Thank GOD 4 MY LIFE.I feel and I KNOW STRONGLY THAT BY THY GRACE I WOULD BREAK FREE FROM PORN.Itz always tragic seeing myself watchin porn.After the deedz done.Then i feel sober.Bt NOT AGAIN WITH CHRIST

  7. My boyfriend and I have been struggling with this lately. We’re both in love with God and plan on getting married, but the temptation to push the boundaries is so forceful sometimes I feel like crying. So we’ve been praying together and talking to an older couple, and I think this strategy is really clear and helpful to keep in mind.

  8. Its actually a humility on God’s choosing to dwell inside a created being like us. Most atimes we do no know that God dwells inside of us. If only we know, we will live to please Him having personal consciousness that we are carrying the king of kings. May God help us. Amen

  9. Please my beloved ones i need your help.of a truth,am a Christian but two thorns that have been tormenting my life,which are:masturbation and pornographic pictures.please my fellow Christians,how can i practically go out of it?a solution.

    • If you want the urge to go away. It won’t if you want to do right control your heart and thoughts by stopping what your eyes bible says nothing about masturbation good or bad but it does say what he created was good.find a wife a help mate so you don’t burn with get looking be guided by faith and you church.

    • Please consider reading no fap dot org website which has a wealth of information on abstaining from masturbation and pornography.

  10. I know brothers and sister that we fall and fall over and over again but never give up never let this lustful wall block you from Christ, cause if you keep fighting sooner or later that wall will break and you’ll see the light of Christ on the other side you can get through it just keep at it and never ever fully give up!. “for though the righteous fall seven times, they rise again, but the wicked stumble when calamity strikes”- proverbs 24:16

    If you keep busy my brothers and sisters you won’t have time to lust even though there will be times when it will come back so that’s why you have to take peter’s words inconsideration “Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour”- 1 peter 5:8

    Bless you all your comment’s give me a refreshment to continue in my battle against lust and sin!

    • You are not alone.did you know that nearly 1000000 million people come to Christ every month and that the world’s population of 7000000000is equal to all the world’s .toall the world population. Sense Moses.more people are coming to Jesus than ever before. but that not much out if you7 billion. But it is impressive

  11. I thank God so much for this forum. I have really been struggling these past two weeks with lust. I have been practicing abstinece for some yrs and its been the fight of my life. Im just glad that I can come here and see that I am not the only one struggling to be a christian and do right. This has strengthened me more than I was.

  12. I really tnk God 4 dis forum of believing christians. I also v bin struggling with lusts since I gave my life 2 christ. I lead a reckless life b4 I genuinly surrendered 2 God,bt since den it has bin hitches here nd dere on ma journey 2 righteousness. Bt smetin’as bin appenin 2 me of late. Unlike b4,no relatnshp I try 2 go in2, wrks .its either she leaves or I do,whicheva way,it jst appens without any reasons. I nid an advice on what is really appenin.

  13. I seem not to get free from lust, each time a see a woman my heart goes for her. I have tried and talked to myself about changing and avoiding this behaviour but every time proves a challenge. Secondly, I usually have dreams of dreams of being in relationship with woman or seeing myself married to them. Please, how do i deal with this?

    • I think the first step is deciding what is temptation and what is sin. It isn’t sin to be tempted. It isn’t sin to desire sex. If a woman walks by and you notice you are attracted to her, don’t immediately rush to the place of shame as if you have done something wrong.

      A gentleman recently wrote his testimony on our blog about this. Here’s what he said:

      For most of my life, I felt as if my sex drive was in itself “broken”—as if it was fundamentally flawed and could never be pleasing to God. I must have prayed hundreds of things like this when tempted, “God, take away this desire… Cause me not to be tempted by this… The devil is running my sex drive,” and so on.

      What I was really doing was asking God to take away the sex drive that He put in me. Furthermore, by calling bad something that God made good for His purposes, I was perverting my nature, identifying with carnality and actually empowering the devil to run roughshod over my sexuality.

      You see, because I misunderstood my sex drive to be bad, in my heart I was already sinning before I had actually ever sinned. In my mind, I was already dirty before I actually got dirty. I was already alienated from God in my mind and identifying with the devil before I ever acted on my urges. My urges, then became a tool in the hand of the devil to convince me how dirty and unacceptable I was to God—thus stealing the identity of who I am in Christ.

      As far as the fantasies go, it is important to get these things under control. This sounds to me more like lust than just temptation. I highly recommend you read this article about reasons why men watch pornography. Just replace the word “porn” with your own romantic fantasies and I think you’ll find it helpful.

    • Try to remember what you thought of girls before when you were a child.we should have faith like a child and innocence in how we look at things

  14. I am not addicted to porn; I am addicted to lust. I have found lately that the overwhelming urge to have sex is eating away at my resolve. I’ve been celibate for three years, nine months and 26 days (yes, I’ve kept count). I am not in a relationship and I don’t even have any prospects. This is helpful only because I am not the type of person to have sex with just anyone. In other words, if you’re not my mate, then I won’t have sex. However, just recently, my list levels have creeped to an all-time high and I want sex badly. The only thing that I want more than the sex is to please and live for God. The problem is, and forgive me for the cliche, the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak. Please help

  15. Numbers 15:37 And the Lord spake unto Moses, saying, 38 Speak unto the children of Israel, and bid them that they make them fringes in the borders of their garments throughout their generations, and that they put upon the fringe of the borders a ribband of blue: 39 And it shall be unto you for a fringe, that ye may look upon it, and remember all the commandments of the Lord, and do them; and that ye seek not after your own heart and your own eyes, after which ye use to go a whoring: 40 That ye may remember, and do all my commandments, and be holy unto your God. 41 I am the Lord your God, which brought you out of the land of Egypt, to be your God: I am the Lord your God.

  16. I always find it difficult to overcome my lust and has been asking God for forgiveness all the time wen I get defeated by lust. please help me out to never go back to it again I feel God will not forgive me again this time cos I was just overcomed again

  17. I am married and battling lust.The fantasies and thoughts started long before I met my husband I’ve had them probably since middle school I always thought it was because I was curious about sex. But here I am five years into marriage and battling more than ever I even battle while sitting right next to my husband.I don’t struggle with porn but lust and fantasies sometimes it scares me because I find myself having inappropriate thoughts about people who are definitely off limits like married men and ministers even I try to flee look away or remove myself from their presence but I still will have thought about someone else soon after changing my attention. My husband Also deals with a pornography addiction that comes and goes…or so I’m told. I tried telling him the truth about one of my dreams once and he tried to comfort me but after that He always accuses me of having something for,that person whenever their name comes up so I haven’t really been telling him what’s going on with me because it causes him to be very insecure…please help!

    • What strikes me, as a counselor, is the aspect of “fantasy” and “dream” that comes out here, along with the fact that you remember it starting in middle school. I think that porn and sexual fantasy is so often an escape mechanism from stress or difficulty or pain. I wonder what relationships in the real world are like for you? Because I’ve found that the more we allow ourselves to be loved and nurtured in real life, the less we need a fantasy world of escape. Honestly, I think you’d probably do really well to explore that with a counselor. I like to recommend the American Association of Christian Counselors as a good place to find someone in your area. I applaud you for taking this seriously, and I’d just encourage you to consider what pain might be driving this long-term need for fantasy. Let me know what you think! Kay

  18. thank you for that comment ,im always in my own world and fantasy and your answer is making me realise that my real relationships with people are horrible ,i dnt have friends if i do i cant keep one …i think thats the problem …i feel rejected and love self pity im afraid of approaching people and always by my own

  19. I av bin battling with lust too and i find ur blog really helpful…Am a new convert and am kinda confused on sum issues. Is it okay as a christian to be in a relationship wit sumone who has a belief different from urs?

    • Hi Fortune,

      Good question. First, I highly recommend you get involved in a local church (if you aren’t already) and find a mature Christian person who can really mentor you through these sorts of questions.

      I believe this largely depends on how different the beliefs are. The goal of any dating relationship is to really get to know someone to see if marriage is a possible future, and you need to consider what it will be like living with and raising children with this person. If the belief differences are small enough that this won’t present a problem, differences of opinion are alright. If you think the differences are major, this will not be the best for the furtherance of your faith. For instance, my wife and I disagree on relatively minor matters of faith (how to interpret different Bible verses), but we both wholeheartedly believe what the gospel message is and the kind of church we want to be involved with.

    • The Bible says that we should not be unequally yoked with unbelievers. Which type of belief are you actually taking about, if you are talking about another belief on a whole, then the Bible says it might be a hindrance to your faith. Christianity is the truth, and if that person is not a Christian (does not believe in Christ), you have to tell the person about the truth. The truth is Jesus, anyone who denies him is referred to as the antichrist.
      My advice is be sure about the person’s belief, if this person does not believe in Jesus yet, then you have to reach out to the person with the truth, if the person doesn’t still believe, seek God’s help and tell Him to open her eyes to see.

  20. God bless you all. I believe for the humility it takes to be open here, some grace is released and our Father will show mercy continuously. But it is important to know that in some cases, a spirit of lust may be attached to a christian and may keep harrassing you till you rebuke it with the authority of Jesus or get someone to pray for you. There is a spirit realm and demons can work on afflicting us at times.
    You will lose nothing to find and declare the scripture over yourself including, Greater is He that is in me than he that is in the world.” “All that is in the world, the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life, is not of the Father but is of the world.” “I am more than a conqueror through Christ Jesus who loved me and gave His life for me.” Just an example. If you write all such statements from the scripture and read and declare them till they are stuck in your memory, it amounts to swinging the sword of the Spirit as spelt out in Eph.6:10
    God bless us all.

  21. Some excellent comments.
    I am intrigued by those who appear to be in settled marital relationships who still struggle with lust, even though the scriptures tell us that the marriage bed is honourable and undefiled.
    This demonstrates a lack of intimacy in these relationships, probably because the partners are playing out their roles in marriage based on wrong-headed preconceptions and need to discover the BIBLICAL model for their relationship and implement every new revelation.
    As for me, I am single and have been at war with my flesh for over 20 years.
    There have been victories and defeats in this war against lust, yet even when I fail I thank God that He has given me the victory in Christ and this war drives me to my knees and reminds me how desperately I need Christ directing and guiding my thought life every minute of every day.
    He could remove this struggle with a single command, yet He allows it to protect my humility and total dependence on His strength.
    We can never stop resisting but let us never use this weakness as an excuse to quit.
    Pray for all people caught up in the sex industry that they may be delivered and, of course, for each other.

  22. Hi. I am just coming in a crisis moment, where I just fell in sin again and have the feeling of frustration that comes every time I fail God. I know that Christ is always there for me and that is why I think He brought me here. He knows of the heavy weight I bearing on my shoulders and I just want to quit. So please, now one of the greatest things you can do for me is pray, pray for me to surrender to Gods will because I know I can fight this stuff for myself anymore. Thanks

  23. hello I just queried Christian fight against Lust and I arrived at a list of sights including yours
    I would like to know if you can suggest how I gain strength against Lust as I do not have a functional relationship
    to speak of so even though I try to occupy my time constructively transgression is an issue
    I am a Christian Writer and have tried for several years to get my work reviewed Durance publishing validated my work but there are always fees that I do not have the financial ability to address as I am partially disabled
    if their is any advice how I can climb out of this situation please share it thanks

    • Thanks so much for the comment. Your issue is addressed in a video we just released this week. Consider what James 1 says about the cycle of temptation. He says we are lured away of our own desires and enticed. Those desires can be wanting to escape, wanting to indulge, wanting to seek revenge, etc. They can also be good desires that we overdo. One of the strategies that we will give in the coming weeks is to speak God’s Word when you feel you are approaching temptation. It can either be Scripture itself or phrases like “I will not lust after this because my body is the temple of God.” In the coming weeks, we will release more videos addressing the various stages of the cycle of temptation.

      In the meantime, please read this article about three biblical strategies for fighting lust.

  24. I am thanksful to God for all His lovingkindness towards me. I used to be involved with porn and masturbation but God gave me victory. One thing i am currently doing now is making a vow to God that for 1 month, i dont want to masturbate or watch porn and i have been able to keep my vow to God, though i still some days to go. After the one month, i plan to do another month because it has really helped me to stay clear lust, masturbation and porn.

    • I am also finding it hard to overcome lust. I really God loves me but I keep falling into lust and it costing me time and money. I sometimes pretend to families and friend as if I am. not doing this kind of things but deep in me, I know I am hurting myself and God. can someone advise me what to do cause I am tired of falling over again.

    • @Manny, now that you’ve read this article, have you put the “run from,” “run to,” and “run with” into practice? Lust doesn’t die easily – if this is something you’ve struggled with for a while, then it will take months, maybe longer to practice victory. Remember, you are already victorious! Christ has won. Just “live” it! Peace, Chris

  25. I’ll be 26years of age in September; never had sex with a lady; growing up in a godly heritage, BUT impure thoughts seldom come my way giving birth to browsing porn pictures.

    Am a preacher of The Gospel with a level of manifestation of God’s saving power on many lives,but I seldom fall flat in The face of temptation by lust. I’m praying as Paul to keep my body under control so as not to lose heaven after preaching and leading many to Christ.

    I’m conversant with all Scriptures dealing with overcoming youthful lust,

    Please,What Else Do I Lack?

    Mercy,LORD. AMEN

  26. My husband told me that when we walk in malls and similar places, he constantly needs to turn his face away from sensual posters, or women dressed provocatively. It says he constantly needs to be conscience of such things as he does not even want to look at a women in the wrong way, and that he constantly needs to question himself on whether he did look at a women in the wrong way. But is this the right way that he should be dealing with it, according to the ‘Run from’ paragraph? I want to help him to overcome this, but I think I need help too, in dealing with him having this problem. I definitely appreciate this article and realise that our lack is in the third paragraph, having friends, we have, but we aren’t very close to anyone in particular to the point where we can share our experiences.

    • Hello Anon – in our pornified world, I’ve had to do the same thing as your husband, with turning my eyes whenever I see that there is a woman coming towards me where there’s a risk I might look with slightly impure motive. I’ve found that “run from” is a constant, persistent effort – taking every thought captive and making it obedient to Christ (2 Corinthians 10:4-5) is my goal, but the implementation is a work in progress. What specific part of what he’s doing to stay pure is difficult for you?

      I hope that you will pray for look for those types of friends, or maybe they’re already in your surroundings, but it just takes one person to really share deep to create a deeper connection.

      Covenant Eyes

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