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3 Biblical Strategies for Fighting Lust

Last Updated: August 23, 2023

“Don’t touch. Don’t taste. Don’t handle”. We hear these three “rules” often when learning how to fight—and overcome—lust.

The problem is, mere rule-keeping does not itself get to the heart of lust. This is one of the great lessons Paul teaches in Scripture. Merely knowing the law only aggravates our lusts (Romans 7:7-12), and following rigid ascetic regulations—don’t touch, don’t taste, don’t handle—is “of no value in stopping the indulgence of the flesh” (Colossians 2:20-23).

If the “law” itself is not able to turn our hearts away from temptation, then how exactly do we fight against a spirit of lust? And how can we finally overcome it?

Editor’s Note: Are you a teenager struggling with lust? Before reading this post, I encourage you to check out this article we wrote especially for teens, How to Overcome Lust: 4 Tips for Teens.

How the Bible Teaches Us to Fight Lust

In 2 Timothy 2:22, Paul offers some of the best, most concise bits of Biblical advice on how to overcome lust: “So flee youthful passions and pursue righteousness, faith, love, and peace, along with those who call on the Lord from a pure heart.”

Commit it to memory. Chew on it daily. Let your mind marinate in it, for in it lies three biblical strategies for fighting lust.

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1. Run From Lust

“So flee youthful passions”

“Passions” refer to our cravings, our longings, and our desires. More specifically, the passage speaks of “youthful passions.” These fleshly lusts are said to “wage war against the soul” (1 Peter 2:11). On the surface, these cravings are anchored in the members of our body (Romans 6:12), but as we look deeper, we find they stem from our sinful hearts (Romans 7:7). Ultimately, these passions are forms of idolatry (Colossians 3:5), revolving our lives and desires around created things rather than the Creator.

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We must run from these things. Every Christian, even though he or she is indwelt by the Spirit of Christ, still lives in a mortal body surrounded by worldly amusements. These youthful lusts stubbornly cling to our heels. As we see these passions stirred in us, we must habitually flee from them.

  • This might mean mentally fleeing: bouncing our thoughts away from lustful imaginations.
  • This might mean visually fleeing: bouncing our eyes away from lustful images.
  • This might mean physically fleeing: walking (or running) away from tempting situations.

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2. Run to Christ

“. . . pursue righteousness, faith, love, and peace”

It is not enough to flee from youthful lusts. We must run toward a new passion. We are to “pursue,” that is, eagerly and swiftly run toward Christlikeness.

Christ promises His people a heart of:

  • Righteousness (real integrity, a passion for justice, and a life pleasing to God)
  • Faith (strong and welcome conviction and trust in God)
  • Love (benevolent affection toward God and others)
  • Peace (tranquility in the heart and harmony with God and others)

We are to run hard after these things each day knowing these character qualities are how we were created to live. We pursue these things knowing it is our destiny to live this way. A billion years from now, when sin is a distant memory, we will be living lives of love, peace, and righteousness in the kingdom of God. Having this hope we purify ourselves, just as He is pure (1 John 3:3).

3. Run With Godly Friends

“. . . along with those who call on the Lord from a pure heart.”

We must not only run from lust and toward God’s vision for our lives, but we must also run with our brothers and sisters with the same vision. We must all find companions for this stretch of the road, those who share our faith and convictions, those in the common struggle for holiness.

These friends should be those who “call on the Lord,” an expression for those who are saved (Acts 22:16; Romans 10:13). These are other men and women who have also cried out to God for the forgiveness of their sins from a “pure” (genuine) heart.

Running with others involves a certain level of intentionality. It is not enough to simply know others around us are on the same journey because they profess the Christian faith. We must have real running companions, those who actually help us flee youthful passions and pursue a Christlike heart.

James 5:16 and Hebrews 10:24-25 offer four key building blocks that give structure to how Christian accountability should look. These building blocks are: meeting together, confession of sin, prayer, and encouragement.

PIllars of Accountability

Meeting together is the foundation. This includes all the basic methods of communication and conversation: meeting for coffee, talking on the phone, texting, writing emails, or anything that involves a meeting of minds. The central pillar in the room is confession of sin: getting honest with God and one another about what we are doing that we shouldn’t do or not doing what we should. The outer walls that support and protect this relationship are prayer and encouragement.

Why Can’t I Just Stop Lusting?

People ask me all the time, “Why can’t I just stop lusting?” I share my response to these people in this video below, which happens to include references to 2 Timothy 2:22. We believe so strongly that this verse contains the best strategy for how to overcome lust and quit porn that we actually used it as the foundation for a 40-day challenge called Overcome Porn. This challenge walks you through these three strategies and equips you with some of our best resources to put porn in your past for good. So watch this video, and give Overcome Porn: The 40-Day Challenge a try today.

Fighting against lust isn’t easy, but it’s also not something that you need to do alone. Through prayer, Scripture, accountability, and a heartfelt desire to flee from lustful passions, you can resist temptation and overcome lust.

We’d love to hear from you. What has God taught you about breaking free from lust? Comment below!


Comments on: 3 Biblical Strategies for Fighting Lust
  1. Run from…run to…run with. Excellent way of remembering some very important truths. Thanks Luke!

    • Naveen

      True indeed. I come up against heavy lust attacks time and again. My flesh is too weak to fight. But thanks for the powerful message on how to combat lust and temptation. I need really need to practice living a victorious Christian life and that’s only possible by depending on God’s grace.

    • Joel KM

      Being a good christian requires GODs word to be IN you…
      Afta abstainin 4 so long n pretendin to be a good a christian the spirit of lust overtook me n it bcame a habit of mastarbatin,watching porn n all kinds of lustiful things bt i thank GOD 4 wat he has done..
      Thanks for dis forum

    • Brett Barnes

      These strategies are very enlightening. Currently I have a trigger… stress. I have found this out because of my current situation. I was recently diagnosed with heart disease, my beautiful wife is pregnant, friends have passed away, another killed his wife and due to my condition I am being medically discharged from the military. I have a family and I find myself praying for the next step or guidance to get there but I don’t see His plan. Long ago I had a port problem and it was like immediately I ran to it. Something I hadn’t done in years thought I was passed. I am fighting it now through scripture and the prayer. I still fall short but I repent and like now I am searching for verse that you gave me to memorize. His word will protect me from myself. As scared and apprehensive about the future I know God will take care of me. I feel everything I slip is my faith slipping as well. God bless and that kind you for your video and message. One episode has been nullified and more will be in the future from this post.

    • Chris McKenna

      @Brett Barnes, I commend you for keeping the issue in the light, where it will have less control over you. Press on! And, as we march towards eternity, covered in the saving sacrifice of Jesus, know that God’s grace is fresh every day.


    • Dontori

      Im 16 & This is helping me out a bit, Because the type of mind set I have is for love, faith, and peace, and reminiscing, but lust interfered with it, Everytime I go on Instagram or watch TV I see women with most of there clothes of and the gorgeous body and the way they move is just so mesmerizing to me, and I want to do is have a good time knowing Jesus has my back because I will always have his. This is my first day trying this out, it won’t be easy but I trust God. Thank you guys?

    • I’ve been saved for 4 months and have had sex for 3 years but lately I’m having trouble staying away from porn. I’m so happy and blessed that I’ve given my life to Jesus, and I’m praying every day for this lust to leave my life. Any advice for me. I’m fasting and praying for God’s forgiveness every time I stray.

    • Chris McKenna

      Hi Gale, I’m so sorry to hear about your struggle. After reading the blog post that you commented on, what have you tried? I’ve found those strategies, especially the “run with,” to be incredibly helpful.

      Peace, Chris
      Covenant Eyes

    • Emma Smith

      I do not know when this all started and I am disgusted with how far it has gotten, I am a female, I shouldn’t be struggling with this at all. I think it all originally started from young aged “masterbation” when I really had no clue what I was doing other than it felt good. But then as I got older I was able to put a name on it and then later was able to determine that it was a sin. But my cravings and need had become so great for it that I started to watch porn. I am digusted in myself and I do not know what to do, I have tried so many times to overcome it and so many strategies (including these) but my love for this sin ends up surpassing my love for God. I do not want that, I want to give my all. But this sin makes me feel unworthy and unloved. I need prayer, I do not feel worthy to even serve God as I struggle with this. I am the biggest hypocrite ever.

    • Kay Bruner

      Hey Emma,
      We’ve got lots of resources for women who struggle with porn, HERE. Find community! Find healing! And know that you are always, always, always loved and safe and chosen. God is never, ever disgusted with you. You are always his Beloved.
      Peace to you,

    • Rachel L.

      I want to run from lustful thoughts and actions I have tried many times before to quit but I just kept coming back to it. Finally, I am starting over again and just as I was losing hope I found this site. I decided to download the app then and there. I am hoping that this habit die. I have had this bad habit for over 8 years and I’m ready to let go and focus on God. Focus on being a better Christian

    • Vince odom

      After struggling with porn for over 40 years, i have come to this conclusion, he who has died is free from sin. Sin only has power over you while you live. Some sins I believe you must take to the grave to be truly free from them. It’s not much of a consolation, but it’s better than nothing. The battle will someday be over for good.

    • Alex Ellis

      Hey, I just thought it would be helpful to know that it’s 2 Timothy 2:22, not chapter 2 verse 2.
      I like reading it in my own Bible so it stays with me.

    • Chris McKenna

      Great! Wow, I can’t believe it’s been 7 years and you’re the first one to point that out. Thank you for that! We’ll get that fixed right away!

      Best, Chris

    • Joseph B McHenry

      I was raped by my stepfather, and stepbrothers, another man who comes in contact with me. I hated myself. I was beaten, mentally, physically, spiritually. God healed my mind. I began to read the word of God. I play worship all the time to set an atmosphere where ever I go. in your car, at work you set the atmosphere. Sing worship, quote scriptures in your mind. This keeps me sane and in love with Jesus. I have been celibate for 14 years. I have been through 2 divorces both spouses cheated on me. I am happy, and I have a lover who will never cheat on me, Jesus Christ. He is the Lover of my Soul. I am writing about Called Daddy” dark Hidden Secrets. It’s about how God delivered me from being child abuse, Molested, Incest, Prostitution, Homeless, Depression, Suicide, How he came in and heal and taught me the levels of each thing I experienced in my life to help other who feel they are helpless which is a lie from the devil. The Bible says he has given us power over the devil, spirit, sickness, and diseases, we can raise the dead also. M y faith Level is a place I can do all things through Christ only he can only strengthen me. I can not do it myself. There is nothing wonderful, or righteous about me but Jesus Christ and his shedding of his blood for me.

    • Everett Wilson

      Will I find what I’m thinking about lustful thinking about women I think about the goodness of God has shown me, I think about the grace as he picked me up from falling the consequences and feeling bad after a sinful Act and I think about speaking to God asking for strength and being devoted to prayer with a special attention of praise

    • p.

      im going to try this, as its a huge habit of my life, and i need to break this within me, i need God to save me form myself, I need God to deliver me from myself, and i need God to rescue me form myself, I gave up smoking 11 years ago, something I didn’t think i could do,,
      Two things I needed to conquer in myself, smoking, normal smokes, and lust, and the greatest battle is lust,, it consume me, and I know the Holy spirit is with me, in me, and I will do the 40 days, I will commit the next 40 days, to doing what I am lead to do, through these emails, they say it takes 3 weeks to kick a habit, and this is my final battle I promise God I would do,,, God be with me, and give me strength, give guidance to me, and holy spirit, guide me through the temptations of lust,,
      I seek God company…

    • Barry Brannon

      I recently was looking up on google overcoming childhood trauma concerning nakedness. I have always been modest but secretly I enjoy looking at my own body daily. I have
      Always according to my wife had trouble keeping an errection even though we had 2 girls now 33 and
      35 the problem still remains. I do not
      look at porn but from time to time
      Usually under stress I create my own
      thinking there must be some answer there to my obsession. R.C Sproull
      has a book about Holiness I was reading. He began telling the story about Isaiah commanded by God to
      walk around naked for 3 years. I began to research this unbelievable
      Story and drew Isaiah naked front and back. Sinse then I threw it out.
      Then I try to move on but I see a problem that I can not shake on my own. Every day I am temped with
      male nakedness or my own nakedness. I fight wanting to pray naked. The harder I try to stay pure
      the more hopeless it seems. My desires are too strong am too
      embarrassed to tell my wife. She already says I am unstable. I am
      Out of work right now but I believe
      God is telling me to tighten up my act. Thanks for all your good Biblcal
      advice. I am taking this seriously and
      have some guys I can be accountable to then hopefully I can
      Confess my secrecy to my wife.

    • Thanks sir for that wonderful message

    • Vincent Varghese

      Hello. My name is Vincent and I have been struggling with pornography since around high school. I do have a relationship with Jesus Christ and I have started to open up to my family about the issue but the habit has been very difficult to shake and I need a lot of prayer. Thank you for posting this video as it has encouraged me in my battle against lust. I know that that we all will overcome this by the grace of God.

    • Roy yang

      the app is 4 bucks bruh, do you want more people to stop sinning or for more money in your pockets?

    • Aureona Shaw

      My name is Aureona Shaw since I’ve been 9 I️ was exposed to sex at a young age . The seed was planted and it grew big and now I️ have these sexual urges. I️ never had sex before and I️ tried all the things I️ could but it didn’t work this my first time seeing this , pray for me

    • Kay Bruner

      Hey Aureona, it sounds to me like it would be helpful for you to find a therapist who can help you work through the sexual abuse you have suffered. Acting things out is the way that children make sense of the world, so it is really normal for victims of sexual abuse to act out what’s happened. You would have had sexual urges anyway, because sexual urges are normal! Therapy can help you figure out how to be healthy with your sexuality and emotions. Look for a therapist who has training and experience in treating the trauma that comes with sexual abuse. Peace to you, Kay

    • Ray

      Why do you think it is only from sex. Lust of the flesh is a sin of doing. It can be derived from faith by works. Doing works to satisfying with the gradisfaction of knowing I am better with the works which increases my importance.

    • Luke,
      First of all, thank you for being obedient and having this ministry. Your video was a great help. I have a group of guys I am running with. One of them talked about dropping (running from) and picking up (running to). I have really focused on running from and have had limited success and have gotten down on myself for not being able to quit porn.
      So I am going to download the app. Also, I tend to rush through things and want the quick “fix” as it were. You pointing out at the end of the video that this will take time and needs to be unpacked. That the tangled wires need to be untangled (by my choices and by Christ’ strength). The video was very encouraging and has given me renewed hope.

    • Hello I have struggled with porn for about 7 years I know from the scripture read that it only through the potency in the word of God that can deliver me from this habit God bless you.

    • Thank you although very simplistic but powerful. I did some of the run from. I left a job of 20 years because of a married man that was after me. The devil used my loneliness and the man’s flirtatious ways to get at me. Also I ended up lusting for him and fantasizing about him. So I had to leave. Now I am running to Him please pray for me I am also in need of a job. Thank you so much

    • DJ JONES

      Hello. My name is DJ: I’m 18 years old and I’ve been struggling with Lust for about 4 years. Although this thread has been around for some time I’ve seen the comments from over the years and can’t think but say that I’m so blessed to have found this website when I did. So many people with stories similar to mine reminds that i’m not the only one that struggles with lust. It’s beautiful. I’ve confessed this to God. And my next step is to say something here. I’m DJ and I struggle with Lust. I want to get better I want to be better and lastly I want to grow better. I’m taking the steps to Flee, Run to, then Run with.

      Thank you so much for your amazing thread and to all the comments here posted, thank you for sharing part of your story with me.

    • Stephanie

      Very helpful!! I am a widowed Christian woman who was almost ashamed to admit that I actually struggled with this!! I don’t have a problem with the “run with” strategy, as I have a great group of Christian friends that I can share my struggle with in confidentiality. Sometimes, mainly though, I struggle when I’m all alone and the sinful thoughts come back!! But I’m working on it everyday and realize that this won’t be an overnight process. One thing I do know is when everytime I give into the sinful pleasure, I feel dirty and unworthy and I just don’t want to keep feeling that way. I will continue to pray that I begin to put my trust in God that he will deliver me and that I receive TOTAL freedom that can only come where the spirit of the Lord is!!! Thanks for sharing your advice!! Please keep me lifted!!

    • Devin

      Hello all, I wanted to say that fighting lust is something that I have lived with since I was 14. I am now 35 and still struggle daily. Some days are harder than others. My mind has been poisoned with images over the years of pornography, strip clubs and random sexual encounters. At a younger age I thought nothing of the consequences of those actions. Now, basically I feel that I’m like a recovering alcoholic that from time to time relapses. I have turned to God for help because I was a slave to this life and I was not strong enough to fight this alone. Now, I have been in a faithful relation with my wife for the past 5 and a half years. I have 3 children all under the age of 9. Pornography is more addictive than any drug out their. It destroys lifes and families. I fight the impure thoughts and I pray for myself and others with this addiction. Once you have dived into pornography you will carry the weight of these sins until you ask forgiveness from Christ Jesus.

    • charlie

      i am pastor , of a mess,,, i have been, lusting since very early childhood, i was married for 42 years ti a Godly wife, She died at age 59, dec 2014, i have always seemed to struggle with lust,, after , now, the death of my wife, is now, more inflamed with lust/i have tried to , break this cycle, but, still remain, in them, seeking to finally be ,,, set free, but, still not .

    • Ryan

      Hi I have an attraction to woman, problem is woman seem more perverted than men in the way they dress and show off the flesh, I am a man, it’s Gods will to be attracted but the way women go on it’s difficult, I only want God in my life to give me strength, please help me find God

    • Christine

      I am a woman who has been addicted to porn. Deliverance from demons of lust and perversion is important. And focusing the light of Jesus on soul wounds to heal. It is possible to break this terrible habit! We must have the Lord’s help. I cried out to the Lord in 2011 and woke up the next day healed. I just didnt have the desire for it anymore…not only that…but the thing I was so addicted to actually made me vomit I thought porn was so gross now. Just recently I have been struggling again. I keep crying out to God…..I am doing well today. I need Jesus desperately. I dont understand all the facets of this problem. But I will tell you….being free and pure is infinitely better. God gave me the grace and ability to focus solely on my partner and to get as much pleasure from that as I got from porn. Ultimately porn is so empty….I loathe it. Cling to Jesus….talk to him openly.

    • Carrie

      I am 16 years old and I have been having a problem with lustful thoughts for a while and this passage has offered me how to overcome lust and live the way God wants me to live. I give thanks to God and Jesus Christ.

    • Lawrence

      Long fasting and persistent prayers
      Also helps in breaking Lust, pride, anger

  2. Verses that the Lord has used to transform my thinking as of late comes from the ‘other’ Timothy, 5:1-2 to be exact.

    “Do not rebuke an older man, but encourage him as you would a father, younger men as brothers, older women as mothers, younger women as sisters, in all purity.”

    Morality isn’t the central theme here, but I think it goes hand in hand with encouraging everyone, believers AND unbelievers, to do the right thing. However, I wish to focus squarely on the “women…purity” aspect.

    I think a weapon that many (not just men) sadly fail to use in the war on lust is considering all human beings as members of their own family. When faced with temptation…the idea of using someone as a sexual object, why not realize that these people are mothers, daughters….fathers, sons….etc?

    Take it one step further. Consider how you would react if your OWN blood was presenting the members of their bodies as tools of unrighteousness? Let’s be frank; if you found out your mother, sister, daughter, etc, was engaged in pornographic behavior…wouldn’t that just be nauseating?

    We can use the same approach in our own battles. Men are the glory of God (1 Cor 11:7), but that doesn’t make everyone else any less created in His image as well.

    The main idea: don’t promote the unrighteous exploitation of God’s creations, and ultimately rob Him of His glory. Regardless of spiritual condition, love is to abound, and immorality does anything but. Don’t be deceived; God is not mocked. We will sow what we reap.

    • tracy

      Agreed. A good point to remind us if we did everything out of true love for God, for others and for ourselves, we will fight off sins and win. I often forget that I myself am a created image of God. I am loved and it is grieving the Father to see me abused myself with sins.

    • Leah

      I joined a web purity class a few years ago. I also was in counseling. These things did not work. I still have a problem with lust and I don’t understand how if I asked for prayer in this area and did these things why did I end up looking at porn? It’s not fair. I’ve been struggling with so many things & I used to try to fight it yet even tho I tried not to look at porn and Prayed w my aunt daily I still ended up looking at it. Please reply

    • Hi Leah,

      I know the feeling. It is terrible feeling out of control.

      When you say these things “didn’t work,” what do you mean? Do you mean you ended up looking at porn anyway? I think what is important is learning what progress in this area looks like. Victory in this area is not a “cure” where you no longer are tempted, no longer feel the urge, or never falling to temptation again. Victory is not “never struggling.” Victory is learning to hate your sin as sin (that is, as something offensive to God). Victory is in how quickly to run to the grace of God in the midst of the struggle (either while you are being tempted or after succumbing to temptation). Victory is pursuing accountability in your life and being honest and transparent with others. Victory is any instance where you said no where you might have said yes before (and hopefully doing that more and more as time goes).

      It is also important to remember that porn addiction is a lot like drug addiction. In fact, brain scans of porn addicts look a lot like the brains scans of alcoholics: there is a decreased ability in both brains to resist urges and make moral decisions. I say this not to discourage you but to encourage you. Just as an alcoholic has to go through a period of withdrawal (which admittedly feels terrible physically and emotionally), there is hope in knowing that your brain was created by God to rewire itself. Just in saying no to sin, you can know that in that moment you are training your brain. You can know that you are building a new habit. You can know that in time you will find the ability to more easily fight the craving.

      Don’t give up. God has given us means to fight this, and you’re already using some of those means. You are running to Him in prayer. You are talking with others about this.

      I recommend you watch these free videos by Brad Hambrick, a Christian counselor. They do a great job helping people peel away the layers of this problem to get to the root of them.

    • Jamie Rez

      Amen. God bless you brother.

    • mike

      Very insightful I never took this idea that far before thank you

    • Chris

      Justin, how encouraging brother!
      I will bring to a minimal degree the temptation that the enemy uses on me. I think that stress absolutely is a trigger and depression is too.
      satan does not hold back in the depraved ways he tempts us. He’s put images of brothers and sisters in the Faith in my head MANY times and bodily it has caused ungodly passions. Please brethren, pray for me.
      How difficult it can be when you’re trying to fellowship with Agape love in your heart and the enemy comes along and tempts you to look at them in an unclean, immoral way. Self-pleasure is not “pleasure” at all. I went 3 years without giving in to the temptation and then last month I gave in just one time. I must confess brothers and sisters, it was NOT WORTH it. When you abstain–at least for me–it gets easier over time. Remember this Verse “resist the devil and he will flee from you.” The Lord Jesus is Truth and He is protecting us. He was tempted in all ways and He absolutely understands, and He was guilty of no sin whatsoever when He died on that cross for us, then raised by God on the third day. He wants us spotless. I like the analogy of imagining a loved one being tempted or sinning with porn. It would absolutely be nauseous indeed and worrisome to me.
      We must remind ourselves that we were made in God’s image. I believe that is why shame, disgust and many other emotions flood in if one falls into sexual immorality from passion or whatever fiery dart the enemy uses. Don’t know any of you guys. I’m new here. I’ve been a born again believer since 2011. I’ve failed the Lord Jesus Christ so many times but I always get back up because He’s never failed me and I love Him. Proverbs 7 is an excellent warning against youthful passion and sexual immorality. Please read in the King James Version.
      Agape love to all of you my brothers and sisters.
      Great response Justin. Thanks for being salty and a light!
      In Christ Jesus, Chris

    • Praise Jesus ! I must thank you for your inspiration it have been ofgreat help me. Sexual sin have been a challenge to me for many years and have been difficult for me to stay strong in the lord there are times when I am going on fine and then it pops up again but I must fight the good fight of faith to be saved ,thanks again and may the good lord bless you in inspiring the soul of men to be saved.

    • Amen n thats exactly the fact…..I thank God for this message
      May God be with u n bless u for this

    • Martin

      I have used pretending scenarios to help me go to sleep since puberty, so I don’t even need to watch porn to get stirred up to maturbate. But as I fight it there are now triggers like beautiful women on the TV that send me down the road. Recently I didn’t have any TV to watch and didn’t pretend to get to sleep and it worked but the side-effect has been poor sleep, culminating in me watching porn for the first time in months and masturbating. This video is very helpful for me, Gid bless you

    • Firm believer

      Guys I have found the weapons of mass destruction to any legion of devils that deceive you! It’s 2nd cornintians 5:10 ( CAST DOWN IMAGINATIONS AND EVERY HIGH THING THAT EXALT ITSELF AGAINST THE KNOWLEDGE OF GOD AND BRING INTO CAPTIVITY EVERY THOUGHT TO THE OBEIDENCE OF CHRIST ) ponder on that verse let it marinate and be branded into thy heart and mind and whatever the mind does the body follows if your hand causes you to sin cut it off if your phone causes you to sin break it if your computer causes you sin throw it out the window! God is good! Jesus heals and most of all restores! Behold he makes all things new again!

    • way davis

      Man this Situation has been avoided for a while. Can’t keep running. Its time to be honest with yourself and God…. He’s been wayyyy to Good man. Jus too Good. I wanna be pleasing to him…. I know he loves me. Forreal. I ready to Love him with my whole heart. And Its gone take sum efforts. Well never know why he love us so much….

  3. Dale

    not been fighting. signed up for covenant eyes last night. need help

    • Ben

      J. Sidlow Baxter wrote a very biblical, scholarly, and practical book on holiness: A NEW CALL TO HOLINESS. It is out of print now but I once found a pdf version free online. If anyone can find it would you please post a reply with a link? I once heard this dear man of God in person, speaking on this topic. He said “Don’t try to live a holy life. You’ll never do it. Live a holy minute. After that live another holy minute. Eventually you will find yourself living a holy life. But always focus on living a holy minute right now.” I think this is the best advice on the topic I ever heard. I recommend taking all these biblical pieces of advice and applying them one minute at a time. It has worked for me, but I also have failed, when I took my eyes off Christ. Live a holy minute my friends.

    • That is some very good advice. That’s exactly what making a resolution is all about: cut it up into very manageable time slots. We must do this every minute of the day.

    • wayne

      For all those who have full control of themselves you are special and have no need of a mate .if you don’..t .get married .so go and date but stay pure get to know the i.nner person first before you go discover the flesh why should you save yourself, simple if you do you never have to compare your mate to another.being in love is just a starting point., to knowing who’s inside.if you do get married be warned all works are Paul aside wished everyone was like him .but if you can’t control yourself get married. But not maybe but you will have trouble.give me trouble Paul.for I believe in a two fold cord tied up in love bound in faith can’t be broken .so go out , date, find someone your heart feels for, stay pured by faith in your pure actions see if you both.believe inJesus.the same.take some time to discover each other .you’ll know when it that game must stop.and it time to marry.

    • Barry Brannon

      What may be small to me may not be
      Small to God. The key is to keep fellowship with Him at all cost. Keep confessing and repenting. The one minute holiness idea sounds good.
      Thanks Ben

  4. grace panganiban

    we must be a full rounded christian so that we could fight the lust of this world. must be bounded to the word of God in our lives.

  5. hermann pickard

    being lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God, man that’s my struggle. i go along just fine for awhile then the urge comes along, ‘the lust mode’ creaps in, & i end up giving in instead of resisting. get my fix & i’m ok for awhile, until it starts all over again. what a vicious cycle

    • Luke Gilkerson

      @hermann – Is is a vicious cycle. I know that all too well. I did a webinar a while back where I talked about the cycle of addiction. Perhaps you should listen to it. It is called “Practical and Spiritual Resources for the Porn Addict.”

    • wayne

      Get married read my post youobviously are not one to be single God will make a way out.but find her his way.

    • Christopher

      I’m going through the exact same struggle of feeling in control for awhile and then some days the temptation seems almost UNBEARABLE! I just wish I could find a woman and get married so I can fulfill my sexual urges and not feel the strong sense of guilt that comes after looking at porn.

  6. Nkechi

    huum, am in this situation! i really need help. i stop and go in again, stop and fail in again. this is only the challenges i have in my christian journey and am married

    • chris

      From Chris a fellow sojourner in the same problem, but recovering from same. From your name you will be a Nigerian. I am a Nigerian based in Lagos and would like to offer you content that will help. With respect to this and in addition with what you have on this blog you could visit Mary’s GirlGoneWise. The site offers useful video blogs relevant to women. An example is, but there are more.

      So please go check it out!

    • Luke Gilkerson

      Thanks for the link!

    • wayne

      Fall in means you not doing something with someone but alone.gets helper.

    • Adilo

      This is where I come in. I resist for a while but the resistance soon gets broken. It can be very frustrating at times. I love God sincerely but ths fire of lust is something else. It has led me into adultery and threatened my marriage a number of times. I really seriously need help.

    • What have you done to seek help?

  7. Chaplain B. Wilson

    Let the word of God dwell in you richly in all wisdom; teaching and admonishing one another in psalms and hyms and spiritual songs, singing with grace in your hearts to the Lord. And whatsoever ye do in word or deed, do all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God and the Father by him. Colossians 3:16 – 17v

    • wayne

      See not alone but with one another two or more.

    • Channing

      To Adilo: Im glad i saw a recent comment…I know that what Im dealing with as far as lust is concerned is that I had given into temptation with sum1 even after knowing that its wrong(i have the holy spirit as well) and i opened the doors to lust with that person. I BELIEVE the Holy Spirit is helping to combat b/c I have willing and repentful heart Now more than ever esp. since my sanity depends on my obedience to stop. I have stopped fornicating and committing adultery phys. Im curently renewing my mind on the thigs of Christ. Im running to Him before Satan takes me out…believers:pray for me, ill b prayin for yall and for the nonbelievers to start believing and to get on board with knowing that VICTORY IS POSSIBLE!!! Amen

    • Barry Brannon

      I found that it helped me to have communion daily and try to hear the Holy spirit’s guidance. Psalms 31 helped because It showed me God rescues me. Also John A. Clark has
      a great site on google called the Christ mind. From reading his info
      about who God is I found my intellect
      was happily satisfied. God was not
      mad at me for my quest of deep spiritual knowledge from a man well
      Versed in psychology and science
      and promises to draw you closer to
      God. Understanding God and his love better covers many ills. Hope
      This helps brothers and sisters. I think pursuing this quest will make
      my desire to see nakedness diminish.
      My prayers are with all of us who struggle. Barry

  8. Thank GOD 4 MY LIFE.I feel and I KNOW STRONGLY THAT BY THY GRACE I WOULD BREAK FREE FROM PORN.Itz always tragic seeing myself watchin porn.After the deedz done.Then i feel sober.Bt NOT AGAIN WITH CHRIST


    My boyfriend and I have been struggling with this lately. We’re both in love with God and plan on getting married, but the temptation to push the boundaries is so forceful sometimes I feel like crying. So we’ve been praying together and talking to an older couple, and I think this strategy is really clear and helpful to keep in mind.

    • Great! I hope that kind of mentorship is helpful to you!

    • wayne

      Stop beating yourself up look to the future the possibilities are promising.

  10. Remigius O. Salifu

    Its actually a humility on God’s choosing to dwell inside a created being like us. Most atimes we do no know that God dwells inside of us. If only we know, we will live to please Him having personal consciousness that we are carrying the king of kings. May God help us. Amen

  11. Tara

    Thank you for this. Shared it w a friend who is dealing w lust.

  12. olayInka obadimu

    Thanks for this. THE WORD of GOD is also an important instrument that can be used

  13. Ekeh ugochukwu

    Please my beloved ones i need your help.of a truth,am a Christian but two thorns that have been tormenting my life,which are:masturbation and pornographic pictures.please my fellow Christians,how can i practically go out of it?a solution.

    • wayne

      If you want the urge to go away. It won’t if you want to do right control your heart and thoughts by stopping what your eyes bible says nothing about masturbation good or bad but it does say what he created was good.find a wife a help mate so you don’t burn with get looking be guided by faith and you church.

    • Colin

      Please consider reading no fap dot org website which has a wealth of information on abstaining from masturbation and pornography.

  14. Ben

    I know brothers and sister that we fall and fall over and over again but never give up never let this lustful wall block you from Christ, cause if you keep fighting sooner or later that wall will break and you’ll see the light of Christ on the other side you can get through it just keep at it and never ever fully give up!. “for though the righteous fall seven times, they rise again, but the wicked stumble when calamity strikes”- proverbs 24:16

    If you keep busy my brothers and sisters you won’t have time to lust even though there will be times when it will come back so that’s why you have to take peter’s words inconsideration “Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour”- 1 peter 5:8

    Bless you all your comment’s give me a refreshment to continue in my battle against lust and sin!

    • wayne

      You are not alone.did you know that nearly 1000000 million people come to Christ every month and that the world’s population of 7000000000is equal to all the world’s .toall the world population. Sense Moses.more people are coming to Jesus than ever before. but that not much out if you7 billion. But it is impressive

  15. Preachers Daughter

    I thank God so much for this forum. I have really been struggling these past two weeks with lust. I have been practicing abstinece for some yrs and its been the fight of my life. Im just glad that I can come here and see that I am not the only one struggling to be a christian and do right. This has strengthened me more than I was.

    • wayne

      We should start the day with prayer together you think.

  16. emeka

    I really tnk God 4 dis forum of believing christians. I also v bin struggling with lusts since I gave my life 2 christ. I lead a reckless life b4 I genuinly surrendered 2 God,bt since den it has bin hitches here nd dere on ma journey 2 righteousness. Bt smetin’as bin appenin 2 me of late. Unlike b4,no relatnshp I try 2 go in2, wrks .its either she leaves or I do,whicheva way,it jst appens without any reasons. I nid an advice on what is really appenin.

    • wayne

      Are you looking for perfection

  17. ray

    Thank god for this..really helped clear things up

  18. Great truths herein. Can’t believe I haven’t seen your blog before this. I’m going to put a link to this on my blog. Just posting about the causes of Betrayal in Marriage.

  19. stanley kayembe

    I seem not to get free from lust, each time a see a woman my heart goes for her. I have tried and talked to myself about changing and avoiding this behaviour but every time proves a challenge. Secondly, I usually have dreams of dreams of being in relationship with woman or seeing myself married to them. Please, how do i deal with this?

    • I think the first step is deciding what is temptation and what is sin. It isn’t sin to be tempted. It isn’t sin to desire sex. If a woman walks by and you notice you are attracted to her, don’t immediately rush to the place of shame as if you have done something wrong.

      A gentleman recently wrote his testimony on our blog about this. Here’s what he said:

      For most of my life, I felt as if my sex drive was in itself “broken”—as if it was fundamentally flawed and could never be pleasing to God. I must have prayed hundreds of things like this when tempted, “God, take away this desire… Cause me not to be tempted by this… The devil is running my sex drive,” and so on.

      What I was really doing was asking God to take away the sex drive that He put in me. Furthermore, by calling bad something that God made good for His purposes, I was perverting my nature, identifying with carnality and actually empowering the devil to run roughshod over my sexuality.

      You see, because I misunderstood my sex drive to be bad, in my heart I was already sinning before I had actually ever sinned. In my mind, I was already dirty before I actually got dirty. I was already alienated from God in my mind and identifying with the devil before I ever acted on my urges. My urges, then became a tool in the hand of the devil to convince me how dirty and unacceptable I was to God—thus stealing the identity of who I am in Christ.

      As far as the fantasies go, it is important to get these things under control. This sounds to me more like lust than just temptation. I highly recommend you read this article about reasons why men watch pornography. Just replace the word “porn” with your own romantic fantasies and I think you’ll find it helpful.

    • wayne

      Try to remember what you thought of girls before when you were a child.we should have faith like a child and innocence in how we look at things

  20. Tiffany

    I am not addicted to porn; I am addicted to lust. I have found lately that the overwhelming urge to have sex is eating away at my resolve. I’ve been celibate for three years, nine months and 26 days (yes, I’ve kept count). I am not in a relationship and I don’t even have any prospects. This is helpful only because I am not the type of person to have sex with just anyone. In other words, if you’re not my mate, then I won’t have sex. However, just recently, my list levels have creeped to an all-time high and I want sex badly. The only thing that I want more than the sex is to please and live for God. The problem is, and forgive me for the cliche, the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak. Please help

    • Derek

      I have been hooking up with a girl that i dont love for sometime now and everytime I do this i feel wrong afterwards and have found myself unable to let people into my life. Fight the temptation it will not satisfy anything.

  21. We were wondering if anyone from the Southern NJ area could contact us? We are a recovering family and need all the help we can get. Thank you.

  22. Cosmin

    Numbers 15:37 And the Lord spake unto Moses, saying, 38 Speak unto the children of Israel, and bid them that they make them fringes in the borders of their garments throughout their generations, and that they put upon the fringe of the borders a ribband of blue: 39 And it shall be unto you for a fringe, that ye may look upon it, and remember all the commandments of the Lord, and do them; and that ye seek not after your own heart and your own eyes, after which ye use to go a whoring: 40 That ye may remember, and do all my commandments, and be holy unto your God. 41 I am the Lord your God, which brought you out of the land of Egypt, to be your God: I am the Lord your God.

    • Nice passage. What exactly does it have to do with this article?

    • wayne

      Would it be nice to start the day out in prayer on this site like one hour set aside to share prayer needs

  23. Chibeza

    I have been addicted to porn for 19years .i really want to please GOD. Help

    • I’m sorry to hear that, Chibeza. I highly recommend you download Your Brain on Porn. It is a free e-book and will give you a great place to start.

  24. Gideon

    I always find it difficult to overcome my lust and has been asking God for forgiveness all the time wen I get defeated by lust. please help me out to never go back to it again I feel God will not forgive me again this time cos I was just overcomed again

  25. Jadae

    I am married and battling lust.The fantasies and thoughts started long before I met my husband I’ve had them probably since middle school I always thought it was because I was curious about sex. But here I am five years into marriage and battling more than ever I even battle while sitting right next to my husband.I don’t struggle with porn but lust and fantasies sometimes it scares me because I find myself having inappropriate thoughts about people who are definitely off limits like married men and ministers even I try to flee look away or remove myself from their presence but I still will have thought about someone else soon after changing my attention. My husband Also deals with a pornography addiction that comes and goes…or so I’m told. I tried telling him the truth about one of my dreams once and he tried to comfort me but after that He always accuses me of having something for,that person whenever their name comes up so I haven’t really been telling him what’s going on with me because it causes him to be very insecure…please help!

    • Kay Bruner

      What strikes me, as a counselor, is the aspect of “fantasy” and “dream” that comes out here, along with the fact that you remember it starting in middle school. I think that porn and sexual fantasy is so often an escape mechanism from stress or difficulty or pain. I wonder what relationships in the real world are like for you? Because I’ve found that the more we allow ourselves to be loved and nurtured in real life, the less we need a fantasy world of escape. Honestly, I think you’d probably do really well to explore that with a counselor. I like to recommend the American Association of Christian Counselors as a good place to find someone in your area. I applaud you for taking this seriously, and I’d just encourage you to consider what pain might be driving this long-term need for fantasy. Let me know what you think! Kay

    • Have you considered talking this through with other female friends who can support and pray for you? I think this would be a great help. You might even want to use this accountability resource with some close friends who can listen to your confessions and support you.

  26. anonymous

    thank you for that comment ,im always in my own world and fantasy and your answer is making me realise that my real relationships with people are horrible ,i dnt have friends if i do i cant keep one …i think thats the problem …i feel rejected and love self pity im afraid of approaching people and always by my own

  27. fortune

    I av bin battling with lust too and i find ur blog really helpful…Am a new convert and am kinda confused on sum issues. Is it okay as a christian to be in a relationship wit sumone who has a belief different from urs?

    • Hi Fortune,

      Good question. First, I highly recommend you get involved in a local church (if you aren’t already) and find a mature Christian person who can really mentor you through these sorts of questions.

      I believe this largely depends on how different the beliefs are. The goal of any dating relationship is to really get to know someone to see if marriage is a possible future, and you need to consider what it will be like living with and raising children with this person. If the belief differences are small enough that this won’t present a problem, differences of opinion are alright. If you think the differences are major, this will not be the best for the furtherance of your faith. For instance, my wife and I disagree on relatively minor matters of faith (how to interpret different Bible verses), but we both wholeheartedly believe what the gospel message is and the kind of church we want to be involved with.

    • Ifeanyi

      The Bible says that we should not be unequally yoked with unbelievers. Which type of belief are you actually taking about, if you are talking about another belief on a whole, then the Bible says it might be a hindrance to your faith. Christianity is the truth, and if that person is not a Christian (does not believe in Christ), you have to tell the person about the truth. The truth is Jesus, anyone who denies him is referred to as the antichrist.
      My advice is be sure about the person’s belief, if this person does not believe in Jesus yet, then you have to reach out to the person with the truth, if the person doesn’t still believe, seek God’s help and tell Him to open her eyes to see.

  28. Ita

    God bless you all. I believe for the humility it takes to be open here, some grace is released and our Father will show mercy continuously. But it is important to know that in some cases, a spirit of lust may be attached to a christian and may keep harrassing you till you rebuke it with the authority of Jesus or get someone to pray for you. There is a spirit realm and demons can work on afflicting us at times.
    You will lose nothing to find and declare the scripture over yourself including, Greater is He that is in me than he that is in the world.” “All that is in the world, the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life, is not of the Father but is of the world.” “I am more than a conqueror through Christ Jesus who loved me and gave His life for me.” Just an example. If you write all such statements from the scripture and read and declare them till they are stuck in your memory, it amounts to swinging the sword of the Spirit as spelt out in Eph.6:10
    God bless us all.

  29. Anonymous 2000

    Some excellent comments.
    I am intrigued by those who appear to be in settled marital relationships who still struggle with lust, even though the scriptures tell us that the marriage bed is honourable and undefiled.
    This demonstrates a lack of intimacy in these relationships, probably because the partners are playing out their roles in marriage based on wrong-headed preconceptions and need to discover the BIBLICAL model for their relationship and implement every new revelation.
    As for me, I am single and have been at war with my flesh for over 20 years.
    There have been victories and defeats in this war against lust, yet even when I fail I thank God that He has given me the victory in Christ and this war drives me to my knees and reminds me how desperately I need Christ directing and guiding my thought life every minute of every day.
    He could remove this struggle with a single command, yet He allows it to protect my humility and total dependence on His strength.
    We can never stop resisting but let us never use this weakness as an excuse to quit.
    Pray for all people caught up in the sex industry that they may be delivered and, of course, for each other.

  30. eman adona

    thanks..continue changing lives…

  31. Adrian Zabala

    Hi. I am just coming in a crisis moment, where I just fell in sin again and have the feeling of frustration that comes every time I fail God. I know that Christ is always there for me and that is why I think He brought me here. He knows of the heavy weight I bearing on my shoulders and I just want to quit. So please, now one of the greatest things you can do for me is pray, pray for me to surrender to Gods will because I know I can fight this stuff for myself anymore. Thanks

  32. hello I just queried Christian fight against Lust and I arrived at a list of sights including yours
    I would like to know if you can suggest how I gain strength against Lust as I do not have a functional relationship
    to speak of so even though I try to occupy my time constructively transgression is an issue
    I am a Christian Writer and have tried for several years to get my work reviewed Durance publishing validated my work but there are always fees that I do not have the financial ability to address as I am partially disabled
    if their is any advice how I can climb out of this situation please share it thanks

    • Dan Armstrong

      Thanks so much for the comment. Your issue is addressed in a video we just released this week. Consider what James 1 says about the cycle of temptation. He says we are lured away of our own desires and enticed. Those desires can be wanting to escape, wanting to indulge, wanting to seek revenge, etc. They can also be good desires that we overdo. One of the strategies that we will give in the coming weeks is to speak God’s Word when you feel you are approaching temptation. It can either be Scripture itself or phrases like “I will not lust after this because my body is the temple of God.” In the coming weeks, we will release more videos addressing the various stages of the cycle of temptation.

      In the meantime, please read this article about three biblical strategies for fighting lust.

  33. Daniel 4 christ

    I am thanksful to God for all His lovingkindness towards me. I used to be involved with porn and masturbation but God gave me victory. One thing i am currently doing now is making a vow to God that for 1 month, i dont want to masturbate or watch porn and i have been able to keep my vow to God, though i still some days to go. After the one month, i plan to do another month because it has really helped me to stay clear lust, masturbation and porn.

    • Manny

      I am also finding it hard to overcome lust. I really God loves me but I keep falling into lust and it costing me time and money. I sometimes pretend to families and friend as if I am. not doing this kind of things but deep in me, I know I am hurting myself and God. can someone advise me what to do cause I am tired of falling over again.

    • Chris McKenna

      @Manny, now that you’ve read this article, have you put the “run from,” “run to,” and “run with” into practice? Lust doesn’t die easily – if this is something you’ve struggled with for a while, then it will take months, maybe longer to practice victory. Remember, you are already victorious! Christ has won. Just “live” it! Peace, Chris

  34. steve

    Good thought Luke!! Have to put into work..

  35. Mike

    Thank you!

  36. IneduDan@Crucified!

    I’ll be 26years of age in September; never had sex with a lady; growing up in a godly heritage, BUT impure thoughts seldom come my way giving birth to browsing porn pictures.

    Am a preacher of The Gospel with a level of manifestation of God’s saving power on many lives,but I seldom fall flat in The face of temptation by lust. I’m praying as Paul to keep my body under control so as not to lose heaven after preaching and leading many to Christ.

    I’m conversant with all Scriptures dealing with overcoming youthful lust,

    Please,What Else Do I Lack?

    Mercy,LORD. AMEN

    • Chris McKenna

      At a high level, one can run away from lust, run towards God, and run with trusted allies. It seems that you are running away well, and that you are keeping your eyes fixed on God for your strength. Do you have any trusted believers who you can talk to? Friends who can ask you hard, but loving questions about your choices? This blog post is very helpful:

      Peace, Chris
      Covenant Eyes

  37. Anon

    My husband told me that when we walk in malls and similar places, he constantly needs to turn his face away from sensual posters, or women dressed provocatively. It says he constantly needs to be conscience of such things as he does not even want to look at a women in the wrong way, and that he constantly needs to question himself on whether he did look at a women in the wrong way. But is this the right way that he should be dealing with it, according to the ‘Run from’ paragraph? I want to help him to overcome this, but I think I need help too, in dealing with him having this problem. I definitely appreciate this article and realise that our lack is in the third paragraph, having friends, we have, but we aren’t very close to anyone in particular to the point where we can share our experiences.

    • Chris McKenna

      Hello Anon – in our pornified world, I’ve had to do the same thing as your husband, with turning my eyes whenever I see that there is a woman coming towards me where there’s a risk I might look with slightly impure motive. I’ve found that “run from” is a constant, persistent effort – taking every thought captive and making it obedient to Christ (2 Corinthians 10:4-5) is my goal, but the implementation is a work in progress. What specific part of what he’s doing to stay pure is difficult for you?

      I hope that you will pray for look for those types of friends, or maybe they’re already in your surroundings, but it just takes one person to really share deep to create a deeper connection.

      Covenant Eyes

  38. Peter S

    City Struggle

  39. PJ

    For me I use to work alone doing service work and the temptation at that time was to Masturbate to Porn during work. I would sneak off during my shift and steal the time while Masturbate in the bathroom of my clients facility sometimes even their homes. My perversion was out of control but coming to the Lord Jesus Christ I have started to be cleansed of this perversion of pornography. I found my perversion getting larger and larger like a never ending fire that fuels itself. The devil cannot get enough and wants to ravage our souls rapaciously! My struggle now is working in a big city and women walking half naked. I find myself festering lust in my heart as they walk by or I sit next to them on the train instead of viewing them as gifts of God almighty. I am seeking the Sacrament of Reconciliation more often and staying away from porn. Cold showers believe it or not have actually helped me out quite a bit. Praying for Jesus to enter my heart each and every day and to embrace holiness one day at a time. I feel ashamed and disgusted with my past indulgences with porn but recognize that through the body and blood of our Lord Jesus Christ I am cleansed and born anew. May God bless you all in this struggle. We are not alone!

  40. Wesley

    I am in a bout of temptation as I write this, so I will run with you all. I have a view on this matter that may help others.

    This view is what I believe salvation means, both from the perspective of your eternal soul and from this moment of temptation…

    Salvation is an act of desperation. You cannot be saved because you want to be. You cannot saved because you believe that you should be. Salvation occurs at the moment that you realize that you are utterly powerless, weak and unfit for the kingdom of God. In this moment, you abandon your will and desires to God and allow him bear the burden of your sins, because at long last you realize that you are incapable of doing so yourself.

    I cannot overcome sin. I cannot live a righteous life. I can only even maintain an appearance of righteousness to the world for so long. And, because I viewed myself as a strong an intelligent man, loved and respected by those around me, my moment of salvation came at 31 years old, after a lifetime in the church, well in versed old testament and new, and staunch defender Christianity. I was never saved because I believed that my actions and words were the cause of salvation.

    Only by admitting that I was a sinner, a sexual deviant and pornography addict before the lord, and ceasing my struggle against temptation by allowing God to fight my battles for me was I finally saved. My heart and mind belong to Jesus now. His Holy Spirit is in charge of my life.

    Satan and the world want me to take control of my life. They want me proud, thinking that I am capable of winning against sin through force of will, and that righteousness is within my grasp if I do so. What actually saves me when temptation occurs is asking for a renewal of Gods holy spirit, and reasserting my helplessness and weakness before God as I did the day I was first saved. It is like being saved for the first time over and over and over. Perhaps one day the temptation will cease or become less frequent. I hope so, but so far not. Only giving my struggle up to God has helped me. When I do, peace occurs. Giving up the struggle is hard and counterintuitive, but it is true.

    Now, when I am tempted, I

  41. Yakubu

    This message on run from, to and with has lighten a candle in my heart and life.I’ve tried to resolve in every new year to stop this practice(pornography) but all efforts have ended in futility.I see this message as a good starter in the struggle against this filthy practice.Thank you

    • Chris McKenna

      Hello Yakubu, I’m so glad. You’re not alone! God is for you and anything is possible through Him.

      Covenant Eyes

  42. Michael

    Run from, is getting up and out in poblic, and staying out tell the desire is gone. It seems easy to do but it’s getting up, getting out, both have action that is contrary to my thinking of this is easy no problem, it is just that’s a problem. I don’t move.

  43. tanx guys am from Ghana I think it is God Blessing for knowing this forum… I have been battling with lust for the past 4 months I HV been praying and fasting but anytime i sleep i have a dream that am having sex with somebody. I have tried and tried but still ..can anybody help me?!!! I don’t want to go back to fornication….advice please

    • Chris McKenna

      Hello Kojo, I’m so sorry that you’re struggling in this way. The enemy invades even our dreams and thoughts! Reading your struggle made me think about 2 Corinthians 10, where Paul writes, “For though we live in the world, we do not wage war as the world does. 4 The weapons we fight with are not the weapons of the world. On the contrary, they have divine power to demolish strongholds. 5 We demolish arguments and every pretension that sets itself up against the knowledge of God, and we take captive every thought to make it obedient to Christ.” May you embrace the strength inside of you as a child of God – a strength that can control even our dreams.

      Peace, Chris
      Covenant Eyes

  44. Amen and God Bless You

  45. ben

    It is tough today to be free from adultery of the heart with the way women dress today.

  46. philinnes

    to flee from sexual thoughts , adultry , masturbating, fornicarion etc is easy the bible tells us live in the spirit so u can not do the wills of the fleh the flesh and spirit are in a greate big war so u can not do want u want to do so has christian we either in the spirit or the flesh.see u can try running away from sin , if u try to stop sin with your strengths you wont make it , now your strength is Jesus . tell me what can be impossible for u if you depend in GOD I believe nothing!. flesh is the origin of sin if we leen on the flesh we will have sexual dream, lust, adultry fornication etc we need to run to christ in the tabernacle nothing can attack u so lets run to christ and be the in the place of prayer

  47. philinnes

    I, ve been struggling my self in masturbation and ponagraphy, lust for 3 years since i was 14 years I was an addict I would sometimes masturbate everyday more than 1 time some more tha 2 times a day and I would watch pornography , sometimes just get in the internet to see pornographic emages I struggled with this sin since 2013, what made me to realy be delieverd its the fact that I first had to know the truth brothers and sister’s when we have the right true doctrine we can be set free but when we dont know the truth we wont be sanctified for its the truth that sanctifies. so I searched throughout the internet if masturbation is a sin or not and I would find variety of answer some would say no some yes , I remember I started listening to paul washers sermons and other from other men of GOD so one day i decided to END with all of this sin I dont remember if I masturbation then felt guilty and prayed or I just felt it in my heart to pray so I kneeled and prayed with a sincere heart and told jesus “I cant stop sinning I keep doing the same thing please help me because I cant for myself” I remember saying words like that the I remember time kept going on and on and I believed the Gospel and then jesus baptized me and filled me with HOLY SPIRIT I just shared what I recalled and thats how it happened listen and look at him because he is in the door trying to help just let him in (HOLLY SPIRIT) brothers he is close not far away just say cone and help me HOLY SPIRIT

    • Chris McKenna

      Hello – thank you for sharing openly about your struggle and victory! You’re touching on something very important – that it is a daily realization that Jesus is right there. I think it also helps to think of it as not just a daily struggle to stay clean, but a daily CLAIM of VICTORY for Jesus! Like you say, He is close and not far away, and is right there with us.

      Peace, Chris
      Covenant Eyes

  48. peter wanyoike

    I’m almost 1 year old as a believer in christ.I struggled with watching porn and masturbation but i overcomed this through prayers and all came to an End when i got saved this year.but now am struggling with sexual dreams,i feel the devil is bringing this attack of nightmares.It’s so heart braking,i feel it’s my fault and i brought this to myself,my heart is broken to pieces.I Don’t know how to get out of this.please pray for me to overcome this please.

  49. Fortune Fidelis

    I find this message interesting I’m must commend the good work though
    I am battling With as a teenager…. I thank God I’m winning
    U know u can’t just say u ve won
    It’s something that’s gradual

  50. Dionetta

    Hello. I got involved with someone who I’m in love with. We’re both Christians and we get involved in church activities. We’re in love with each other and want to get married in four years time, but we’re struggling with lust. We cut communication yesterday, but we’re really hurting and it’s making us unstable. I can’t stop crying. Please what do you suggest that we do. We didn’t have sex. We just got involved in other sexual acts.

    • Chris McKenna

      Hello, Dionetta – you’re in a tough spot. What do you see in the Bible that might help? Paul encourages those who are burning with passion to get married. It does not sound like you will be able to wait 4 years. I doubt the lust is going to disappear. It sounds like you have some tough choices to make. Talk to friends. Search God’s Word. Talk it out with your boyfriend. Then, make a decision.

  51. KC2

    I am 20 years old. I am a woman. I have struggled and been failing with my sexual lusts since I was a young child. I was addicted to porn and enjoyed the company of boys since I was 12 even though I still have not yet had sex in the basic conventional meaning, although ive done nearly everything else for pleasure. I was saved when I was around 14 but I have never been able to become completely free of my bodily needs. I have a long distance boyfriend of 4 years (he started out living here so its not always been this way) that struggles the same way with me as I do him. I know he is not in his faith the way that I am and this is part of my problem because I struggle and he and I can never seem to resist when our needs come screaming. Both of us have a past in pornography which I have been able to quit up to a very very small degree(although I know an addiction is an addiction and this means nothing). Trust me I am not happy with myself and have resorted to cutting and drinking in mild amounts just to make sure I feel some sort of punishment for my actions as its not like God punishes me physically like this until I die. I am terrified of losing my salvation because I cant break free…I know I must look to God and I have studied my Bible for years with my family and am extensively aware of things that even many people older than me are unaware of in the Bible…the problem is I have yet to come to any definite answers in my most agonizing questions… scared and everyone has different opinions and I don’t know what to do…I have spent years begging for God to answer me…I can go some time without my worst sins and begin to think I’m doing ok, but then my human desires break me…ive heard people tell me that I need to leave anyone whom I have an unevenly yoked relationship with but it is not really an option for me, if u understand love and how sometimes u need another person because they are ur best friend and fix so many things about u, then u understand why my boyfriend also breaks everything in me even though he has no idea…I hate myself. I wish I could die but I’m too much of a coward and I know my family needs me and I know my boyfriend would stand no chance without me as I’m all he has…im sorry. I truly am to whoever reads this as I am only taking up more space and I will probably receive the same advice I’m always given whenever I get like this…its only this way when I’m alone….I am fully aware of the demonic world and I understand so much about God yet I know I know nothing…I desperately wish he spoke to me as he speaks to every other person I know…maybe I’m not ready…maybe I don’t want it bad enough…maybe I just love pitying myself…I know I’m loved by the Lord, I desperately want to obey him but trying to resist such primal needs makes it agonizing………I want to change. I want answers. I want to understand but I can never find the absolute truth without a doubt…im scared. I’m sorry…I needed somewhere that I could speak and maybe be heard because things are bad in my head right now…I know none of this makes any sense and my writing is crap right now….I should do so many things at this point. I should talk to someone in a church but who could I speak to who wont judge me as they don’t know me and my whole story and all I would hear is the advice I give myself…I should try therapy but who has the money/time for that…I should pray but ive done this prayer so many times and begged God to no end with hardly a result…..please…is there anybody who understands??? is there anybody who can actually help????

    • Kay Bruner

      Hey there. I am so, so sorry for the pain you’re in, and for how hurt you’ve felt for so long.

      Please GO TO YOUR DOCTOR IMMEDIATELY. I suspect that you’re very seriously depressed, and that medication would be very, very helpful to you. You’re already self-medicating with cutting and drinking; it’s much, much healthier to be evaluated by a medical professional and be monitored with FDA-approved medications that can actually treat the biological needs of your body, rather than just giving you some temporary relief.

      Second, please FIND A COUNSELOR. Yes, it may cost something (although most counselors I know work on a sliding scale that’s income-based) and yes, it will take time. But there IS help, there IS healing. When you find a good counselor, then you’ve found that place where you can say anything and be accepted as you are.

      I really think that’s what you need most of all: the experience of Love. Because I really don’t think you can fix or change or force yourself to be different. It’s only when you experience Love that you’re able to leave behind self-harming behaviors and instead live in the truth: you are God’s Beloved. God loves you with an everlasting love, and that Love never leaves you, never forsakes you. You can’t be separated from that Love by anything: life, death, angels, demons, things present, things past. That Love is a truth that exists whether you know it or not–but when you know it, when you experience it, it revolutionlizes your life. That’s been my experience anyway.

      The shame and loathing that you feel is not from God. GOD LOVES YOU. God doesn’t feel those things at all, ever; there’s only feels love and compassion for you.

      I think you’re feeling a little bit of that Love with your boyfriend. And that’s true in every relationship where there’s kindness and compassion: Love lives there; there’s a bit of God’s light.


      Do what you know you need to do: find a therapist and start talking. Let that person love you just as you are. Accept that Love. And let it grow until it breaks down the self-harm. Love works! I know it does! I’ve seen it, for myself, and for many others.

      And don’t forget: see your doctor right away and get that medical help.

      Peace to you, dear friend,


      Hey KC2,

      I SINCERELY appreciate your courage to put this up! I REALLY do understand how you feel. The way out of this is simply “Stop Struggling” with your passion.It is inherent and it doesn’t die. You can simply turn it to the Lord in sincere and Genuine faith believing that God is more than willing to help you than you thought. It may take a little time to gain mastery over your passion but you would get it right sometimes soon enough.

      Simply tell the LORD ”HELP ME” and HE will…It may sound so unrealistic but it works as you see God as the only and final resort on this matter!

      Be Free in Jesus’ name!

  52. Gods soldier

    2 Corinthians 2:10 cast down IMAGINATIONS and every high thing that exalteh itself to the knowledge of God and bring into CAPTIVITY every thought to the obedience of Christ!!!! This my friends I advice to embed into your hearts this is Paul’s actual verse on spiritual warfare

    • Firm believer

      The verse that I read that jumped out and leached on to me! This is what the word of god being sharper then any two edged sword means!

  53. Asheep

    I was searching on google about lust because I was feeling troubled about how quickly I find myself attracted to females. I am constantly repenting as I browse the internet or watch tv or walk around places with females, etc.

    I think something nice to do after falling because of those sins you guys are talking about is to fast and set up structures of what you can do next time you feel tempted again.

    For instance, you can set up a rule that next time you feel tempted to commit that certain sin of watching sexual videos you will get off the computer and go take a shower, or if you are feeling tempted while on your phone you will put the phone away, etc. As long as you are feeling tempted consider yourself in “time out mode” from the tv or computer or phone or whatever it is that will give you access to porn.

    We have been givin a wonderful hope to look forward to. Jesus is a mighty teacher. I wish everyone who has commented here blessings. Take care and pray for me if you read this and want to. Bye.

  54. Asheep

    I was searching on google about lust because I was feeling troubled about how quickly I find myself attracted to females. I am constantly repenting as I browse the internet or watch tv or walk around places with females, etc.

    I think something nice to do after falling because of those sins you guys are talking about is to fast and set up structures of what you can do next time you feel tempted again.

    For instance, you can set up a non-binding rule(that you can try to follow) that next time you feel tempted to commit that certain sin of watching sexual videos you will get off the computer and go take a shower, or if you are feeling tempted while on your phone you will put the phone away, etc. As long as you are feeling tempted consider yourself in “time out mode” from the tv or computer or phone or whatever it is that will give you access to porn.

    We have been givin a wonderful hope to look forward to. Jesus is a mighty teacher. I wish everyone who has commented here blessings. Take care and pray for me if you read this and want to. Bye.

  55. Julio

    Really helpful to overcome lust, temptation, and masturbation, thank you so much, in the name of Christ I will defeat these lustful thoughts and ways .

  56. Ranganai Muneri

    i had a trinity of issue- Masterbation, porn and lust. i successfully fought the first the.
    first two. Now the last 1 is what m fighting. But each time i try hard, i end up having sex with that beautiful lady. if i aviod her, i a week or two i get hooked to another beautiful lady. i need his Grace to save me. I need to fight this once and be done. i have to follow Christ with a pure heart

  57. Miller

    I have struggled with pornography for years, since I was a kid. It was when we put a computer in our house is when it started. I was so young I didn’t grasp the idea of what all it meant, but I enjoyed seeing girls naked. As I got older & understood it all I was hooked & enjoyed watching the videos & masterbating. Thoughts of girls/women I knew played a big part of my lustful thoughts. I tried & tried & prayed much to be free but I failed over & over for many years. Finally a time came when the Lord saved me when I was in college. For a couple of weeks I never had to fight with the lust I had or actions I did, but there came a day I was not expecting that I was sleeping & woke to movement that I responded to & I have struggled since. I’m married now & we have gone through our fighting of my problem & we found covenant eyes & have been using it for a few years now. I still find myself falling & I hate it. I can’t seem to let go. I know it devistates my wife & she feels like I don’t love her & that I lie to her when I says I love her or she’s beautiful. I do love her & I do find her beautiful. I know that it’s not at the level it could be because my lustful problem has taken some of it. What can help my wife? How can I stop? How can I let go of these chains that hold me down? I pray often that I want to be free, understanding that I may be free but Satan is always going to be throughing temptations in front of me to make me fall. I feel like I have done this for so long knowing it’s wrong that God can’t forgive me. Maybe He has turned me over to a reprobate mind or maybe my conscience has been seered. How do I know if I still have hope?

    • Chris McKenna

      Hello, Miller – thank you for your honest words. I can sense the struggle and exhaustion in your typing. Let me start here – you still have hope because God’s promises say that there is hope (Romans 15:13 – He is the God of hope!). Do you believe His promises? Jesus did not descend to the depths of hell and conquer death just so that you would continue to struggle! Do you believe in the power of the cross? Or, have you accepted your identity as a porn addict and “that’s the way it will always be!” That is a LIE and we need to call that out for what it is. Pull yourself up and stand victorious in the shadow of the Cross! It is enough! Jesus is your strength! He has conquered your sin and your lust!

      Not, “I can’t seem to let go,” but instead, “be transformed by the renewing of your mind” (Romans 12:2) and understand that you CAN let go! Freedom is possible. If I can be direct, get up and start acting like the man you were redeemed to be! Make a clear and effective decision that you will no be defined by this sin. Read this blog post, specifically the rant in the middle, and change what you believe about yourself, the issue, and the power of Jesus.

      I’m rooting for you!!! God is for you, too. Be encouraged. Have hope!

  58. Shree

    Hello Luke,
    Thanks for such a supportive content and thank you covenant eyes for all you are doing .
    I started enjoying porn when I was 14 yrs old. I just thought it was normal thing to do which continued upto the age of 17 when I was born as a christian. I turned towards God because I wanted to be a good person.And I remember upto two years I didn’t look at porn at all. I was succeeding everywhere. And even married a beautiful women whom I loved and am a teacher now. But after I married , I would frequently view erotic materials as an excuse of gaining sexual knowledge but it really turned out that I was hooked to more sexual content time and then. I always repented before God ,grew to be stronger but would eventually fall down before the temptation of my evil desires. I admit it that I sin even when I know that it is wrong to do but once I get a key word or anything that is sexually arousing(girls walking in a street with exposing clothes) I cannot help myself. To get rid of porn , I even learnt violin and am trying my best to get over it but when I feel I have had a victory I eventually fall into trap.
    I have read the ebooks , porn circuit , coming clean and every other books from the covenant eyes site but though I haven’t been able to win or resist it .I even went to the pschycologist but all I could get was what it was written in the ebooks
    Please , I need help . I am desperate. I want my God to rejoice in my acts not to cry because of me. I know God has caught my hands until today and has given me all I desire but am really scared if someday I will left alone. I don’t want to be away from my God and want to get rid of this filthy thoughts forever. Please help ….*crying*….

    • Chris McKenna

      Hi, Shree – I’m sorry you’re struggling. I’m Chris McKenna, in the role formerly filled by Luke.

      That spirit of shame and disgust is so heavy. But, it wants you to keep secrets and hide the issue because when you do that, the enemy wins. BUT, in the light, and saving Grace-filled love of Jesus, that disgust and shame is crushed. Can you trust anyone to talk with about your struggles? Maybe even a support forum like, where you can find other people online who understand and will support you?

      Let me direct for a minute. Jesus did not die for us to flounder! It’s time to man-up. Jesus didn’t give the rich man a moment to struggle. He saw his idol and his heart and he told him so. You’re a Christian, so I offer to you that it’s time to put on your suit of armor and instead of seeing this as struggle, look at it as a battlefield. A good soldier wouldn’t go out expecting to die, so get out there and fight and don’t accept anything less than victory. You don’t have to give way to these sins, you choose to. Victory comes moment by moment. Not in life-long promises never to sin again. The enemy loves those promises! “Give us this day our daily bread.”

      Be strong! Christ did not die, descend to the depths of hell, conquer death, and rise to glory only to be defeated by your struggle. He overcame the struggle for YOU! Yes, for you. God is for you and will be your strength. But, you must act. Look at Joseph in Egypt – when tempted by Potiphar’s wife, he didn’t stay and ponder the situation. No, he ACTED and RAN! Now is your time. If you still have access to porn through a computer or smartphone, then pitch it. Through the TV? Toss it out the window. Battle.

      I hope the best for you, I truly do.

  59. Ke'Ahna Eady

    I am 13 years old and I know the Lord savor for myself My mom is helping me with the lessons she brings by me everyday. I listen to her and apply it to my everyday life. What I want to let y’all know is God can use you at any age It’s just that when he calls you don’t run away from it. You have to face it and embrace it. You have to be ready for that change spirituality, mentally, and emotionally. We are all brothers and sisters in christ. In God eyes we are all equal it doesn’t matter about the skin, your language, where your from. The Lord don’t care about that we are all his children and anything that you need to cry out to someone fall on your knees and cry out to the Lord he will hear you.

  60. Godwin

    I have been struggling with lust and pornography for over 7 years
    I Have tried so much to stop it but to no avail .please i need a healing of my mind to be able to conquer it

  61. Frederick de Veyra

    I am blessed about this lesson because i am also struggled to overcome lust. Thank you so much. God bless you.

  62. Moses Obasola

    Some years ago,while I was in the student fellowship on campus, a brother walked up to me and confessed his adventure with masturbation to me. I saw in his eyes the expression of a captive who needed freedom from a tyrant; we then talked and prayed together.Few months now, I couldn’t believe how I have been captured by pornography and masturbation myself. I will stay away asking the Lord to help my thought and then I will find myself going back to my vomit. I need help;I can’t continue like this.

  63. RUNNING TO GOD. I incorporate wholesome pleasure in my worship time with God. Here is what I do. Sight: I light a candle to remind me He is the Light of the world. Smell: I burn incense reminding me my prayers are like incense to Him. Voice and Hearing: I worship singing songs from a collection of Christian music I gathered off Spotify to come into His courts with praise. Sense of Touch: As an artist I love the feel of pencil on paper so I write my prayers and things I hear God saying to me (things that encourage me which do not contradict the Word of God). I start with praise then tell him what is on my mind and ask him to speak to me about these things. Then I find scripture to back up what I sense God telling me. Bible time and contemplation, involving sensory pleasure engrosses me and increases my awareness of God.

  64. Mike

    Thank You for the support!
    Reading the responses above has giving me strength and encouragement to over come my addiction. I know this will be a long and hard battle but, thought Jesus Christ my Lord & Savior I can conquer all things and challenges!
    God Bless and Prayers for all..

  65. E

    Hi Brothers and Sisters,
    I found reading all these mini testimonials from all of you really inspiring and helpful, it’s nice to know that there are others fighting the same fight. I was introduced to sexuality at a very young age and have found that it has become a chief cornerstone of how I have identified with myself and wanted others to identify with me. A false illusion, as we were created in Gods image, and anything that does not align with the image of God doesn’t align with our true image.

    Through out my life I have either revelled in my sexuality or felt great shame. Through phases of pornography, through phases of promiscuity and sexual intercourse with numerous people, through having an addiction to masturbation, through having bouts of ‘lust of the eyes’, All these things have been counteractive to my walk with the Messiah, and in His Mighty Name, I renounce them. The severity of the sins is decreasing dramatically, but The Lusts always play far too much of a dominant role.

    I ask that we as family pray for one another and offer each other the support we require.

    God be with you

    Here is a sample of a prayer that will help all of you on your journey towards victory.

  66. Hmmm

    If only there was some easy way to turn lust off, wouldn’t we all take it in a heartbeat. I hate it but lust after it at the same time. Forgive me Lord, for I know not what I do. There is always forgiveness in God and it is a DAILY, moment by moment choice to choose the Reedemer of our souls or the death of that which is good in us. Lord please be with us and wage the wars we cannot win on our own. Use us as you will.

  67. Blasev

    Dont give up brothers and sisters. I am 37 years old and still strugling from time to time. Lately I manage to put my mind , heart and body to focus more on Jesus. By reading bible and praying daily. Do not forget that “run into” also mean our daily 24 hours times must always be focused on God. If you do everything (yes including playing games, sleeping and etc) for God.

  68. Brother Farmer

    I get the run from, run to, but I have a problem with the run with. In today’s society trust is in incredibly short supply. Is it sinful in itself to remain private and solitary ?

    • Chris McKenna

      Hi, I don’t think so. In my own experience, the enemy just tends to have a lot more control over my life when I’m private and solitary. Community seems to crush some of the lies of secrecy.


  69. charlie

    need help. thanks

  70. Andy

    @Brett Barnes … Praying for your and your situation… Amen

  71. Innocent Singo

    Hy my name is Innocent and i’ve struggling with lust for 9 years now I’m a christian and I pray Jehovah God, but I can’t break from this lust. Please help me to overcome this lust.

  72. Jamie Perez

    I’m feeling lead to share my story too incase it might help anyone… I was struggling with lust after a co worker who was exactly my “Type” showed me some attention. I was overcome with attraction and lust for him and doubted my ability to keep my purity… after 2 or more years of being celibate. I prayed and asked for prayer, and my co worker was just fired. So… God WILL make a way for escape if you sincerely want to be broken of this bondage. also… I was so caught up with feelings for this guy that I relapsed and got drunk after several months of being sober, I believe the sin of lust also opened a door for my drinking to come back in. Be careful! One sin leads to another.

  73. I am always browsing online for ideas that can help me. Thanks!

  74. Martin

    But I say, anyone who even looks at a woman with lust has already committed adultery with her in his heart. (Mt.5:28) I hope my testimony can help someone. Sadly I used to have lustful thoughts causing me to sin and always wanted to be free from it but couldn’t. I used to cry out to God to deliver me. I am happy to say that by the grace of God that I have been free from lust for some years now. So what is the secret? Whenever I see any beautiful girl, or photo or in company with opposite sex I immediately start praising and thanking the Lord for his beautiful creation of this person and I remember how wonderful is the Lord our God who made heaven and earth and then instantly lust doesn’t get a chance to get hold of me. I am too busy praising the Lord to have lustful thoughts. I believe that there is a spirit of lust which causes men and women to lust but by praising and giving glory to God for his creation, the evil spirit has to flee. I can boldly say that once there is no lust, you will never have unholy desires for porn and masturbation. Secondly, if you see something on TV, computer or book which is likely to cause lust immediately change the channel or close that web page. Thank you Jesus for setting me free. I pray that everyone who reads this wins the victory.

  75. Victor

    I have problem with sleeping and having sex… But awake, I don’t have that problem. It weakens me that am defeated by lust and passion while asleep.
    I have been auditing my self…I have not been able to come to terms the habit am into while awake that could put me in such spot whilr asleep.
    I need help!

    • Moriah Dufrin

      Hi Victor,

      Thank you for being honest and sharing your struggles. Perhaps you may find it beneficial to speak to a Christian counselor or therapist? Often times, they will be able to help people find the root of the issue and work to solve it. I pray that you find peace during this time of trial!

  76. Al Reynosa

    Will the app ever be available for Android

    • Moriah Dufrin

      Hi Al!

      Our software can be used on Android! If you are having technical issues, please contact our amazing customer service team:

      Toll-free in the US: 877.479.1119
      Outside the U.S.: 989.720.8000


  77. People need to mend their ways and return to God now more than ever to avoid suffering from His rightful judgement.
    Please read my blog: 5 Ways to Come Back to God
    Hope this help, Thank you!

  78. Timi bogidua

    I’m new, lust is a serious problem that I face, I know your program will help me a lot, thanks for your program.

    • Samantha Groll

      Hi Timi,
      We’re happy to help!:) Make sure you continue to take advantage of the many free resources we offer for fighting lust and overcoming porn!


  79. First on all, I want to commend the author for this life changing message.
    The matter of lust is very comprehensive and requires adequate information from legitimate sources like Covenant Eyes.
    Why? The reason is because this organization uses the best and most reliable source (the word of God) to spread the good news. Thereby, helping to change and refine lives.

    In response to the author, the Lord as helped me through lust, while teaching me to practically depend on Him.
    I have messages which I have written by God’s grace concerning how to overcome different Lust and I see your message as an alignment, inline with what the Lord has been teaching me.

    Keep doing the good work. God is our Rewarder.

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Integrity could rightly be labeled the “litmus test” of true recovery from pornography. Addicts are prone to define sobriety and recovery on their own terms, and when they do so, that is all that they…

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Thoughtful man.

Defeat Lust & Pornography

Does Striving for a Porn-Free Life Make You “Weird”? 

We live in a time when sensitivity toward others and understanding them…

We live in a time when sensitivity toward others and understanding them are upheld as the highest virtues. Yet somehow this changes when it comes to sensitivity and understanding towards those trying to keep pornography…

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Defeat Lust & Pornography

What the Devil Meant for Evil, God Turned to Good

In this short testimony, I will offer my testimony of failure, forgiveness,…

In this short testimony, I will offer my testimony of failure, forgiveness, freedom, and a new family that began in a nearly decade-long addiction to pornography. God’s grace and sovereignty are written all over my…

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