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  1. Excellent. This is fantastic stuff. Spiritual wholeness/ personal holiness I believe is the key to breaking free from our addictions.

    For a long time my testimony was that God delivered me from alchohol and nicotine addiction.

    In reality he put me together from the inside out. The outside indicators of a broken fractured self were my addictions.

    The outside indicators of a restored transformed self, is freedom from my addictions.

    Freedom is not possible outside of an authentic relationship with Jesus.

    Great blog Luke,


  2. Knowing this, recken yourself to be dead unto sin but alive unto God.
    We believe, by faith, that we are already delivered from an addiction before the evidence. Upon belief, the evidence will follow.

  3. I thank God for this post! I am 25 years old, and accepted Christ as my Savior at a young age. From my youth until now, God has delivered me from many things -including, anger/temper, low-self esteem, and self-righteousness. However, this lust thing has remained a constant battle. Seems like it gets me everytime I feel low or fail at something. YET, I know that God is a deliverer. He has delivered me from so much, that I know He is able.

    Your message really encouraged me today because I know that the fear of the Lord is key to defeating lust. I am working hard to KEEP the covenant -not simply with my eyes- but with the Lord not to look at internet pornography. I have taken the steps to prevent myself from event touching a computer without my screen being visible by in the room. It’s at work that gets me. I work as a tech. specialist and sometimes knowing how to get around firewalls and filters -and having my own office with a closable door)- I find myself looking at innapropriate images of clothed women; which often leads me to looking at images of pornographic women.

    The Lord has led me blessed me with a beautiful friend and girlfriend, and has confirmed to me that she is who I am to marry. However, He also informed me that I need to “repent”, meaning to COMPLETELY turn from my lust…and I want to because I want to please HIM. Against God only do we sin, and I know that regardless of what God blesses me with OR takes away from me, I will never be able to live life WITHOUT being right with God.

    Pray for me, as I pray for all men that God will keep us as we learn to be MORE THAN CONQUERORS in Jesus Christ.

  4. This has been a blessing to me. I am now a single man at 53 after being married and richly blessed with a beauiful godly wife who died after 30 years of marriage. I am stuggling with masturbation and internet pornography in my new aloneness. Job has become a great challenge and your thoughts on his life and covenant my consciousness of this sin has made me resolve to make a covenent with my own eyes!

    • @John – I am so sorry to hear about your loss. I hope this article and many others here can educate you more about the fight to stay pure.

  5. I got saved since I was a child, just like what others have written, I try hard to keep away from many of these visible sins I would say, BUT lust and lies have remained a big struggle. I walk up in the middle of night after a strange dream, prayed but thoughts kept running in my mind. Lust was one of them, on the other hand Jobs statment in verse 1 of 31came up in my mind, I could not recal the book, verse and the chapter, I google thr the net in my phone, thank God landed on this post, it has helped me, my prayer is that God helps me to make Covenant with my EYES and MY LIPS, He guide me so that I will speak the truth, He makes me to patiently wait for the girl I will mary. Lord help me out even those others who will read this post and comment. And for the author of this blog, thank you Big, may the Lord God richly bless you.

  6. Wow. This was definitely what god wanted me to see and read. Just minutes before I found this, I had no knowledge of Jobs covenant to god. I had just gotten home and just gotten off the phone with my mom because inhad just confessed to her that ive had a sexual addiction to pornography for years and that I was done having to live a seperate life (I was crying while on the phone of course). But when I got off the phone I reached for my bible and said “Lord…. speak to me please because im so lost”. At that moment I closed my bible and reopened it and there was Job 31. It touched my heart so dearly that I went online to research it. And then I saw that I wasnt the only one struggling with this issue. Thank you for your great words Luke Gilkerson.

  7. Thanks. Mad rush of lust used to drive out the awareness of the Almighty while my eyes were boring into pictures. Now I desire complete openness and intimacy with Jesus more.

    Jesus, I lift my eyes to you, my Lord and my friend.

  8. Thanks Luke, For your honesty in bringing this “shared” struggle before us. I copied your blog, edited it to insert my kjv verses, and will be studying it in the days ahead as I know these battles are not always won at the first. I had always thought my sin was the looking, but as you say, it’s in the thinking, the meditating on a woman. It was staring me in the face all along.
    kjv “I made a covenant with mine eyes; why then should I think upon a maid?”

  9. i was once a victim to this addiction but gotten my brake trough about two months now. Before my brake trough thou I was suffering from this addiction I wanted to stop so badly I tried everything but nothing work. I ad this addiction from I was about 10 now I’m 21. I live my life watching pornographer almost every day of my life. There was times in-between when I try to stop but it did not work but thank be to (Almighty GOD) for teaching me how to pure out to him. I went to a church camp two months ago and I pure out everything onto Almighty God and I told him every thing and I told him that I’m going home to do the same thing if he don’t help me. Now I have bin home for over two months and not even the thought of watching pornographer I don’t have. I was also addicted to masturbations but he took that too to God be the glory.
    But now I’m fasting for God to put a covenant my eyes.

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