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The Covenant Eyes logo is an asset to the company, its affiliates, and our partners. It’s important that it is used correctly.

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Promotional videos

Videos are a great way to show people the power of Covenant Eyes without requiring them to read testimonials or ebooks. They are versatile and can be featured one at a time or as a suite of information about our software.

Ebooks to share

Covenant Eyes uses ebooks to teach people all about breaking addiction, restoring relationships with their partners and children, building positive habits, and more.

  • Ebook: Connected
  • Ebook: Your Brain on Porn
  • Ebook: Hobbies & Habits
  • Ebook: Porn Stats
  • Ebook: Hope After Porn
  • Ebook: Porn and Your Husband

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Audience-Specific Email Language to use in your marketing strategy:

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