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Why Is My Router So Important?

Last Updated: January 17, 2023

Chris McKenna
Chris McKenna

Chris McKenna is a guy with never-ending energy when it comes to fighting for the safety and protection of children. He is the founder of Protect Young Eyes, a leading digital safety organization. Chris practices his internet safety tips on his four amazing children and is regularly featured on news, radio, podcasts, and most recently on Capitol Hill for his research. His 2019 US Senate Judiciary Committee testimony was the catalyst for draft legislation that could radically change online child protection laws. With expertise in social media usage, parental controls, and pornography use in young people, Chris is highly sought after as a speaker at schools and churches. Since 2016, Chris has worked with Covenant Eyes creating educational resources to help individuals and families overcome porn. Other loves include running, spreadsheets, and candy.

“Help! I don’t understand my router!”

Most parents freeze up when you ask them about their router. “Is that the same as a modem? Haven’t touched it since my internet provider gave us one last year. It’s behind the couch somewhere.”

Our friends at Protect Young Eyes often tell their followers that a router is the most important digital device in the home!

Why? Because when it comes to protecting young people from accidental exposure to pornography, the router might be your best defense

What Does a Router Do?

First, your router is NOT your modem. These pieces of hardware do two different jobs. 

The primary job of your modem is to make sure your home’s digital devices can connect to the internet through your internet service provider (sometimes called an ISP—AT&T, Spectrum, Xfinity, etc.).

Your router is the middle person between your modem and your internet-connected devices, like Chromebooks, smart TVs, and iPads. It “routes” traffic like a traffic signal and allows multiple devices to share the same network.

Other important attributes of these two important pieces of hardware:

  • They are often separate devices, but can also be combined into one device.
  • Your ISP often gives you the modem. They sometimes also give you a router.
  • Families and individuals are often allowed to purchase their own router.

3 Reasons a Good Router Is Important for Families

The things we’ll list here are probably helpful for families and individuals! Because whether you’re a teen or an adult who is trying to live porn-free, a good router can help.

  1. A good router can prevent early, accidental exposures to life-altering content. We’ve all had it happen, even as adults. You transpose one letter and your search for new reeds for your son’s sax takes you to something else. It’s well-documented that bad actors online often use words and phrases frequently used by others to redirect them to harmful content. A router that blocks known porn and certain categories of content can be a huge help.
  2. A good router can prevent “secret” devices from using your home’s network. We have a sickness. We never throw away old Apple devices! Remember that iPhone 6? It doesn’t have a SIM card, but it still works on WiFi. And when you punish your son or daughter by taking away their iPhone, then they might just find an old device or get a “burner” device from a friend, and they’re still online. All night long. Having a router that prevents unrecognized IP addresses from using your home’s network is critical.
  3. A good router can be an amazing digital trust teaching tool. When I installed the router in our home, I didn’t do it in secret. I invited my sons to watch and help. I wanted them to know WHY a good router is important, what it does, and that it’s good for all of us. Because even dad needs help avoiding some of the junk online (which is why I still use Covenant Eyes today!). 

What Router Do We Recommend?

Recently, Covenant Eyes met with the leadership at Gryphon Routers and we were impressed. Gryphon is an organization that cares deeply about the protection of families, and they offer something we don’t: hardware for your home. 

Covenant Eyes is software that travels with your iPhone, Android, MacBook, or PC⁠—no matter what network or data plan you might be using. And that’s really important.

But when you and your family are connected to your home’s network, with a WiFi-dependent device like the Xbox or your smart TV, are you also being protected? What about friends and family who might use your WiFi? Aren’t you responsible for where they visit online? What about malware and insecure websites accidentally visited by children (or adults)? 

Gryphon helps amazing families like yours answer these questions confidently. This is why Covenant Eyes has established a partnership with Gryphon, and we are offering our friends, followers, and members a special price on their router products.

Has it been a while since you thought about your router? You’re not alone⁠—but it’s time to take action! Gryphon might give you the solution you’re looking for.

This post contains affiliate links. Covenant Eyes receives a portion of the profits of purchases made as a result of the links above.

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