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Covenant Eyes Was Made for Women: You Can Be a Hero Too!

Last Updated: October 18, 2021

Moriah Bowman
Moriah Bowman

Moriah Bowman has been using Covenant Eyes since childhood. As a member of the Covenant Eyes team, she is passionate about writing and fighting pornography in the millennial generation. Moriah has a BA in political communications and plays an active role in fostering children of all ages who need a temporary safe home.

If there’s one thing we know for certain, it’s this: porn doesn’t discriminate between men and women. Sure, a large percentage of porn users are men, but it’s becoming more common for women to step forward with a need for accountability and recovery. Our ongoing mantra for women is “you are not alone,” and we’ve chosen this phrase because so many women reach out to Covenant Eyes feeling alone in their battle against pornography.

Covenant Eyes Breaks Down the Barrier of Shame

We know that as a woman, opening up about pornography can induce feelings of shame. You may ask yourself questions like, “Isn’t this something my husband should be struggling with, not me?” or “Will someone judge me if I tell them about my porn addiction?”

The answer to both of these questions is a resounding NO, and we believe that Covenant Eyes can make it even easier to find help and start your journey to victory.

One of our female members used Covenant Eyes to successfully break down this barrier of shame:

“Growing up in a Christian home and being female, admitting I had a problem with porn was especially difficult. Seeking help was even harder. However, after finally disclosing my addiction to my husband, we sought help and discovered Covenant Eyes. Now that Covenant Eyes is on all my devices and computers, freedom from this addiction is finally becoming a reality. Thank you Covenant Eyes for the noble and courageous work you do…..and thanks to the women of Covenant Eyes for helping other women break the shame and loneliness we especially feel in this fight. Freedom is POSSIBLE!”

Chrystal shares this about breaking free from porn:

“I began looking at porn regularly when I was 13 years old and would continue every day for the next 20 years. I knew it was wrong but was drawn to it in ways I can’t explain. I kept it a secret from everyone, including my husband. I finally came to a point of desperation, knowing it was wrong and realizing I was diving deeper and deeper into sexual sin. God broke my heart and I knew I couldn’t do it anymore, and I finally told someone. It’s been a LONG road, but God has been so kind to deal with me ever so gently, on one area at a time relating to addiction and the root causes. Covenant Eyes 40-day devotional really helped me understand about the hardwiring of the brain and the neurochemicals released and how they work in conjunction with addiction and desire. Being a woman, you feel so alone at times in this struggle, and knowing the brain doesn’t discriminate helped me feel less shame and hopelessness.”

Covenant Eyes’ Screen Accountability Works for All

Because we know that porn doesn’t affect men only, we make sure that our Screen Accountability software, resources, and messaging reach both men and women. We are a safe place for all to talk about their addiction and start seeking victory over pornography, and Screen Accountability is designed to work for men and women alike.

Another one of our female members found that Covenant Eyes’ method of accountability has played a key role in her porn recovery:

“I’m a female, and this has been soooooo helpful. I have friends that have actually called me out. So the way it’s set up for accountability is good! I could sneak on my laptop when it was only on my phone.. then once I got a computer that synced, [I] no longer could! God is going to bless y’allss company!! Thanks for waking up and going to work!! Y’all are being used to change lives!!!!”

And another victory story:

“The problem was lust, whether it was getting exposed to masturbation in middle school or reading romance novels in high school. I gave my life to Christ along the way and those became things hopefully of the past. However, a very difficult period in my life many years down the line got me hooked up on porn as a means to medicate, and knowing that it was wrong didn’t help. Unfortunately, almost all the recovery resources I sought for online were customized for men. I also couldn’t just bring myself to tell anyone out of fear and shame. When I finally got to the end of myself, I told my boyfriend who was surprisingly understanding and became my accountability partner. I still struggle sometimes, but I’ve come a long way from being that girl who couldn’t just help herself. I and my boyfriend have remained very intentional [and] are currently planning our wedding. I learned that lust and porn are also common problems among women to almost the same degree as they are for men. And I hope that I can one day be the inspiration why some other woman would seek help or keep holding on when recovery seems too difficult.”

Covenant Eyes Helps Women Quit Porn for Good

Right now, finding victory over pornography might seem daunting, especially if you’re a woman. No matter how long you’ve been watching porn—ten days or ten years—you can be victorious. It doesn’t matter what your porn addiction entails; by breaking down the barrier of shame and establishing accountability, you can quit porn for good. We want to walk alongside you, for every step of your journey. It’s our life mission, and it’s what gives us the motivation to make our software and resources better each day.

Screen Accountability helped this female member find victory through accountability:

“Even though I am paying for you guys, I really appreciate all you do. I was heavy into adult films for years, I couldn’t have done this without you. And I am a female too so people understand it even less.”

Covenant Eyes was made for women!