Overcome Porn: The 40 Day E-mail Challenge

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Find freedom with Overcome Porn: The 40 Day E-mail Challenge, a step-by-step action plan designed to help put porn behind you forever.

6 thoughts on “An Open Letter to My Future Husband

  1. A Marriage takes effort and commitment from both partners and very often while we do have expectations for our partners, we need to look at ourselves and focus on what we bring to a relationship. Yes a potential partner should overcome a porn addiction before entering a relationship but you yourself should also focus on staying away from all forms of temptation.

  2. This Autobiography was Very Good and Helpful. Keeping God “First” in My Life helps me to Focus and Keep things Real. I will Continue to Fight the Good Fight of Faith! Porn is Always Tempting but Taking this “Sin” One day at a Time is No Doubt Helping me to Grow Much Stronger in “Jesus Christ ” My Lord and Saviour. God is Faithful and With his Help One day I “Will Be” Living with Him, Through Faith!

  3. ‘Dear future husband’… The words linger so sweetly yet so weighty. I pray these words will not cease to echo in my mind and heart. “Dear future wife, you deserve a man great for God and committed to grow in Christ-likeness. I take your words to heart. Thank you.”

  4. I wish I would have read this, and had the ability to comprehend it, when I was way younger. God and I would have been able to completely change my life, the person I’d become, what I would have had to offer others, and the struggles it forces me to overcome. Porn is horrendous and a great thief. The greatest threat to the fabric of society today. However, the hope in this Open Letter is fantastic. It exudes mercy, grace, and love. Thank you for this Open Letter.

  5. She says “at 36 I dont need a sexual outlet”. Therein lies the problem in so many marriages. Women are not really interested.

    • This is an untrue generalization that allows men the excuse to look at porn rather than work on their relationships. A woman who says she doesn’t need a sexual outlet is often, in fact, stating that the relationship has no emotional intimacy, and therefore, there is no place for physical intimacy. If you’re really interested in working on the relationship, not for the sake of getting the sexual pleasure you want, but in order to really have a successful relationship, I would suggest John Gottman’s book, The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work. It’s the very best research on successful relationships–and not one of the seven principles involves having sex. The research is clear: sex will not save your relationshiop. Your wife knows this. She needs a relationship. Are you up for that kind of work? If not, don’t be surprised if she isn’t up for what you want, either. Peace, Kay

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