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Amazon Supporting Playboy?

Last Updated: November 4, 2020

Ron DeHaas
Ron DeHaas

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In the decades that Hugh Hefner has produced Playboy Magazine, it has been his intent to pervert society into a perverse sexualized culture of pornography, sexual exploitation, and family breakdown. He has been so successful that in 2015 Playboy announced it would stop publishing photographs of fully nude women.

(Note: some readers may find some imagery in the linked articles inappropriate.)

The New York Times reported, “Nudes are old news at Playboy. […] Its executives admit that Playboy has been overtaken by the changes it pioneered. ‘That battle has been fought and won,’ said Scott Flanders, the company’s chief executive. ‘You’re now one click away from every sex act imaginable for free. And so it’s just passé at this juncture.’”

Thanks a lot, Hugh.

And as of February 2017, Playboy decided to bring back nudes to their print magazine after about a year long hiatus.

But now Amazon is entering the picture: Amazon Prime Video just announced that a 13-part Amazon original series about Hugh Hefner is about to be delivered right to your TV or computer. And they are proud of it! Conrad Riggs, head of programming at Amazon Studios, was quoted in Variety Magazine, “We are excited to bring Prime members the untold story of Mr. Hefner’s remarkable life and his contributions to modern American history.”

Excited? Remarkable? Contributions?

I will tell you, Amazon listens to its viewers, and you have an easy opportunity to speak out about this. Dr. Ted Baehr of MovieGuide has started a petition to tell Amazon not to produce this content on Prime.

Please go to the MovieGuide site and sign the petition. Better yet, sign it and share it.

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    1. 9thof11

      Although I agree with you and believe it is a sad day when content such as this is touted as “exciting and remarkable contributions” I will not be signing this petition because I believe to view or not view a documentary such as this is something a person needs to decide on their own. Keeping in mind that integrity is defined as what you do when no one is looking, a person needs to examine their own integrity or lack thereof. It goes to the very core of a person’s moral fiber. Joshua said it best in Joshua 24:15 ” but if serving The Lord seems undesireable to you, then chose for yourselves this day whom you will serve,… But as for me and my household, we will serve The Lord.

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