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Dirty Dozen: 12 Organizations That Are Promoting Sexual Exploitation

Last Updated: January 23, 2015

Ron DeHaas
Ron DeHaas

Ron DeHaas is the president and co-founder of Covenant Eyes. Ron has a BS and an MS in Geology from The Ohio State University and attended the University of Michigan as a Ph.D. candidate. Ron pioneered the concept of Accountability Software and founded Covenant Eyes in the spring of 2000. Today, nearly half a million subscribers enjoy the Screen Accountability that Covenant Eyes provides. Ron also founded Nehemiah Ministries, a 160-acre retreat and counseling center in south-central Michigan for pastors and missionaries.

Facebook. Hardee’s. The American Library Association. Hilton Hotels & Resorts. Verizon. American Apparel. What do these organizations have in common? This year, these and six other groups are being named as the 2015 “Dirty Dozen”—organizations that are contributing to sexual exploitation.

The National Coalition on Sexual Exploitation just released its annual “Dirty Dozen List.” No, in most cases these organizations are not known for directly contributing to societal evils, but they do, in some way, make a profit from or push an agenda that supports sexual exploitation in the world.

The full 2015 list is available at DirtyDozenList.com, along with what each organizations does to deserve their place on the list.

The Dirty Dozen

Does the “Dirty Dozen” List Work?

Are lists like this effective? Do they work? You bet!

Last year, Google made the list because they had been allowing pornographic games to be downloaded through the Play store and pornography companies to take out Google ads. This inclusion opened the door for the National Coalition on Sexual Exploitation and Covenant Eyes, along with other organizations, to meet with Google representatives. To Google’s credit, they created new policies so as not to profit from porn in these ways. Negative press and reasoned pressure are effective.

The Porn-Exploitation Connection

How do major corporations and agencies contribute to sexual exploitation in the world?

  • Some do it by normalizing female objectification through advertisements.
  • Some do it by glamorizing unsafe, degrading, or violent sex.
  • Some do it by turning a blind eye to obscenity.
  • Some do it by fighting against the censorship of harmful media.
  • Some do it by directly profiting through the sale or trade of women, children, and images that exploit them.

One of our missions here at Covenant Eyes is to help expose the connections between pornography and the trafficking of sex. When sexually objectifying images are tolerated or even endorsed, this drives a demand for the exploitation of women and children all around the world.

We should not, on one hand, deplore the commodification of trafficked women and children and yet turn a blind eye to porn’s message that women and children should be commodified.

– Stop the Demand: The Role of Porn in Sex Trafficking

You Can Help!

Help fight these injustices in the world. Your voice matters.

First, get educated. Download the free book Stop the Demand right now.

Second, become an activist. Tell the Dirty Dozen what you think.

It is our responsibility to fight the vile sex industry, not because sex is evil, but because it is good and should not be turned into a commodity to be bought and sold. We need to make an impact on the next generation.

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    1. JCStephens

      And yet, I can go out to the internet right now and see nothing but naked women. Take webcams for example. No one is forcing those women to take off their own clothes from the privacy of their own homes. The reality is women sexualize themselves and use sex their entire lives until they are old and a prettier woman comes along. Covenant Eyes is fighting a losing battle because they do not deal with the source of the things.

      • By “fighting a losing battle” are you saying that the Dirty Dozen is hitting the wrong target, or are you saying that Covenant Eyes in all its endeavors is hitting the wrong target?

      • JCStephens

        What do I mean by losing battle? You only deal with one side of the equation. The male side and not the female side. It is good for you though. You will always have a chance to sell your product. We continually fail to teach our girls to stop using sex to get what they want. On some level, everything is about sex. I hate to tell people. I think I read a comment by some other person on here. Another article. He or she talked about the billions of porn pictures, strippers, escorts, webcam girls —- there is a lot women pushing sex in this world. Until those women stop doing that, this situation will never change. Men and women are hardwired for sex. There is a biological component to it. A very real biological component. We don’t deal with this problem truthfully or realistically. We just bash the males and keep doing it and nothing changes. It is like cops who set people up. Dont break the law …. but here use these drugs …..those cops tempt … just like the devil did with Christ. The same thing is occurring with porn. Women say … dont look at porn …. dont sexualize me …. but then say hey, how do I look in this g-string or in this porn picture? The same thing. Women tempting. It is mixed messages and it effects everyone. Everyone. That is why the war on drugs will be a losing battle and why the war on porn will be one too. Everyone has responsibility in this and so far, we are just blaming males.

      • I think initiatives like this try to cover both sides. To speak out against an organization that uses women’s bodies to sell a product, for instance, speaks to both the male and female executives who make those calls, speaks to both the male consumer and the female model.

        I don’t want to misread what you’re saying here, but if we simply shift the battle to only talk to females, then we make the same mistake all over again. Men and women both should be responsible to not be slaves to their drives or using their sexual prowess for power.

    2. Joe Vaeth

      This is the most effective tool I have seen published to date that can assist families and Christians in standing up to organizations that are contributing to the sexual objectification of women, men, and children. Put simply now I know where to file my complaints and not send my dollars.

    3. Greg

      Hi, interesting post above – i’ve come off of Facebook now because I found a lot of friends adds unhelpful, given that it’s linked to sexual exploitation and this is a Christian accountability service I wonder why you advertise Facebook by having Facebook links to your Facebook community? Please don’t read this as judgement, it is isn’t – you guys have been extremely helpful for me, but I wondered whether CE had ever considered completely pulling out of things like FB themselves? Thanks…

      • It is something we’ve considered. But we think Facebook has enormous potential for good in the world if it is used rightly. We are really eager to hear how they respond to the Dirty Dozen list.

    4. Catherine

      Thank you SO much for this article!!! I haven’t known where to start to help with these issues. This is so helpful and I only hope to be able to contribute more to this growing problem.

    5. There are many more though, promoting and/or funding immorality, homosexuality, etc.: Target, Amazon, Starbucks, Microsoft, Apple, to name a few…

      • Ted B.

        Come on Greg. Get real. At the rate you are going, you are going to list every company in the world. If homosexuality is immoral why did God create gay people? God doesn’t make mistakes right? Those people are not mistakes and are born that way. Being gay most certainly is not learned. I am straight. There is no one in this world who could “teach” me to be gay. Why can’t Christians just leave people alone? God said not to judge. So do that. Then let people deal with God on their own. Many Christians are going to find that their lack of tolerance on this planet will not bode well for them in the afterlife. Lack of mercy —- is a huge sin. Huge.

        There should be a commandment. It should be the mind your own business commandment. So many “do-gooders” create so much suffering by not minding their own business. How many gay kids have been driven to suicide because “society” tell them that they are wrong? At the end of the day, the result is a child who tried to comment suicide. That is the real result. Not some theoretical result. Our talks on homosexuality are just that —- theoretical. We assume to know completely what God wants. God made infinite variation in nature. Why the heck would he not make variation in human beings?

        There are really only seven passages in the Bible that refer directly to homosexual behavior, and none of them are associated with Jesus. Compare that to the more than 250 verses on the proper use of wealth or more than 300 on our responsibility to care for the poor and work for justice, and you appreciate quickly that homosexuality was not exactly a major theme of the Bible.

        So, lets put our puritanical paranoia and hysteria to rest. Why not talk about the 45 million people living in poverty in America or the fact we have 1/3 of the world prisoners (when you count detainees, detention centers). Somehow, in the end, I think God will not look to terribly on the gay person, but the people who lock their brothers in cages for decades —- well that is another story all together.

      • I think you’re confusing minding one’s own business with standing up for those who need to be reminded they are worth more than what they sell themselves for.

    6. Ted B.

      I am sorry but I do not buy this for a minute. The reality is the vast majority of people doing porn are women who are consensually doing it for money. That is the reality. Yes, you will find stories here and there about exploitation, but those are much rarer than the media makes it seem. After all, the media purposely embellishes every story. You see it every night on the news. They take the one most heinous crime case and embellish it and talk about it ad nauseum.

      Right now, I am looking at a webcam site. This site has 2,000 cams active at the moment and during the entire day they have 20,000 cams. Most every cam is a woman and most of these woman are sitting from the comfort of their own homes. No one is forcing them to do anything. They adore the freaking attention. It is like a drug to them. Women are so vain actually. You saw it in the bible and it is the same story today. Sorry, that is the truth.

      Also, who are you kidding about Facebook. Potential for good? Facebook has contracts with the NSA to the mine data of every citizen in the country. They never erase profiles even though they say they do. For every “good” thing Facebook does, there are 10 that could harm a person. The bottom line is that Facebook will be used against people in the future. People have no idea what is coming in the next decade. None whatsoever. They are going to predictive models to stop crime. Basically, arresting people before crime ever happens. This of course will lead to many abuses and many people suffering for things that never happened. Be careful with your love of Facebook. Those predicative models have a Facebook component to them. Also, it is a bit hypocritical since all the people you say are exploited are using Facebook to get clients, set up meetings, and conduct other forms of business. For example, every webcam girl on this site has a Facebook account.

      At the end of the day, I get tired of people crying exploitation every moment of the day. The reality is people make choices. Also, the puritanical nature of America totally flies in the face of nature and what we are as a species. We are hardwired for sex. Evolution and chemistry has seen to this. Why on earth do you think prostitution is the world’s oldest profession? People simply love sex. They will always love sex. They will always want to see pretty people having sex.

      Do you think emailing Hilton and Verizon is going to do anything? No. Not really. Heck, they aren’t doing the porn. Leave those people alone. I know you want to go back to an era of the Salem witch trials and have witch hunts. But hate to tell you that those days have led to the problems of today. The more you make something taboo, the more it will flourish. I assure you. Go to Europe. South America. Where you can see naked people on beaches. They have far less problems than America, which makes the most porn and consumes the most porn. If anything, puritan America is the porn pusher of the world.

      Hasn’t anyone learned this yet? I mean come on. Didn’t prohibition teach this? Hasn’t the war on drugs taught you this? Anything you make taboo will increase its popularity 10 fold. The more unrealistic you get, the worst the results will be.

      • I’m a little lost on your comment. What “this” aren’t you buying?

        Do women do porn for money? Yes. Do they do it consensually? Many do. But does that make it somehow not exploitative? No. Choosing to be exploited doesn’t make it any less exploitative. Exploitation isn’t measured by a person’s unwillingness to endure it; it is measured by whether we are treating someone unfairly in order to benefit from their work, whether we are choosing to profit from someone else’s vulnerability or their own limited understanding of their self-worth.

    7. Ted B.

      Come on Luke. Come back to reality. Let me use your own words

      “Choosing to be exploited doesn’t make it any less exploitative.” Yeah, it actually does. It is called a choice. If I choose to run into a wall, I am not exploited by the wall. If I choose to eat 10 cakes a day for a year and get fat, I am not exploited by the cakes. If I chose to rob a bank, I am not being exploited by the bank. I made a choice. Period. Seems like you have issues with choice.

      Exploitation isn’t measured by a person’s unwillingness to endure it; it is measured by whether we are treating someone unfairly in order to benefit from their work….” Again, they made the choice. They chose to be doing what they are doing. You can’t treat someone unfairly if they willingly chose to do it. Again, it seems you have a problem with choice.

      ” ….. whether we are choosing to profit from someone else’s vulnerability or their own limited understanding of their self-worth.” They are choosing to do the work and are being paid to do the work. They aren’t being exploited. For example, the webcam girl is profiting of herself. As for the limited understanding of their own worth, why do you assume a webcam girl is an lesser person than a fine upstanding Christian? Why is the hooker worse than the judge in a courtroom? Why is the person who looks at porn worse than a DA in a courtroom? I think you have a shallow sense of morality. Very shallow. Many fine upstanding Christian judges and DAs sentence countless people to years of suffering locked away in cages. Cages. They impact generations of people. Heck, many fine upstanding Christians used the bible to justify slavery. Justify wars. The end result being slavery and death. Give me the non-judgmental hooker any day. Don’t think for an instant that following the bible to the letter makes a person moral. I assure you it does not. Every courtroom in America has a bible in it. But in those courtrooms, more suffering is dispensed than you can imagine. What? You think the corrupt judge, lying witnesses, false attorneys, and sadistic guards, who convicted and killed Christ, are gone? Please. They are alive and well. No, I promise you this. Being a fine upstanding Christian and being moral is often two entirely different things.

      • I still agree with what I said before. To say it is impossible, by definition, to exploit another’s choice is to employ a very odd definition of exploitation. Still, if you define exploitation differently than I do, I don’t see the point the debate the definition. Clearly, the backers of the Dirty Dozen list are using a definition of exploitation similar to mine, not similar to yours.

        I’d rather get to the heart of the matter. Even if someone makes a choice to devalue themselves (and people do this all the time), I want to act in such a way that I don’t take advantage of, endorse, or benefit from that degradation.

        PS: As a side note, I really don’t understand why you think I believe that a webcam girl or a prostitute is less of a person than a Christian. It is precisely because I believe they are just as much of a person that I would love to see them flourish, that I would love to see them experience sexuality that is nourishing, not commercialized and industrialized. I don’t know what kind of Christians you are interacting with in your life that lead you think I think these things, but the Jesus that I follow was a friend of prostitutes. He led them away from the lifestyles they led without condemnation, and that is exactly the kind of person I strive to be.

      • Sim

        Hi, Ted B. I was reading this article of the blog and I usually enjoy reading the comments, and I happened to notice yours. I can’t help but feel that you have a misunderstanding of Christianity as a whole, because you keep using the term “a fine upstanding Christian”. This sounds very much similar to other false ideas of Christianity. We are not fine upstanding, especially to the point where we are better in any sense than, as you said, a webcam girl, or a hooker. To answer your questions as to why the judge, or the ‘fine upstanding Christian’ is supposedly better, it is because the world, and pharisees, have a condemning eye and double-standards. The webcam girl who exposes herself is shameful, but the men and even other girls who watch her are anonymous and not shameful for watching the webcam girl.

        I don’t mean to offend you when I say that it is incorrect to assume the feelings of these webcam girls: “They adore the freaking attention. It is like a drug to them. Women are so vain actually. You saw it in the bible and it is the same story today. Sorry, that is the truth.” For one, it is unfair to just say that these women adore the attention. You have no idea how many of them are confused and acting out, because they have nowhere else to get the same amount of attention, or what sort of situation they are going through. Two, it is very much a stereotype to say that women are vain, and I think that you may be around women not setting the best examples, or you may be being fed lies by pornography and these webcam girls. God’s word has many examples of women who were strong, modest, intuitive, intelligent, and courageous.

        It is important to acknowledge that Christians, like everyone else, struggle. There are no ‘fine upstanding’ Christians because we are all broken, and that is why we need Jesus. If we were really ‘fine upstanding’ Christians, we’d be fine without Jesus. As another quick note, there are several Christians who, despite proclaiming God, use His Word for selfish tactics and are not truly repentant–this has been so sin’s beginnings.

        One big thing I wanted to address was your mentioning of God, gay people, and evolution and chemistry. God and evolution do not co-exist; evolution is the very anti-thesis of God, being that the world is self-sufficient and created itself without Him. It is contradicting to say that God created gay people and doesn’t make sense, then refer to evolution and chemistry as showing that we are hard-wired for sex. That being said, God does not create gay people. Homosexuality is a sin, and indeed, God does not make mistakes nor commit any sin, therefore He would not create a sin. You are correct about Jesus not speaking directly on homosexuality, but that doesn’t mean He was okay with it. Jesus didn’t speak on rape, bestiality, necrophilia, pedophilia, or incest, but do you think that He is fine with those things? And if you know the seven verses which refer directly to homosexuality, and since God’s word promotes sexual activity within heterosexual marriages solely; 1 Corinthians 7:2 “But because of the temptation to sexual immorality, each man should have his own wife and each woman her own husband.”, then what exactly is it that makes you think homosexuality is not a sin? If it’s that people are born gay, then that is not a solid ground– no-one is born with any particular lifestyle sin. That is, no-one is born an idolater, a thief, a murderer, a sorcerer, an adulterer, or a homosexual, etc. God’s Word teaches that we are definitely born into sin, but not that we are immediately living a lifestyle of a particular sin, and there is a fine difference between sin and a lifestyle of sin. Yes, you can be born into sin and as you grow older one of your struggles in your walk with God or even without Him will be an attraction to your own gender. Generational curses play a large role in this, that parents in their sin can pass a strong curse of homosexuality onto their son or daughter, but not that he is simply born a homosexual. God’s Word explains that homosexuals (those who live a lifestyle of homosexuality) will unfortunately, along with those who practice other lifestyles, to the Lake of Fire. Think about this – if someone could truly be born a homosexual, then, as an infant, if they died, having not actually committed any act of sin, they would be sentenced to an eternity condemned, away from God, because they were born a homosexual. Doesn’t that sound like an insane, maniacal God, one who opposes our God?

        As another point, concerning what you said about variation, God certainly did create variation in humans. He gives us different talents, different leadership styles, different personalities, different destinies, and different ways to use our gifts and talents, even if two people have the exact same talents and gifts. When it comes to sexual intimacy, God created man for woman, and woman for man. He does not change in any manner, so there is no way possible He would start creating man for man, or woman for woman, or any sort of same-gender combination that is sexual in any manner

        . With some final notes, I’d just like to address these last things. I noted that you said, “Somehow, in the end, I think God will not look to terribly on the gay person, but the people who lock their brothers in cages for decades”. This is a fairly common misconception, that God will look lightly upon one type of sin and harshly on the other. Satan will try to deceive in any way he can, and this is one of them: God’s Word teaches that all sins are equal. Not in earthly consequence, surely. For example, if a man robs a store, he will not pay even half the price as a woman who molests a student in school, and she will not pay as much as the serial killer who murdered a family. However, in God’s eyes, sin is sin, and it is all deserving of punishment and death. The homosexuality is just as guilty as the liar, and they are both just as guilty as a corrupt, ‘fine upstanding’ Christian who locked away an innocent man or gave a criminal more time than they reasonably deserved, or worse yet let him free/gave him hardly any time. Sin is equal, and it is a sin itself to take on God’s role of judging and incorrectly say that one person who commits this act is worse than another person who commits this act.

        I also want to let you know that a choice can certainly be exploited, and we should use an example. Let’s say I am a salesman, and I’m selling bread. You come by, obviously needing bread, and you want to buy it. Your choice. I tell you that we have many types of bread, but we are out and only have one type of bread left. I then further exploit your choice by telling you that this bread is rare but long-lasting and delicious when it’s really like most other breads, and that I’m only selling it in a large amount. Even though you made a choice to come over and buy bread, I still exploited your choice by up-selling you and making you think that I don’t normally sell this bread a la carte. You can absolutely treat someone unfair if they willingly chose to do something. If you chose to work for me and I pay well at $30.00 an hour each day, I can treat you unfairly by calling you derogatory names and using slurs, making threats at you to do some extra work or you won’t get payed as much, sexual harrassment, acting as if you were scum on my boot, making you work in unsafe conditions that violate your rights as an employee, etc. It is important to look beyond a simple choice such as being a webcam girl or a pornstar, and realize that in truth you are not all-knowing, and cannot determine that a pornstar is truly doing it consensually for the money without some sort of manipulation (again, unfair treatment, threats, blackmail, etc) or that a camgirl is simply doing what she does because she loves it and she’s vain, and that it doesn’t go any deeper than that. Assuming things like this is part of the problem.

        Like you said, “We assume to know completely what God wants.” Many Christians do this, thumping bibles on people’s heads and shoving their foot down people’s mouths, claiming that ‘God hates fags’ or ‘God hates whores’ and things even worse yet. We cannot ever fully comprehend God’s mind because He is on another level of existence, another plane of thought, and that is why Jesus relates to us so much, because He was fully God still but fully human too, and tempted, yet without sin. So no, we don’t completely know what God wants, but everything He wants us to know is in His Word, or the Bible, if you will. From there we take what we learn and apply it to our daily modern lives, where some things look different and some things are exactly the same as times’ past, with the Holy Spirit as our guidance to make good moral judgements to tell us what God is saying in our individual lives. All in all, I hope this post didn’t come off as thumping your head with a bible or with ‘God this and God that’. If you believe in God, Jesus the Christ, and the Holy Spirit, I hope dearly that this would shed some light on your questions and perhaps make you think about things from a biblical viewpoint. If you believe in evolution then I still hope that this will get you to consider things in a light that maybe you haven’t quite before.

        As the last thing, if you read nothing else of this, I want to say that if none of this speaks to you, at least don’t discourage others. Luke Gilkerson is doing what God called him to do, and one of the last things he needs is for you to tell him that what he’s doing isn’t going to change anything and he’s doing most everything wrong. If that’s how you feel, it’s fine, but there is no reason to beat him down morally with your words. I can’t imagine you would really want someone to say discouraging things like that to you if you were trying to accomplish something you felt was important. I pray that my words will not come across as conceited or self-righteous, but that we may both have humbled spirits as I give, and you receive. Peace be with you.

    8. Rahab

      Enjoying your exchange Luke & Ted B! Agree with u Ted in that homosexuality is not a ‘lifestyle choice’ anymore than choosing the colour of your skin is… My Jesus welcomes & saves whosoever shall call upon His Name. Homo, hetro, whosoevero! In this therein lays the ‘choice’. & any judgemental attitudes out there from any Christians (?!) Re: prostitutes, it is illuminating that Rahab is in the ancestoral line of Jesus. All r washed clean in the Blood of the Lamb. Praise b to God.

    9. Daniel

      I’m not sure why anyone would enter this site and deliberately, belligerently try to shoot down work which so directly correlates not only to honoring the precious blood of Jesus on the cross, but the brilliant and extremely valuable work of liberation of sexuality, BUT I just want to say thank you to all the contributing writers, editors, researchers, and “front-liners” who are fighting the good fight, even if it feels like an uphill battle. Cheers for doing great work in respecting women and men everywhere by fighting for one of the rarest, and sadly the most polluted, form of purity–sexuality definitely needs to be taken back, and I have to say, I love the action-taking and mind-renewing methods presented here. It’s apparent you love Jesus and truly love people. And I say God bless the naysayers, and may we all find hope and freedom in this battle together (incidentally, I love the point about how easy it is to access any content from the internet–maybe something can be done legislatively about web browser’s display of sexual content? Who knows, maybe even someday the DarkNet itself could have a bit more control tacked on)

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