Struggling with lust as a Christian? Here are some good resources to check out

I want to share some practical ways you can get help with your sexual struggles.

One Extreme Caution

You can’t do this by yourself. We sexual strugglers have a bad history of isolating – some of us for several decades. We are in hiding, and we’d like to manage this on our own. You can’t. Porn, masturbation, adultery, or any type of sexual sin is too big. I am sharing some self-education suggestions, but the majority of this blog pointing you toward other people who can help you.

Victory comes through God, yes, but God has a many arms and legs that need to come alongside you.

Great Organizations That Can Help

If you contact these ministries, you’re going to find something you don’t expect: a “No Shame Zone.” They will not judge you or shame you. Your sexual struggles won’t surprise them. They have are part of God’s provision for you. – Jeff & Rose Colon; counseling, live-in programs, at-home programs – Jonathan Daughtery; counseling, workshops for men & wives – Sexual addiction expert Dr. Mark Laaser; great resources for individuals, couples, spouses – Sexual addiction expert Dr. Doug Weiss; many resources for individuals, couples, spouses, groups – Mike Cleveland; free online studies and mentoring for a variety of addictions and besetting sins  – Ted Roberts; great materials for groups

How to Find a Group

Start with these organizations:  – use the “Groupfinder” button – use the “Get Help” tab – use the “Support Groups” button – use the “Find a Support Group” link

How to do a Google search for a group in your area:

Since most groups are not advertised, you have to do a little digging.

  • Look for churches with strong men’s ministries: usually larger churches with good websites.
  • Look for Christian counselors in the area and call their offices. They know where the “under the radar” support groups are, and they might have one themselves.
  • Carefully Google these terms:  “Christian sexual addiction groups,” “sexual addiction groups,” “recovery groups,” and then include your city or state in the search.

Organizations that Do Telephone Counseling

Great Books

Healing the Wounds of Sexual Addiction, by Dr. Mark Laaser

L.I.F.E. Guide for Men, workbook by Dr. Mark Laaser

Pure Desire, by Ted Roberts

Every Man’s Battle, by Fred Stoeker

A Few More Tips from Jeff

  • Always move toward face-to-face. E-mailing is great, talking on the phone is better, but you need real people helping you on a regular basis.
  • Be courageous! You can do it. Man up! Woman up!
  • Do you really want help? Your commitment to reaching out shows how serious you really are. Some people say they want to get well, but they love their addiction too much. Don’t be one of those people.
  • Keep looking. I’ve given you the best I know in organizations  I don’t think they’ll disappoint. Sometimes counselors or groups don’t work out. Keep trying. Don’t stop if one doesn’t go right.