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My Husband Was My Idol

Last Updated: August 5, 2021

Ashley Weis
Ashley Weis

Ashley Weis is a wife and mother who has a pain-filled past that no longer haunts her. After discovering her husband’s pornography addiction she thought she’d never heal, much less have a “good” marriage again. God has shown her that without rain, beauty never grows. Now, with a beautiful marriage and a heart that knows the radiance of hope, Ashley reaches out to other women through books about recovering from pornography.

George and AshleyWhen I first met George he said he always wanted to find a woman who loved Jesus more than she’d love him. He doted over the fact that I fit that criteria. I was so in love with Jesus back then, nothing could shake me. Or so I thought.

My relationship with Jesus was based on emotions. And when I moved to PA with George, the church we went to felt like walking into a lonely basement. I felt so disconnected. His mom hated me, and made that very clear from day one. All of these things weighed on me and deadened my emotions, which made my relationship with Jesus suffer. George and I became more and more physical before we married. I started getting drunk on occasion. I loved the party life, and going to clubs where he sang as a lead singer for his band. I loved that life.

My emotions died and were replaced with empty life. Until it all came crashing down. George always told me he’d never looked at porn since he met me, but I found out otherwise. And he continued to lie even after I found out… which killed me.

I completely shut down. My emotions were dead. Spiritually I felt dead. Mentally, exasperated. I had nothing and Jesus felt as distant as Saturn. Because I pushed Him away. And I replaced Him with George.

There, at the top of my life, sat George. He doted over the fact that I loved Jesus more than Him. But I didn’t. And my love for Jesus changed with the sway of the breeze. So did my love for George. I was a nervous wreck, an insecure, bitter, depressed, lonely wife who thought the only escape was divorce. But I had a baby. I couldn’t do that to her. I didn’t want to move back in with my parents, but I wanted to stay home with my baby.

I was so lost. Every road seemed to be a dead end.

I actually hated God at some points for what He did to me.

Until I realized that He never did anything. I left God. I betrayed Him for the love of my husband. I created a god out of my husband and let my Father standing on the sidelines, waiting for me to come back to Him. He reached out His hand, but I pushed Him away, saying He “felt” too distant.

I couldn’t feel anymore.

But then I said “Yes” to Jesus, even when I couldn’t feel it. And since that day I’ve grown closer and closer. My insecurities vanished the day I finally committed to keep Jesus number 1 and make my husband number 2. My joy returned, regardless of my fluctuating emotions, the day I chose Jesus over my husband. And yes, George has made some mistakes since then, and wow… my reactions have changed 100%.

Because I have actually started to live out the beauty of loving Jesus more than my husband.

The amazing thing about this… is that I love my husband in a way I never could before. When I made him an idol and allowed him to affect my security and contentment and validate my worth… I pushed God out of the way and didn’t even love my husband like I could through God’s love, through keeping God Number 1. I loved George through selfishness. I loved him conditionally. I was only faithful to the point that he was faithful. I was revengeful, sad, and annoyingly insecure.

Now, Jesus is number 1. And I love my husband so much more than I ever could before. I love him like God loved me when I betrayed Him.

I’m so glad George is no longer an idol in my life. And I encourage you to search out your life and heart and find out if you are giving your husband a place in your life he doesn’t deserve. If so, no matter how dead you feel inside, allow God to regain His role in your life. And watch how beautiful the storms become.

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    1. Sue

      I am crying as I read this. I didn’t know that anyone had the same story. It’s me and my huband exactly (except for the club scene)…even down to my M-I-L hates me. I am 22, married and have a toddler and one on the way. I asked God to show me how to heal and trust again and God led me to this site today. I am turning back to Him, and learning how to make God # 1 in my life again… Thank you!

      • anonymous

        My husband is self-destructing. He was caught cross-dressing 18 years ago (before we were married). He has lived in shame, self-hatred, and bondage all these years, and I never knew. Now he is near the edge and I am too. I would walk on glass to bring peace to his soul! Everyday when he leaves for work, it’s like he’s dying and I weep uncontrollably. I realize now that I feel as though I can save him. That if I just love him enough, he’ll finally feel at peace. He feels absolutely and utterly rejected by everyone. I know now that I have put him above God. My conflict lies in walking towards God may mean leaving him behind. I can’t live with the thought that he would think I’ve moved on while he suffers alone. At this moment I’d rather sink down into his pit and at least BE with him than have peace and joy without him.

      • Kay Bruner

        Wow. My heart just breaks for you, and for your husband. I pray that God will show his great, great love and compassion to each of you in ways that are unmistakable. Ephesians 3 says that His love is so great we can’t comprehend it, we just get to experience it. I pray that for both of you right now.

        I hear what you’re saying about feeling like you had to save him–but it seems like you’re running on fumes here yourself. I don’t know what the outcome will be for you, or what boundaries you’ll feel are healthy in this, but I know for sure that God’s love for you, and God’s love for your husband, will never, ever run out.

        The thing I’ve had to learn for myself is that when I cannot do one more thing for someone else, God still can. In fact, my own experience is that the very best things have happened when I could not, and then God did.

        Praying for you–Kay

      • Natalie Bolduc

        I did the same

    2. To trust again..

      Thank you. No, no party scene for me either, but I know in my heart … the words you spoke echo into my life. God was #1 and He brought me my husband… I wasn’t looking. Was my relationship with the Lord just emotions? Don’t think so. But I transferred my faith in a sovereign unchangeable and loving God to the tangible vessel He was using. I so miss trusting my husband. I so hate the “annoying” insecurity.
      Allow him to affect my security and contentment, validate my worth – how I grapple with those statements. Lord, reign in me again. Reign in your power, over all my dreams, in my darkest hour. You are the One, over all I am..

    3. Tiffant

      i love this story. It’s like you wrote my whole relationship from beginning to end ,
      my husband was battling porn & in a band, & when he did this i thought everything i thought was sexy about me was gone! i thought GOD i waited for the right guy thought it was him married him & BOOM! what happened. i fell apart . it was like an alice in wonderland feeling, till this day i still battle my insecurity when i see a women with her body flaunting or exposed wondering if he’d find her more attractive. [sigh , what a stronghold] writing this is making me a bit emotional cause after this all happen i went back to my old habits, old wardrobe got tattoos & exotic things & piercings. But man those were an empty 7 months . Now i’m pregnant & fearing losing my body. He’s stopped all sense of pornography. Treats me like a queen. Somehow i’m still feeling distant like i don’t know if God is passionate with me anymore. i think about him daily & serve him & have big plans but am still feeling empty what gives?

    4. TJ

      Hey ladies, I stummbled on this blog because I was curious to no if a husband can be an idol. Im happy to confirm that through this blog that i learned that he can. Im not married im just trying to prepare my spirit and mind for what may lay ahead. Ive watch over the years as men and woman in my family fall under the sin of allowing their spouse to be their ruler and God and ive watched and witnessed how their spouse misuses and abuses their power. Even in homes declared to have the spirit and those whom serve god; have deceitfuly been lead astray by their spouse by seeking to please their spouse before seeking to please god. Im not married so i wont pretend to no the battles couples face after marriage but I do no my word. And i will leave you all with this 1Corinthians 7 It has been prophesised that children of God who marry will have many tribulations in life because of the split desire to please their spouse and God. But all things are possiblie through christ who strengthens us.Amen.W e are not born of the flesh but of the spirit and are of a new creation. We are know aliens to this world with the ability to conquor all sin. All that we face we have the ability to have victory over. Beleive, Trust and except as FACT that you are of noble priest hood and take up your cross and remember we of the spirit are of noble birth and of a honorable family. Maintain your spiritual fervor and STAY CONNECTED no matter what. Those who are married should live as though they were not and maintain your seperate independant lives. Stay buisy serving, helping and saving the lost. Their is always someone in need so you are never without cause nor purpose. Love the body and embrace them; if not MORE that your natural family and encourage one another daily. Take care of widowso and orphans and keep yourself from being POLLUTED by the world for that is relifion that is pleasing to our father. Conform to the pattern of this world no longer and seek christ above all things. Never compromise God. If a man is tempting you or has tempted you away from our father I’d question his loyalties and seek spiritual counseling immediately. I am in search of a husband and prey I dont fall vistim to the tempation of making a man my idol. Glory to you who have overcome that struggle I fear i may not be one to overcome such a fall. Glory and peace to you my sisters. May you overcome all trials and tribulations ahead. God bless

    5. Tamikaq

      I lost my husband because of it. I made him an idol. It was the same thing. but I pray that the Lord will give me another chance to worship Him in spirit and in true through Jesus. And love my husband through Jesus Christ and not idolize him. I thank you so much for your message. This is me and my husband all the way. He doesn’t effect me anymore. Nor does my father or even my grandfathers or even the pastors at the church. I had no idea that when people effect your emotions it;s a source of making them gods. I had no idea. I’m so sorry Lord, I didn’t know. I didn’t understand and now I believe, even though I don’t feel it, because I don’t, I am healed and even though I don’t feel my husband is coming back, we made a convenant before the Lord, he’s coming back and even though I don’t feel it, I will prepare for his return as well. I was with Jesus for emotional reasons too. but Now I am with him for him only. and nothing less. Thank you. I’m free. Churches use to do that to me too, I use to idolize the churches i went to and have them base where i need to be how. along with church leaders and those who were training to be littles. what took the cake for me is when the mistakenly said that i was representing them. The Lord Himself rose up and said, No I’m Not! I know this doesn’t make sense just pray for me.

      • Tamikaq

        where I said little’s I meant leaders and where I said the mistakenly I meant they mistakenly said that I was representing them, it was not what they said, it was how they said it. Sorry for the confusion. I’m sure you all understand where I’m coming from. However my husband and I were intimate before we married and we did drink and went to parties as well, even though I was saved, I shouldn’t have participated in it. And I shouldn’t have let him take full control in of my life like that. He is not God. He’s only a man. I thank you Jesus, he’s only a man, and he’s not difficult to deal with or cope or, or any man for that matter. They are simple, we are the complex one’s because we are the thinkers and ‘feelers’, they are the doers. I love them! Keep me in prayer for my husbands return, he will return. I just know it.

      • Thank you for sharing, Tamikaq. It has been said that the human heart is an idol-factory. I couldn’t agree more.

    6. Marie

      I’m finally learning to trust Jesus alone after a 3.5 years separation into a 20 yr marriage. I’m just starting to see how I depended on H to provide for me at every level. I’m glad to find out that God provides after all. I find it hard to forgive H at times, because I still think that he owes me… it’s that bad for me. However sometimes I overcome that and I am full of hope and gratitude for all I have in God, from God and through God. I suppose that is what i expected from idols or false gods – to provide what God only can provide. You ladies are smarter than me, to realize all this before it is too late. I have a lot of growing to do and a long way to go. I am standing for the restoration of my marriage. If you are in my situation and don’t know what to do, ask God if He wants you to stand firm in your position until He brings back your marriage from the dead, against all odds.

      • Thanks for sharing your story, Marie. It is encouraging to hear stories of changed hearts!

    7. Ashley Kintu

      I’m grateful for this because my marriage is the first real relationship that I have been in. I’m only 22 years of age yet and still it is hard for me. I come from a line of woman who were really successful and felt like they didn’t need a man to be happy. And to this day only 1 of their marriages has survived. Idk if the woman in my family divorced because some did not want to compromise their relationships with God or they didn’t have the strength to hold on. I feel as if I have to prove myself different and not allow myself to be affected by others circumstances and situations because we always think we will end up like those around us if we do not keep our mind positive and our hearts pure because we are the company that we keep. I believe my marriage will be a lot better as long as I leave fear out of my marriage and apply faith to the dark areas. Our spouses can not do what are parents or guidances did not do for us. Its up to us to build and stand upon bridges even when it feels the bridge is about to break; we have to believe that God is going to catch us when we think we’re falling. God Bless you Ashley for this, you are incredibly brave and a true example of Christ; may God be with you and your family always. <3

    8. holly

      Wow… this sounds exactly what is happening to me. Reading this just made it click. I am so bitter and angry even at my husband. It is all because God isnt number 1.

    9. Eva

      Hello! Im so glad that I found this story, today I realized that I made my boyfriend as my idol, i feel very bad, same emotions as You had. Could You please send me more informations or resources about how to make God #1? I want to do that before I get married.
      Thank God for this website, that I found You. my email – eva.caune@gmail.com

    10. Betty Acosta

      I’m kind of in the same situation I recommitted my life to The Lord 2 months ago but because I was emotionally hurt and was having financial problems with my fiancé so when I got back with my fiancé as a Christian woman , he wasn’t happy. He is an “atheist” so I continued to go to church and get involved, and things just got worst we have 2 daughters together , so I got so involved I hardly saw my fiancé he didn’t wAnt to come with me to church. After a couple of weeks he told me he wasn’t happy, he didn’t wAnt to be with a Christian woman and knew it would never work out. I was devastated and about to loose me family he finally decided to go to church with he came with me 2 times he hated it! And was at the point of walking out, I loved him so much I stopped going to church so I wouldn’t loose him. I did miss him and was lonely without him, I was expecting to feel happy and thought things were going to go back as they were once before Jesus. But the happiness I thought I was going to have is not there yes I’m back with him and left the church, but I feel more miserable and empty as I did before I recommitted to The Lord. My fiancé repurposed to and are scheduled to marry in 1 month. I’m having second thoughts I’m not happy I feel guilty because I betrayed Jesus I made my fiancé my idol and my God. I want to walk out but this fire I’ve created has just become greater and is getting greater and getting harder to walk out of it. Please help!

      • It sounds like you know it is important to call this off, at least for now. It is so important for Christians to marry Christians. It is one thing when someone converts while married. It is another thing before you’ve tied the knot. The fact that you recognize that your fiance is your idol means you are well ahead of the game. Don’t let him drag you down.

    11. Jik

      I really want to thank you for posting this, because I’m going through a similar situation with someone who was not my husband, but someone who I wanted to be one day.

      I thought that a relationship was supposed to be the merging together of two separate entities, and now… Looking back on it, I think my expectations were linked to idolatry. My ex partner’s behaviour had the ability to control my emotions, and it seemed that I was always convincing him to ‘love me more’ or ‘love me harder’ – I think I was insecure because my relationship with God was young. The love and security that I needed to feel, didn’t need to come from him, it needed to come from God. We haven’t spoken for three months and things were left on really bad terms.

      My heart tells me that we are supposed to be together, but when we both know a little not more about our shortcomings. I believe that the foundation of our relationship, can be the foundation for a successful marriage, but we need prayer.

      Finding myself with the help of God is/has been extremely difficult, but rewarding because I can see that I have the ability to be a Christian woman, but my journey has only just started.

      To move forward in the future, I know that I need to forgive him like Christ has forgiven me for so many things, but it’s incredibly challenging.

      I kindly ask you to pray for me, as I continue on this journey. Please also pray for growth and maturity in my relationship with my ex partner, so that we can go forward as God intends.

      Thank you x

    12. Jan Ward

      Your story scares me. So similar to mine except no kids. We’ve been separated for 2 yrs in may. We still talk but now that I’ve fallen head over heels n love with Jesus I do not want my husband back. He’s unrepentant and abusive. Without change I see no hope of reconciliation. Contact with him causes me great anxiety.

    13. Trista

      Wow. I thought I was so alone my husband has been known to watch porn. I feel so sad especially when we are intimate I feel like all he is doing is fantizing about the things he’s seen in the movies I ask if he’s been watching them and he denies it. He’s lied to me on multiple occasions. I feel as if I put God first but really praying for God to show me if I’m not. My marriage is so broken and my biggest prayer is for God to restore our marriage. I feel so insecure and jealous there’s so much more but to much to.type. God is so powerful and I never doubt his power I know he’s able and willing but its his time. Your testimony is a help in faith and a reminder to put God first.

      • Lisa Eldred

        You’re definitely not alone, and there are steps you can take! Check out Porn and Your Husband, if you haven’t already.

        Remember too that God loves you and wants to provide for you. When you ask God for bread and fish, he’s not going to give you stones or snakes (Matthew 7)…but the bread and fish may not take the form we expect, or come when or how we expect it. Hold onto the truth that, even as you’re struggling emotionally, “God works all things together for the good of those who love Him” (Romans 8:28).

    14. Grace

      I’m struggling with the exact same thing. I keep hearing “put God first” but how exactly do you do it? Does it mean spending less time with your partner? Or putting more people in your life so it doesn’t look like it’s revolving around him? Aside from praying to God to claim his rightful place in my life, what else do I do?

      • Hi Grace,

        I understand your frustration. Sometimes advice like that can seem super-spiritual, or at least impractical.

        I believe it practically starts in the place of prayer and really filling your mind and heart with God’s Word. For most people I know who have the tendency to make their spouse an idol in their life, the answer it about spending more time filling their hearts with what God says about Himself. Over time you begin to rely more and more on Him and you look less and less to others for your sense of identity and ultimate satisfaction.

    15. Kelly

      I don’t understand yet if we learn to love God and so only Him, whats the point of having a husband? Why is the boyfriend ir husband there for us if we have God? Is this telling us to have like an affair?

      • Kay Bruner

        Hi Kelly, I think there’s a difference between loving God “only” and loving God “first.” The very first thing God ever said was “not good” was “it is not good for man to be alone.” We are all here, on purpose, together. But I think this article illustrates how easy it is, when we love another person “first”, we end up sacrificing ourselves in unhealthy ways in order to keep a relationship alive. When we love God “first” and find strength and hope in that, we’re also able to love other people–AND keep ourselves separate with healthy boundaries, making good decisions for ourselves, and releasing relationships that are unhealthy. Does that make sense at all? Let me know what you think. Kay

      • Holli

        I feel the exact same way!!! How is it then “the two shall become one” if we are to keep separate lives??? So confused and wonder what the point was in getting married. Just sounds like a bunch of conflicting messages from the Bible. How do I make sense of all this? Yes my husband and I have a history- loyal wife, a husband that cheated but told me after we had two kids so can’t leave without leaving permanent scars on them. Was just healing from this, rebuilding trust and openness by sharing all thoughts, feelings etc. then a (now former) friend pushed him to go on an Emmaus Walk, which promotes not telling about the weekend. I warned him if he wasn’t prepared to spill everything and answer any questions I had, don’t both coming home-I went through this once and never again will there be secrets in our marriage. He says he has told all but I’ve found out otherwise. Its like infidelity all over again. Trying to make it work inspite of all this.

      • Kay Bruner

        I think keeping separate lives is not the point, but rather each of us being responsible for ourselves within the life we have together. We are two separate people, and we always will be. We each have our own struggles, our own strengths. Best-case scenario in a marriage, as far as I’m concerned, is that we build each other up within the relationship to be the best selves God intends for us to be. You might like to read the book, Boundaries in Marriage by Henry Cloud and John Townsend as you think about what it looks like to be a healthy individual within a relationship. Let me know what you think! Kay

    16. Elaine Matto March 28, 2015

      I have been married 59 years in June. We have had children living with us most of our married lives. I have depended on them to meet the needs I had that were not met by my husband. In this past year there have been huge changes in my life where I have been stripped of these people being apart of my life and I have also felt betrayed by them. God has been showing me that they have been idols in my life and I have to let them go and accept the change of it just being my husband and myself. I am so unhappy because all of the problems with my husband are coming to the surface. I feel lonely, unsafe and insecure. After reading your articles, I am believing that my husband is the greatest idol in my life and it is time for me to be brave enough to put God First and to put all my trust in Him since my husband has never been willing and probably unable to meet my needs which can only be met by God. I have thought all these years (ever since I married him) that these needs should have been met by my husband. Before that I was unhappy because my parents didn’t meet my needs. I have always been ashamed of feeling needy and vulnerable. In the past I used alcohol and after becoming a Christian 42 years ago I tuned to food. Now I see when I let go of the food I turned to people as idols and now alone with my husband I have allowed him to be an idol in my life because I have allowed his behavior to have a negative affect on my life all these years. Now that I know this, I go to the Cross daily and make Jesus the Lord of my life. He who the Son sets Free is Free Indeed~

      • Kay Bruner

        Hey Elaine, Wow. Wow. Wow. Everything you just said here is so incredibly brave and beautiful. I’m in awe of the insight you have into the pain of the shame that’s driven you to look in all these different places to have your needs met. I can’t help but think that this Easter, the phrase “He is Risen Indeed” has a whole new meaning in your life. Because it’s so true, He is risen indeed for all the pain in our hearts, and he is enough for all of it. Blessings to you, Kay

    17. rechelle

      Hi ladies..Im recently divorced after 24 years of marriage….I was actually friends with the “other” woman….I have made an effort to try and reconcile with my ex this past month..I even confronted the other woman and told her what I was doing…I know in my heart that my ex deeply loves me..but due to infidelity (on both sides) we are both hurt….so much water under the bridge…however…in doing so, I just realized that I made my ex my idol..my god….and so is the other woman..she puts my ex on a pedestal..and he treats her like crap too and blames her for the predicament hes in..So, I am once again full of anxiety, bitterness,sadness and rejection..and for what? A man that wants his cake and eat it too?…I am so sorry for losing sight of Gods love for me..It took 43 years of God waiting patiently for me to open my eyes and let His Grace feel me with peace and happiness.I even text the other woman a link to a website about putting God before your lover….I have no idea why…I guess I just want all of us to be happy….

      • Kay Bruner

        It sounds like you’ve had to some good realizations about your own motivations in this situation. Certainly idolizing another person never ends well!

        Here’s what troubles me as I read through your story here: you’re still engaged with your ex and with his new partner, still somehow trying to straighten things out. Even though he’s with this other woman, after you’ve both had affairs, you’re convinced that he loves you deeply? And you’re sure that she is idolizing him just like you used to?

        I’m going to suggest to you that every time you engage with that situation, you’re taking your eyes off the love and grace and peace God has for you, and you’re bowing down to the idol of that relationship once again.

        Every time you do that, you can tell, because instead of experiencing the peace of God, you’re full of anxiety, bitterness, sadness, and rejection. Pay attention to those emotions! They’re trying to tell you something important!

        For all the insights you’ve had lately–and I think they are great insights–you’re going to have to keep making healthy choices all day, every day, to disengage from that old idol of a relationship and to turn toward the peace and freedom God has for you. Don’t give up! Blessings, Kay

    18. JA

      I would like to start my message from wat happened from the beginning of my marriage that has broken me to pieces.

      I was married to my husband Gerard in 1997, and after our civil marriage the mum confronted me and said that its better for me to think twice before marriage the son cause he has a lot debts. I was worried and I asked myself why she she or he didn’t talk to me earlier about this. I spoke to my mum and she told me debts are no issue after all every country has their own debts and so an individual its ok as long you both love each other.

      After our church wedding I moved in with him and then i realised he was in so much of debts and i took it easy and just prayed about it. I was working in him hometown and moved in with his mum, we could go out to spend time together or if we are abit late, the mum will show anger to us. I need to go home and do all my work and then go to bed. Then I got a job in my hometown 2 hrs away from his hometown, so I stayed with my parents. I was happy with us seeing each other every weekend. Finally I got pregnant. Since i was having morning sickness i went back to his hometown cause he told me to come back and he can’t see me suffering travelling by bus to work. Once Im there, he started coming home late everyday and his attitude changed. a wife instinct is always strong I guess. I started checking hid wallet and i found out he is going out with a pub singer (a filipino), i told my mum in law and she called the girl but she was not in but my mother in law spoke to her friend and said Gerard is married. When he came back he was confronted and he said he is sorry and I accepted him. When I was 8 months pregnant he went to Philippines to visit her ( this I know after reading a letter from her to him, after my delivery). I asked him for divorce and he said he is very sorry and pls forgive him for the last time and for the sake of my daughter I said ok.

      After 2 years we bought house and we were prospering and I got pregnant with my second child. Then in the year 2004 we sold our house and bought a bigger house. I stopped him but couldn’t, there was fear in my heart but he insisted. Before we shifted and after selling the present house a sister came and prayed for us
      and she said in her prophesy that we will suffer once we move into the new house, even food will be tough for us. That really disturbed me but we shifted and my heart was very heavy. He got transferred to my hometown and visited us every weekend. Later it became lesser and finally I found out he is going out with another woman and in fact staying with her in a house that he rented. She was a muslim and leading a life as husband and wife….they had sex ( he confessed to me recently). Finally when she knew he is married or because she found someone else and she was also GRO in a pub.He was in a great debt and he came home. In the anger I cursed him telling him he is going suffer in life and I also prayed to God that we shd not hv sex if he had commit adultery.(but I didn’t know he had sex with her that time). I spoke to my family pastor and he told me to move back to my hometown and I did. After coming here, we confronted each other and Pastor told us we must let go of the past and not to utter the word DIVORCE anymore. We started together again, by prayers the family came up. He became active in church and I trusted and thank God he is a changed person.
      But we never had sex and he avoid sleeping alone with me cause he started having Erectile Dysfunction. I was suffering without sex and started mastubation, and recntly found he was also satisfying himself thru masturbation cause he was shy to sleep with me due to the ED. Guiltiness indulged in me cause Im hooked.

      We were facing tremendous debts and God was kind touching hearts to help us and eventually we came out. He was put incharge of migrants students to guide them in faith. In the year 2012 there was student who was pregnant and she need guidance and he was handling her. She was taking advantage on the matter and started calling him as and when she wanted to take her out. Eventually he started lying to me and I notice the attitude change again but I couldn’t confront him cause I had no evidence. This lead to depression and I was diagnosed as a depression patient. I couldn’t talk to him and I hated him, but again by God’s great mercy and love he brought me out of it and gave me the grace to forgive cause he didn’t know things were going off hand. He was very active in church he became a responsible Father and husband but we still never had any sex. The topic was just closed. But I was happy he is with God.

      Strated from May last year, when he had his diabetic wound and nearly went into come his attitude changed. He hv frequent arguments. I took care of him but no appreciation. When he was cured he went back to work and debts creeped again uncontrollably again. We were suffering for food and my sadness my kids couldn’t get good food. My salary was the only income. He shows temper to me and kids. He spend late hrs outside and sometimes don’t come back, I will be crying in pain wondering wat happen to him for there will be no reply for the messages and phone calls. In the morning he will come back with the word sorry. Everytime he will tell he is going outstation cause got work but he takes my money to use, and I will give him cause I trusted him. The nite he got admitted for heart attack, he left me in my mum’s plc and actually was spending time with the recent girl. When I found out all these, my heart is broken to million pieces. Im struggling sisters wat hv I done that I deserve all these pains. My kids loved him so much and he took their food money to spend on these women. Each time I try to overcome this pain its like bleeding again. Now his every movement I can’t trust. My mind is occupied 24hrs with this struggle. Everytime he is on whatsapp she is also on whatsapp. There last seen will be the same time. Now he is hit with mild stroke and Im taking care of him. Is my hurt hurting him, is my pain giving him the pain. I don’t know. I can’t pray or face God. I miss God. Im going crazy. Like there’s no feelings in me. I can’t cry at times…Ive cried to much.

      I masturbate a lot now days maybe Im lacking of love…I don’t know. Whenever I think of the pain that Ive been thru, especially because I saw the photos of him with her, his gift to her and also his conversation with her that was screen shot with the word I love you Baby from him to her…Im going crazy. Im in bondage I know….Im like a wood now..Ive only anger, resentment and pain within me…I need help……Pls pray for me I don’t want the cares of this world to separated me from the GRace of My God.. Truly Im lost. Sorry I open up too much with you all…Ive no choice I want Spiritual Freedom. Im need of help. Im open for any advise and message..all I need now is God…I miss him.

      • Kay Bruner

        I am so, so sorry for the pain you’ve been experiencing in your marriage for so long. I think the most important thing at this point is that you find a good, safe person to talk with, someone who can help you process through all these events and emotions, someone who can help you think about what a healthy future might look like. You might find a local therapist or counselor; groups like Celebrate Recovery, xxxChurch (online groups), S Anon, or even Al Anon are also great places to find support. Once you start processing that pain and get into a healthier place, I think you’ll be better equipped to deal with the other issues you’re facing, like the masturbation. I would recommend Boundaries in Marriage as a good book that could be helpful to you as well. You might also appreciate our free download, Hope After Porn, where several women talk about their own experience in recovery from their husband’s sexual addiction. Let me know if those things help, or if you need more suggestions. Blessings, Kay

    19. Kc

      I had never thought this way before until today. The theme of the priests ministry at church today was “idols”. This really hit the nail on the head for me and so did this artical. I’m almost 22 married for a year this month. I struggle severely with insecurity, anexity, depression and I always have. I don’t trust men at all and feel as if I never will. My father cheated on my mother when I was 10 and I was the one who found out. He also was addicted to porn and alcohol which I also knew. So today I reflect my feelings of insecurity on my husband and it’s so hard for me to trust at times I just want to say “divorce” but deep down I know it’s not the answer. We had a huge argument a month ago and I said I wanted to leave and go back home but deep down I didn’t mean it and he said he couldn’t love a women who is so insecure which made me turn around and tell him I never really wanted to leave. I am searching for help and today God answered my prayers and opened up a door that I never knew I needed. I didn’t realize how in the past almost three years that I’ve been with my husband that I have been worshiping him so much. I have most definitely put him before God and I feel as if I only live off the love my husband gives me. If for some reason I doubt his love for me I lose it. I have made his love the most important thing in my life and it is so wrong. This is not okay and I know this now. I know in the past my husband looked at porn a lot and I know he did some while we were apart for 6 months when he was away with the airforce. Now I always worry if he is interested in other women or looking at porn. It’s like some days I don’t think our relationship could be more perfect and then all of the sudden I crash. I’m thriving off the perfect love and if its not perfect I self destruct. I need to love God more than anyone else and that is what I plan to do. Thank you for writing this article I really needed it. If you have any suggestions on things I could read that may help I would really appreciate it. God bless

    20. Sarah

      I’m so glad I came across this article. I am 31, single and have been thinking about marriage for as long as I can remember. I never thought it was an issue but am finally starting to see I am already looking at my future husband as an idol and we aren’t even married. I’ve been so lonely lately and have tried to get my male friends to take me on dates, etc just cuz I want them to want me. It’s becoming a bit obsessive and I find myself getting mad when they don’t want to take me out. I really need to take some time and be in my word and work on my relationship with God :)

    21. Candance

      Wow! This is so me. I am not married. I am 20 years old. Fallen in love with a guy who is confused about his faith. I haven’t been seeking God as I should. I allow relationships and wanting to get married become an idol in my heart… to the point where I told God I hated him for giving me these emotions.

      I always try to find a guy to fill my emptiness with. Become way too impatient to wait for the one God sends so I pick any guy that would give me attention. None of them ever wanted to commit, so I moved on to the next on to the next. A vicious cycle of date after date. Wanting to feel worthy, pretty, loved. Something I haven’t experienced with God. I hate him for not allowing me to experience his love… for not knowing his presence.

      The guy I’ve fallen for has told me he can not love me in the way I deserve because he is far too broken. I still chase after him. He has become my idol. I really don’t know how to get out of this cycle.

    22. Kiran

      I was crying my eyes out for what feels like a lifetime after an argument with my husband. I’m 29 now but felt like the 7 year old girl in me again…feeling so verbally abused, let down & mentally tortured. But like always I wiped my tears picked up my iPad & God lead me to your article. What a blessing. The Lord speaks through your words. After reading your words it’s given me hope. Thank you so much for sharing your experience

    23. Veronica

      This is so true. For years I idolized my husband. I had a clinical depression after his second affair. Nevertheless, because of fear, low self esteen and erroneous teaching, I stayed with him. I always wanted my child to have her father. He was a relatively good dad. Now I have been diagnosed with Al Amyloidosis. It’s a rare disease. I believe this may have happened because of emotional stress. I am putting Jesus first in my life.

      I got married at 18. My husband was my knight in shining armour but he was really narcissistic. I have spent my years in an emotional roller coaster trying to become one with my husband. He never wanted to become one. I didn’t live in reality. We cannot change other people. God is my First Love now. God really loves us completely. He loves our husbands the same. Women have been fed a bunch of lies. Please hold on to Jesus. No human can take his place. I ask God to take over my life and to forgive me for idolizing my husband. I pray for healing from this disease. I ask God to let me see my grandson grow up. Please pray for me to be healed in the Name of Jesus. PS: if you aren’t married yet and you see red flags or if you are a Christian and he is not, or he isn’t living a Christian life, or he speaks to you mean at times; please don’t be desperate, get away from the situation as fast as you can. Ask God to help you.

    24. Raquel

      Recently struggling with this. Not sure if my husband is having an affair but he has pushed me out and tells me he’s not sure if he wants to stay married to me. I had high expectations and he told me he doesn’t think he can be the man I want him to be. I have been seeking all joy and love from him instead of God. Although he says he still loves me but I have so much insecurity because he travels all the time and I feel has been becoming too close to a woman at work. I pray God rebuke my idolatrous love for my husband and rebuke anyone or anything that Satan is using to destroy our home.

      • Kay Bruner

        Here, here, and here are some articles on boundaries that might be helpful as you work out what’s going on in this relationship. You may also appreciate the online resources at Bloom for Women.

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