FAQ: “Whom should I choose to be my Accountability Partner?”





Once you’ve downloaded Covenant Eyes, who should you choose to be your accountability partner(s)? We get this question from time to time, and it is an important question. Choosing the right kind of person can be a huge help to you as you try to surf the Web with purity and integrity.

An accountability partner should be . . .

  • Someone you regularly talk to in real (offline) life – This may seem obvious, but in our Internet age, more and more people establish and maintain relationships entirely through Web communication. I currently have about 600 “friends” on Facebook, but I physically see a small percentage of them on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. Real accountability is most powerfully lived out in face-to-face relationships.
  • Someone you can trust to be confidential – Sometimes our Internet surfing record reveals sensitive information about our private lives, our interests, our weaknesses, our mistakes, and our habits. Our accountability partners should be people we can trust to know that information.
  • Someone who won’t rush to conclusions – The Accountability Report reflects not only the choices we’ve made online, but also the potential temptations we’ve faced. Every page you visit, even a benign page, may have dozens of items on it: pictures, videos, text, banner ads, links, etc. Each and every one of these items are rated for objectionable content by Covenant Eyes. Even when you don’t click on these items, they will be recorded. A good accountability partner is someone who will be willing to carefully review the detailed browsing logs to discern where you may have gone.
  • Someone who will approach/confront you – A good accountability partner should not be timid when it comes to asking you about a questionable item on your report. Accountability partners who take a hands-off approach will render the accountability program useless.
  • Someone with patience and compassion – In times where we make mistakes or give into temptation, it is important that our accountability partners be firm and yet compassionate people. You should not need to fear condemnation from an accountability partner.
  • Someone willing to be accountable to you – The best kind of accountability partnerships are mutual. Consider someone who is willing to let you hold him or her accountable in various areas of life.