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Coach Cat is one of only two APSATS trained coaches in the UK and works with women from all over the world through Betrayal Trauma Recovery. She is the wife of a minister-in-training and is passionate about providing resources and education for churches seeking to support betrayed women. Having experienced her own life-saving encounter with Jesus Christ when seeking recovery from her own substance addiction, she understands the vital role of the church when ministering to those lost and broken by addiction and affected by the addictions of others.

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4 thoughts on “Understanding the Triggers of Betrayal Trauma

  1. I had great difficulty identifying my triggers. Sometimes I think I just pulled them out of thin air just to satisfy my group therapist.

    • Men are trained from the earliest ages to ignore, repress and deny emotions. It’s not surprising to me that you’ve had trouble identifying triggers. Hang in there. You’ve got them, you just need to learn to listen to yourself and be okay with experiencing emotion.

  2. Coach Cat, I did find you article very informative, however, one sided. I feel it would have been more supportive to mention that men go through very real betrayal trauma, as well, from a wife’s emotional affair. Thank you.

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