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2 thoughts on “Why I’ve Never Placed My Wife as Number One

  1. Dan –
    Excellent article; very practical and biblically based. The command that just as a man cares for his own body, so he should care for his wife led me to think of specifics a man does to care his body in and parallel actions he must do for his wife:
    1. BODY: Eat nourishing foods regularly. WIFE: Give your wife nourishing words of gratitude, affirmation, and praise on a regular, intentional basis. Truly, one’s soul is fed by the words of those closest to it.
    2. BODY: Exercise to maintain physical health by challenging your body to achieve gradually higher goals over time. WIFE: Help maintain her confidence and peace of mind by challenging yourself to be consistent in your actions, and loving in your words.
    3. BODY: Make time for rest & recreation. WIFE: Plan times for just the two of you to talk, laugh, and simply enjoy each other. Your wife desperately needs regular breaks from cooking and child-rearing to enjoy a meal at a restaurant, a weekend at a bed & breakfast, and even an evening walk at the end of her day.
    One caveat: GRACE. Each husband must always realize that unlike Christ, he is not yet perfect and will fall short of a 100% success rate. He mustn’t beat himself up over failures; simply confess them to Christ, ask for strength, and do the next right thing.

    Thank you for your advice and admonitions. I’ll work to practice them. – RWR

  2. Robert,

    I appreciate your thoughts on caring for one another. I agree with the points you make completely. Wise insight my friend. Thank you for sharing.

    Yes, grace is a critical piece in the journey toward purity and God honoring lifestyle. Grace needs to openly flow in both directions.

    Thank you for the encouragement. I give God the credit and praise for the positive impact my articles have on their readers.

    Prayers as you continue the journey, Robert.

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