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Melody Lovvorn is the co-founder of Undone Redone, a ministry where she and her husband work with families in crisis, equip and shepherd churches with Gospel-centric resources in the areas of sexual brokenness and healthy sexuality, equip parents to shepherd and safeguard children in a digital age, and help establish Christ-centered recovery groups. She developed an online course that helps women find hope and healing after betrayal called Life Beyond Betrayal.  She and her husband live in Birmingham, Alabama and have four children ages 21, 20, 18, and 16.

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Hope After Porn

Parenting the Internet Generation Ebook Cover

Porn use (and even adultery) doesn't always mean that a marriage is over. Get this free e-book to read how four betrayed wives found healing for themselves and for their marriages.

2 thoughts on “3 Critical Steps to Protect Children After Betrayal

  1. This is an excellent article. Very well-said! I’ve authored a book re: infidelity prevention (I’ve been on both sides of that fence. A lose-lose situation.) and have included much of what’s written. Keep spreading these words–they speak volumes!

  2. Time to find a balance. ‪Great to help wives in pain. But the present & future is that women look at porn too. On Ashley Madison, with women under 30, there are 5 women who register to have an affair for every 1 man. Understand the times!‬ It is always about the children!

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