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Rick Thomas is the Founder and President of The Counseling Solutions Group, Inc. in upstate South Carolina. Rick has a BA in Theology, a BS in Education, and an MA in Counseling from The Master's Seminary. In 2006 he became a Fellow with the Association of Certified Biblical Counselors, for whom he now supervises potential counselor candidates. Along with his counselor training he is a Professional Counselor and Personal Coach. Rick primarily blogs at RickThomas.net.

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20 thoughts on “How to Take Every Thought Captive: The Battle for Your Mind

  1. Beautiful thought and stated. Helped me a great deal today. I would add I need to see everything the author says, in the other person to come to know myself. Jesus, my constant companion and he who is in charge of miracles, refuses to see what I have too frequently told myself about myself and sees instead what I am, God’s holy child. I am as God created me, notwithstanding my plight to make up a me that does not exist. Thank you for letting me comment.

  2. I just want to say I’m really happy to have stumbled upon this post. I hope to talk to you somehow Rick Thomas. I dont’ have any readily available access to counciling where I am, but just this post alone was a huge help. Thank God for people like you around. I’ve some very important questions I hope you can answer. Please email me at the address submitted with this post. Please and thanks so much.

  3. phew that was good. The evil forces were biting while I was reading this,they didn’t want me to know this. Thanks so much for sharing this.

  4. I am a survivor of incest, and so many strongholds r trying to destroy my mind. Anger rage unforgiving. Please pray for me.

  5. This was a God send! Just what I needed when I needed it. Have had so many bad things done to me in just 31 years of life. But i wanted so desperately to know how to forgive and move on walking in the peace and liberty that Christ died for us to have. This helps a great deal. Thanks.

  6. Thanks for your post. Just what I needed. This is one of my goals for 2014 to memorize this scripture and make it a part of my every day life !

  7. Thank You for this lesson. I have misunderstood my role as my husbands help mate and this blog has helped me take responsibility for the lie I have believed. God willing, I will meditate on what God has taught me through your insightful post.

  8. This is helpful, and so true, this has to be taken very seriously, because our self talk is a tool used by satan. I, we have to fill our minds with God’s Truth.

    Thank you

  9. I am part of a ministry that is aimed at people in bondage’s. I am the teacher for the teenage girls that come from these families. This is going to such a blessing, thank you!

  10. great stuff, i think that people pleasing tendency is in all of us at varying degrees.It is so amazing to know that if we persevere in God,s truth about who we really are that we can be free from the terrible snare of peolple pleasing I know this because god has been and continues to free me from it as i memorise and use the scriptures to speak to myself, especially when i blunder.Treddie you are powerful, sanctified,preciuos, bold, worthy, valuable, treasured , important, victorious.You have already won keep your eyes on jesus the author and finisher of your faith.He is closest to the broken hearted

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