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Start protecting your family today from harmful content online. Set up a Family Account with Covenant Eyes to cover all your Internet devices and all the members of your family for only $14.99/month. Learn about our Internet Accountability and Filtering services.

8 thoughts on “Can I Circumvent Covenant Eyes?

  1. Funny – a blog note about circumventing, and the picture is a guy on a Mac. There’s no filtering for Mac – how’s that for circumvention?

  2. Thanks so much for this post. I will shoot an email to Covenant Eyes tomorrow about a loophole that I unfortunately found to circumnavigate the filter. I am also going to let my accountability partner know about my relapse and circumnavigating the filer so that is a regular part of the conversation with my accountability partner.

  3. dudes im barely tech literate but even i can entirely remove a program from my device if someone put spyware on it or block key logging, not that i need to as i own all my own devices and can browse as i please
    but kids arent going to tell you how they did it

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