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12 thoughts on “Can I Circumvent Covenant Eyes?

  1. Funny – a blog note about circumventing, and the picture is a guy on a Mac. There’s no filtering for Mac – how’s that for circumvention?

  2. Thanks so much for this post. I will shoot an email to Covenant Eyes tomorrow about a loophole that I unfortunately found to circumnavigate the filter. I am also going to let my accountability partner know about my relapse and circumnavigating the filer so that is a regular part of the conversation with my accountability partner.

  3. dudes im barely tech literate but even i can entirely remove a program from my device if someone put spyware on it or block key logging, not that i need to as i own all my own devices and can browse as i please
    but kids arent going to tell you how they did it

  4. Husband got around Covenant Eyes by using a browser embedded in Apple News App. This happened after the phone was upgraded. I doubt he really wants to change.

    • Hi, Jeannie – if he is seeking secret browsers, then I also have doubts. Does he have a die-hard accountability partner looking him in the eyes to call out these kinds of behaviors? No matter what Covenant Eyes does, no one can control all of the doorways to the Internet, which is why the specific conversations are so, so critical.

  5. Is there a way that Covenant Eyes is able to monitor a phones hotspot? I’m afraid my son is connecting his iPod to his phones personal hotspot to circumnavigate Covenant Eyes. Thanks, Weston

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