Porn and Your Husband

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Did you catch your husband watching porn? Learn the answers to common questions, tips to productive conversations, steps to setting boundaries, and how to determine the next steps for your marriage.

2 thoughts on “Can Married Couples Enjoy Pornography Together?

  1. Just wondering how a man that’s been married for 21 years and has used porn and other woman to satisfie his self for most of that marriage can just stop and want his wife in those ways??? With out any help or counciling.

    • Well, I doubt that a man who’s been using porn long-term can stop without help. He should probably find a Certified Sex Addiction Therapist if he wants to change his patterns.

      However, a wife can make healthy choices for herself, even if her husband refuses. Here, here, and here are some articles in BOUNDARIES that can help. The online resouces at Bloom for Women are wonderful. There are groups and therapists available for a wife, even if her husband does not take advantage of those resources.

      Women get to choose what kind of life they want to have, no matter what their spouses choose. NO woman is required to be a slave to the abuse and addiction of her husband.

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