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With one in three Americans searching for porn at least monthly, our churches can no longer be silent. Find out how real pastors have implemented real solutions for addressing pornography in their congregations and are working to build a culture of accountability.”

3 thoughts on “Sexual Brokenness in the Church: A Pastor and Sex-Addict Speaks Out

  1. Dr. Ryan,

    I could not agree with you more that we need to shed light on this struggle. As you so clearly communicated Pastors are at the greatest risk because of fear and shame. We should not be surprised by the enemy attacking Pastors. We have seen many individuals at share their testimony of recovery. We have a video message called Jeff’s story which describes the difficult issues that come with porn addition when we are Christians.

    Thank you for sharing your message of transparency.

  2. My son a pastor was arrested for lewd communication to a minor, sexual harassment, he is out on bail, he admits he needs help to speak to someone. I say this from truthfulness, he has definitely been called by God, do you know of a place where Pastors can go for help, to talk to understand. I need your help

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