6 thoughts on “5 Facebook Friends You Don’t Want

  1. Good list. I have some FB friends who don’t live a good lifestyle, but unless they cause me to stumble somehow (like the examples you mentioned), I won’t defriend them.

  2. This was very helpful although I had made a decision not to look up or accept old flames as friends and I don’t get many instant messages, some friends states are inappropriate for me. I was not aware the I could block their stat. Thank You; the enemy is never too busy to try and catch us slacking.

  3. I know you said PROFILE pictures, but if I accepted only friends who didn’t have immodest pictures, I’d have to defriend the majority of girls I know.

  4. This is ridiculous, if your faith were strong enough you wouldn’t have to go through such extreme measures choosing Facebook friends. I accept all people because it is a chance to spread the gospel.

    • Hi Caroline, if that approach works for you, fantastic. For others (including myself), I find it necessary to avoid exposing my eyes and heart to certain things. Even with strong faith. Be well!

      -Covenant Eyes

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