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14 thoughts on “Christian Nymphos? Founders of the popular blog tell their story

  1. Shame on Covenant eyes for promoting a site like this. This is making men and women justify sexual desires that could open a dangerous avenue of those addicted to feel good over dealing with past emotional issues or force deviant behavior in the name of Christian Read Col 3 or other scriptures on dealing with flesh. This site is open for kids to read, at least password it to join.

    • @Saltman – I’d love to hear why you feel this site is making people justify sexual desires that are dangerous for addicts. Please explain.

    • Saltman

      Sounds as if YOU have some issues to work on. As for my husband and I this site has been immensely helpful.

    • You all are sick! I don’t care if you hide behind the guise of marriage or not, there’s right ways, and wrong ways of having sex! Some of the things you talk about are sinful, and you need to repent!
      I totally agree with Saltman, Yeshua Himself said “deny yourself and take up your cross”!

  2. I was amazed at the ease of access that anyone could read the most vivid details you would find on porn sites. Throw the word Christian in and it makes it seem ok to read erotica ? In theory not against if password protected for women only as is it is way to open. It also makes it possible for sex addict men to force wives in the name of Christ to do things that they don’t feel comfortable. This is hardcore erotica. Not Christ honoring.

    • @Saltman – It is true the website is full of vivid details about sexuality. And you are right: a sex addict could find one of their posts, rip it out of the context of the site, and try to convince his wife she should do acts she is uncomfortable with. I suppose that could happen with any site about sexuality. But as it stands, the site is full of information about sexual boundaries for married couples, shunning erotica and pornography, shunning anything that causes harm or feels degrading, husbands loving wives as Christ loves the church, husbands fostering genuine romance, and couples developing clear communication with one another about sexual expectations. The women who run the site are constantly posting information about Biblical sexuality. This is why we recommended the site to couples. So many couples we speak to have had their marriages so ravaged by pornography they don’t know how to enjoy one another anymore. Pornography has robbed them of the intimacy they could enjoy. Taken as a whole, the site has very helpful information for couples who are seeking to reclaim their sexuality in a godly way.

      I suppose I wonder about your definition of “erotica.” In this post, when I mention erotica, I am talking about things like sexually stimulating writing or media that usually has more “high-art” aspirations. Those who produce erotica claim their material is different from mainstream pornography in that it is layered with relational, artistic, and emotionally engaging content. Of course, porn is porn no matter how you slice it. Porn and erotica are both harmful to marriages and individuals. But I never considered what ChristianNymphos wrote (conversations about sex or sexual techniques) to be erotica.

      I will say, we walk a fine line on this blog all the time. On one hand, we have an audience of couples who really want to heal their marriage and grow in intimacy. On the other hand, we have an audience of unrepentant porn addicts who love to twist any information about healthy sexuality into an occasion to justify their sin. My aim in each post is clarity: I want to make it as hard as possible for unrepentant addict to twist our words into an occasion for sin, while at the same time encouraging growing couples. If you think my post has been unclear about the nature of the ChristianNymphos website, please let me know so I can make any necessary corrections.

    • There is nothing biblical about yoga or anal sex. Yoga comes from Hinduism and is therefore a form of idol worship, anal sex is sodomy, which the bible makes clear is an abomination to God and I’ve seen and read other things on this site which don’t fit in with righteous christian conduct. No wonder the world looks at the church and wants to write us off as hypocrites. Jesus said He’s coming back for a spotless bride and the bible says to flee from immorality-let there be not even a hint of it among you. I’m all for healthy sexual relationships within marriage, but this web site is definitely not in that category. Do not be fooled by the false, lukewarm people who claim to be followers of Christ but in reality only seek to gratify their own carnal desires and lusts of the flesh, they will lead you down the slippery slope to hell.

  3. Covenant eyes is a leader in your field, but by default your still giving it a license …. and only time will tell of damage Christian N… will cause in the lives of nominal Christian men and women that don’t understand crucifying the flesh or carnal nature that keeps us in bondage- how does Epehesians 5 line up with this site? I would guess that all the supposed sex dysfunction this site is helping cure, probably is rooted in a lot of issues that the couples aren’t dealing with anyway, self centered, past abuse, no biblical world view. Sex is not a replacement for God’s intimacy and love in our life. I know of what I speak as a former sex addict and because I would have love to have found this site in my sex addict days to justify my need as a supposed Christian man.. making my wife feel less than adequate, but even if you did every sex recommendation Christian N. has.. it will never be enough to feel the void only God can. i will pray for everyone involved that the right decisions are made. That the grace I was given to bring me out of my bondage, will be revealed to those involved at Christian N.

    • @Saltman – Of course sex does not fill the void only God can fill. I absolutely agree with you. However, they have plenty on the site about intimacy with God as well. The problem is in the hearts of people. Someone could just as easily come to this site (any most blogs, because of their organization) and handpick the articles that serve a specific bias, ignoring or not even looking for articles that challenge them. It is the unfortunate nature of a lot of web writing: by creating any targeted article, one runs the risk of people taking only that bit of advice and treating it as the only piece of advice they really need.

      I’m glad you brought up Ephesians 5. I think the balance of having no hint of sexual immorality (v.3), while promoting sexuality that is good, right, and true, (v.8) while also exposing the deeds of darkness (v.11) can be very difficult to do in writing. Is the spirit behind the writing celebrating God-honoring sexuality in all its fullness while abhorring the sinful twisting of sex? That is the question that I think will bring us closer and closer to discerning the value of a site like CN.

  4. “Of course sex does not fill the void only God can fill…”and God cannot fill the void only sex was designed for…1 Cor 7:6-9 ,culminating in vs. 9.
    Saltman stop projecting your personal sin (AND victory thank God!) on others lives.

  5. I cannot believe this site is promoting such an aabominable site such as Christian Nympho. I was raised a Reformed Jew & before I accepted Christ I thought anything related to to the world was acceptable. We even believed sodomy, and oral sex was natural between husband and wife. Then I became born again and my husband became born again & we felt God telling us to put away our old nature. I visited the site just now & can tell you as a former Reformed Jew that site does not represent anything holy. In my former years living how I wanted to I would have not been convixted , but there was a check in my Spirit that Christian Nympho is not led of the Spirit of God. There are topics beside oral sex, sodomy and masturbation a Christian site can promote.

    • Hi Bracha,

      While we haven’t read each and every article on Christian Nymphos, we have a general sense of their stance on specific issues. They have a list of guidelines for how to determine what is sexually okay between a husband and wife. How might you add to these guidelines or change them? Help us understand your thoughts on this.

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