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5 Eye-Opening Revelations From 850 Scholarship Essays

Each year, Covenant Eyes holds a scholarship contest for current members who are enrolled as full-time students. This year, we had over 850 applicants! These amazing students answered questions about integrity using today’s technology, their struggles with pornography, victories, and their experiences using our software and personal accountability. I had…

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The Sound of Freedom and the Problem of Pornography

The Covenant Eyes Podcast recently sat down with Operation Underground Railroad founder, Tim Ballard. Tim’s story has been dramatized in the new blockbuster movie, The Sound of Freedom. In our conversation with Tim, we learned about the sex trafficking industry, its connection to pornography, and what people can do to…

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CONNECTED: A Timely Family Resource for the Pandemic and Beyond

With our homes now serving as our offices, schoolroom, and intergenerational living spaces, the need to establish bonded familial relationships is more critical than ever. The past year has introduced new vocabulary words such as “Zoom” into our lexicon. We’ve experienced technology both as a window to the world and…