Real Relationships. Real Change.

Our services are designed to help you and your loved ones live free from pornography.

Partner Up to<br>Defeat Porn

Partner Up to
Defeat Porn

Your allies will receive comprehensive reports of your screen activity, lessening the temptation to look at porn.

Talk About It,<br>Together

Talk About It,

Through meaningful conversations, your allies will be there to pick you up when you fall down, and cheer you on when you succeed.

Break Bad Habits<br>For Good

Break Bad Habits
For Good

With the help of your allies, you can soar to new heights both online and offline, and say goodbye to porn forever.

Stories From Our Customers

"Knowing that my wife and an accountability partner will receive a report of my activity is enough to help me bypass temptation on the Internet."

Philip, Covenant Eyes user for 2 years

"With the introduction of screen accountability, my recovery effort has been taken to the next level."

Covenant Eyes user

"Covenant Eyes gave me the first steps I needed to get clean. I have now been clean for 4 years, am recently married, and have a deeper connection with God."

Luke, Covenant Eyes user for 4 years

"I tried everything to be healed but only one thing worked: ACCOUNTABILITY. I have been healed for more than 3 years now."

Yann, Covenant Eyes user for 3 years

"I have achieved freedom. Covenant Eyes has helped me in so many ways that I now have a few guys under my account who I help to overcome this issue."

Sam, Covenant Eyes user

Who Is It For?

Anyone who wants to live without pornography in their lives.



Porn traps you in shame, loneliness, and frustration. Break free and live a life of freedom in an accountability relationship.

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We help you know what your children are looking at online so you can block the bad stuff and help them make wise choices.

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Strength is found in numbers. Bring the power of accountability to your group, organization, or church.

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