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Start the Path to Victory With a Free Account

Last Updated: January 31, 2023

Dan Armstrong
Dan Armstrong

Dan Armstrong has been featured in local and national publications regarding the issue of pornography’s harm on society. He has spoken at several national conferences regarding purity, protecting your children, and being educated on how technology and porn impact the brain. Dan and his wife have five children.

What were you doing in the year 2000? Maybe you weren’t even born. Many people fretted about the Y2K bug—a perceived computer coding problem that was supposed to wreak havoc on personal computers and online networks across the globe. Thankfully, that didn’t happen.   

Google was nearly two years old. Myspace was still three years away. Facebook, four years away. The iPhone, seven (not the iPhone 7—the original iPhone was seven years away, but I digress). And that is the year Covenant Eyes invented Internet Accountability—equipping people to live porn-free through accountability relationships.    

Since Covenant Eyes started more than two decades ago, the technological landscape has evolved dramatically. Unfortunately, pornography has evolved with it. The widespread availability and myriad of options make today’s porn more destructive and addictive than ever. And more people find themselves trapped by unwanted porn habits.  

We want to change that.  

Covenant Eyes’ passion has always been to provide the best software and content possible to help people stop looking at porn for good, or never start. That passion pushes us to think of ways to improve our service. 

Covenant Eyes has changed because the world has changed, and we’re committed to ongoing innovation in the fight against porn. This is why we’re now offering free accounts to start people on the path to victory. 

The First Step in the Right Direction 

Why free accounts?  

We know that millions of lives are being devastated by porn. And for many, it feels impossible to break free from the weight of shame. How do you begin if you don’t know where to start? What steps do you take if you don’t know the right direction?  

Everyone’s journey is different, but everyone needs to start somewhere. And when you search for help to quit porn, the options you find are usually either difficult instructions or expensive recovery services.  

We wanted to make it as easy as possible to take that first step. We wanted to remove the uncertainty and fear—and cost—that keep so many from ever finding help. So we created a suite of educational resources and courses available at the tap of a finger on the Victory app. We partnered with the best-qualified therapists and counselors who understand the challenges of pornography and the process of overcoming it. In the Victory app, you’ll find content created by caring individuals for a customized journey. 

In it you will learn: 

  • Why you REALLY turn to porn 
  • Shame’s hidden power 
  • Why your brain craves porn 
  • Finding your why

…and so much more.  

How is your victory journey going? Have you gotten off on the wrong foot? The wrong direction? Quitting porn doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Victory is about direction, not perfection. Now is the best time to start again on a proven path to recovery—and best of all you can get started for free.   

Begin to experience Victory today!