Delight Your Marriage: Interview with Belah Rose

Episode 151


Delight Your Marriage

Pornography is terrible sexual education, causing both deep insecurities and impossible expectations. When couples find they just don’t “click” in the bedroom—often caused by these hidden insecurities and expectations—where can they go for help?

Belah Rose is the host of the Delight Your Marriage podcast where she talks mostly to wives about how they can bring sexual and romantic vibrancy back to their marriages. Today she speaks with us about her story, why she started this podcast, and how it has been helping couples rediscover the beauty of sexuality.

Show Notes:

0:47 – What is the Delight Your Marriage podcast and why do you do it?

2:03 – What kind of sexual education you have growing up?

5:10 – In what way did pornography harm your previous marriage?

10:52 – How has God redeemed sexuality in your current marriage?

15:20 – What should couples with a pornography past do when they don’t sexually “click” in the bedroom?

23:48 – Where can we listen to the Delight Your Marriage podcast?

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